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                        custom-made gaming facility. Tons and
                        tons of games....only better lit than this photo
                        would indicate! Huge,
                        luxuriously appointed gaming area. Friendly,
                        knowledgable staff. Seriously!

Chicagoland's Source for Adventure Gaming for Over 32 Years

Roleplaying games, wargames, miniatures, paint, modeling supplies, terrain, collectable card games, dice, gaming accessories, family games and magazines. Gaming tables available nightly (reservations recommended.)

new Malifaux minis, decks and rule supplements, new board games and more.
X-Wing minis, Warmachine & Hordes, new boardgames, new Reaper Bones mini9s, Age of Sigmar mniis and terrain and a whole lot more.
Heroes Wanted Expansions, Cthuhlu Realms, Suburbia 5*, Car Wars Card Game, 13th Age Strangling Sea, Warband : Agaqinst Darkness and Churchill. In stock now
Adventure Time Flux, Munchkin Gloom, Iron Kingdoms : Skorne Empire and Chaos& Alchemy. All in store now.
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Fall 2015 Auction
Coming up October 7, 9, 10, 11
Upcoming Events

08/29 - Federation Commander
           Organized Play

09/01 - Tentative
Auction Paperwork Availability

09/05 - Board Game Day

09/11 - HMGS : France '40

09/12 - Camaraderie Gaming

09/22 - Tentative Lot Intake

10/06 - Last Day for Auction Lots

Check out the Calendar for a complete list!

News Tidbits



Pioneer  of miniature painting and diorama making Shep Paine has passed.

Fall Auction is coming soon. paperwork (only) available early September

We are a
  • Wizards of the Coast Premier Retailer
  • Privateer Press Warmachine, Hordes and Monsterapocylpse store
  • Games Workshop Independent Retailer
  • Carry the Flames of War line too.
  • as well as hosting open play of other games.
    ...And we do so much more!

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