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The Spring 2019 Auction
please note the start time changes for Friday & Sunday this Spring!
also - please note the, well note, about 3d printed items.

Paperwork Availability : Tentatively Thursday, January 29th
Items Accepted :             Around Thursday, February 14th
                                   until Tuesday February 26th
Collectible, Tradable & Customizable Game Auction -
Starting 7pm on Thursday, February 28th
Magic the Gathering, Disk Wars and Armada sets, Mage Knight, Heroclix, Mechwarrior, Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures Game, Star Wars and Pirates Pocket Models and the like are up for auction. These are any games which you must collect to get a full set as opposed to games which are collectors items like War in Europe (or other titles like that).

Historical & Family Game Auction (with books & magazines but no minis)
Starting 6:30pm on Friday, March 1st
Historical games such as wargames (Avalon Hill, GMT, Avalanche, Multi-Man Publishing, Decision Games, etc.), historical (but not miniature) related magazines and other non-miniature items as well as any family style or Euro board and card games from manufacturers like Days of Wonder , Rio Grande Games, and other publishers. Games of this sort would be Settlers of Catan, Puerto Rico, Ticket to Ride, Shadows Over Camelot, and Arkham Horror, for example are sold here.

Fantasy and Sci-Fi  Roleplaying, Boardgames, Magazines, etc. (no minis)
Starting on Saturday,March 2nd at 10 am All non-miniature Fantasy and Science Fiction games and all the Role Playing games, supplements, modules, adventures and magazines enterted will be auctioned today.
Miniatures Auction (all non-collectible genres, magazines, terrain, etc)
Starting on March 3rd, Sunday, at 9:30am
Miniatures, miniatures rules sets, terrain and accessories like campaign supplements, magazines, paint and all other items related to miniatures gaming are auctioned today.

What is the auction all about ?

Are you looking to find an older game you just canít track down or perhaps a miniature you are unwilling to pay unreasonable amounts to obtain that you really havenít been able to find anywhere ?

Do you have game cards cluttering up your basement that you would like to get rid of so you have room (and money) to buy the newest version of your favorite roleplaying game ? Or maybe even a bunch of miniatures you wish you could turn into the newest, bestest, shiniest army that is just being released ?

Want to unload game stuff you don't use any more but just donít want to hassle with all the payment, waiting, international shipping, overhead cost issues of eBay ?

Here is your chance. The Games Plus Auction has been going on for over twenty five years with both Spring and Fall sessions to provide a maximum of opportunity for our customers.

We provide the venue to turn your old junk into brand new games items or to find that rare piece for your collection youíve heard about but canít seem to find.

Customers bring in their games, miniatures, terrain and other items and we auction them off, allowing them the ability to dispense with things they no longer want by providing a marketplace that has hundreds of customers over the week the auction takes place. And not to worryówe donít sell used Pong consoles, peoples VHS collections or other non-gaming stuff so you won't be sitting around waiting for something you care about as opposed to watching an on stage yard sale.

In order to sell things at the auction you only need to sign up for a lot number, fill out some paperwork and bring your items back (with what little work there is done) between Thursday, February 14th and Tuesday February 26th. We will do all the work of auctioning your items and will give you 100% of what they sell for in store credit.

Anything that doesnít sell will be returned to you.

Any 3d printed items entered into the auction will be judged on an item by item basis for suitability. Any items we judge as violating IP laws will not be auctions and returned to the seller, just like other copied/duplicated/pirated items.

We will begin to hand out paperwork about a month before the auction so you have time to dig through your basement, agonize about what needs to go and get it all ready to go in plenty of time.

You simply drop the items off a week or two before the auction and we do all the hard work.

About 4 days after the auction unsold items and store credit will be available for the contributors to pick up. We take the time between auction completion and then to tally up the lots, make sure everything is accounted for and try to actually sleep, so please, don't call asking about your results. They won't be ready. Your patience will be rewarded. Thanks for understanding.

For in idea if what is involved in preparing your items for the auction - you can take a look HERE at the instructions. Or go to in your browser. This does not include the sheets to do so, you will have to contact us to be assigned a lot number.

If you would like to be on our mailing list you can send us an email to and we will send you periodic updates and reminders. Not usually more than once a month.   

To have an opportunity to buy items all you need do is show up on the auction day, sign up for a bidder card and buy away. Sales are by cash at time of purchase, or we will set up buyer accounts for folks who want to pay later by credit or check. Details on the auction days are available upon request and will be covered prior to each auction day.

Auction Details :
The Spring 2019 Auction will be taking place at the store - 101 W Prospect - just 2 blocks west of the Mt. Prospect train station on the Metra Chicago to Harvard route. We are only a block west and a shade south of the intersection of 14 (Northwest Highway) and 83 (Main St. /Elmhurst Road). 

Doors will open about 1 hour prior to every auction for seating. Set up for any credit accounts will begin about 1/2 hour before the auction starts that day.

Our patrons may use the street parking in front of our store, or the commuter parking 1 block North of us on Northwest Highway (Highway 14).

Saturday and Sunday we will not have any breaks in the action - so come prepared either with your own lunch or partaking of the refreshments offered by local merchants around the store.

Whats at the Auction ?
Well, it's hard to say. As you may have noticed we take in items from other folks and auction it for them. As such, we don't really know what will be there any given auction weekend. However we can say that any sort of RPG, wargame/fantasy gaming miniatures, sourcebook, module, magazine, terrain, paint or other gaming related items are what the auction is geared toward. This includes collectible card games like Magic the Gathering, collectible miniatures games like Star Wars TMG, Dungeons and Dragons miniatures game, Rocketmen and others.

Video game consoles, alphabet blocks, horseshoes, comic books and things that don't really relate to the adventure gaming hobby are not going to make an appearance. How many of these items we typically action over those for days? Generally have several thousand items go through the auction during it's duration.

The action is fast paced and fun so come on down and score yourself some stuff you've always wanted.

You can call, write or e-mail for more details or if you have any questions. 

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