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                        custom-made gaming facility. Tons and
                        tons of games....only better lit than this photo
                        would indicate! Huge,
                        luxuriously appointed gaming area. Friendly,
                        knowledgable staff. Seriously!

Chicagoland's Source for Adventure Gaming for Over 37 Years

Roleplaying games, wargames, miniatures, paint, modeling supplies, terrain, collectable card games, dice, gaming accessories, family games and magazines. Gaming tables available nightly (reservations recommended.)

One of our friends, Forrest Nichols has passed away. He was a nice guy, a painter of some note and a friend of us here at Games Plus.

If you knew Forrest there will be a celebration on Sunday, January 19th at Noon at Maggiano's Little Italy. Bring pictures, stories and memories. If you wish to make a donation please do so to the ACLU, your favorite children's welfare organization or charity of your choice in Forrest's name.
Thanks for your support in 2019
Here's looking forward to a 2020 full of gaming, neat products and a new website!
Open regular hours New Years Eve and New Years Day
new game items, new D&D prepaints and more - in store now.
Click the "New Releases" link at left for details on all these new products or
click here.

Games Plus Auction
The fall Auction, paperwork and giveback is done. Next up...
Spring 2020 Auction in March
details here.
Upcoming Events

Looking for the regular daily events? Check the Calendar

Monthly and special events listed below :

01/04 - GP Boardgame Day

01/10 - HMGS Minis Night

01/11 - SAGA Historical Minis
            SIF Minis Gaming

01/12 - Armada Campaign
            Meeting & setup

01/17 - Aetherium RPG Game

01/18 - Malifaux 3.0
            Minis Tourney

01/19 - 40K Kill Team Tourney

Check out the Calendar for a complete list!

News Tidbits

We are a
  • Wizards of the Coast Premier Retailer
  • Privateer Press Warmachine and Hordes store
  • Games Workshop Independent Retailer
  • Carry the Flames of War line too.
  • as well as hosting open play of other games.
    ...And we do so much more!

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