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Last updated 02-03-2015
Please note : These are not the only things going on in the gaming area on a given day unless it says (whole room). There tend to be open game tables and other groups playing games in the room as well. The listed events are either specific groups who don't mind new players or special events that are here for everyone.

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Special Events :
FFG 2015 Store Championships !

Specific Game Shortcuts : (click a game name for info)

D&D Encounters
Federation Commander
Games Plus Boardgame Day
HMGS Historical Minis Night

WUMMS Historical Minis Group

WWII Historical Gaming
X-Wing and Attack Wing Gaming

 Reaccuring Weekly Gaming
(special events and holidays nonwithstanding)

Tuesday Magic the Gathering Open Gaming
Malifaux miniatures gaming
Wednesday WWII Historical Miniatures-Open Play
D&D Encounters Play (6 pm)

Thursday 'Bored Stiffs' EuroGaming Group play
Warhammer 40K gaming
Friday Heroclix Open Play
Saturday Warmachine/Hordes Open Play
Sunday Pathfinder Society Gaming
February 2015 -  Events of Note
D&D Attack Wing "Tyranny of Dragons"
Heroclix league play
Chicagoland Infinity Players meet
Games Plus Board Game Day
40K Conquest LCG Store Championship
1 pm start time - $15 FFG product buy in
HMGS Midwest Miniatures Night
Heroclix league play
Star Trek Attack Wing Organized play
Malifaux Miniatures Tourney
Net Runner LCG Store Championship
1:30pm start time - $15 FFG product buy in
X-Wing Store Championship
11am start time - $15 FFG Product buy in
Chicago BattleTech Gaming
Warmachine / Hordes Tourney Play
WUMMS miniatures play
March 2015 In Store Major Events
Last day to enter Spring Auction Items
Tradable/Customizable Game Auction
Doors open at 6pm, auction starts at 7pm
Magic the Gathering, Legend of the Five Rings CCG, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-oH, D&D prepainted miniatures, Monsterpocalypse, Axis & Allies minis, magazines, collections and more.
Game room closed for Auction setup
Historical/Family/Eurogame Auction
Doors open at 6pm, auction starts at 7pm
Historical boardgames, Eurogames, family games, related magazines and accessories (like counter trays for example) from companies like Avalon Hill, Rio Grande, GMT, Mayfair, SPI and others.
SciFi/Famtasy & RPG Auction
Doors open at 9am, auction starts at 10am
RPG games, board games, magazines, modules and the like will be featured on this day.
Miniatures Auction
Doors open at 9am, auction starts at 10am
If it's a non-prepainted miniature or related to miniatures gaming (like rules, magazines, terrain items, miniatures cases, etc) it's being auctioned today. Strap in for a wild ride as we see rule sets, wholly painted armies, excellent terrain items and ever so much more.
First day for auction credit and unsold item returns
D&D Attack Wing Tyranny of Dragons Month 3
$15 Attack Wing product buy in
Games Plus Boardgame Day
(note date moved to accommodate the auction)
Star Trek Attack Wing
Star Wars LCG Store Championship
6:30pm check in 7pm start time
$15 FFG product buy in
Warmachine/Hordes Organized Play
WUMMS miniatures Gaming
Game of Thrones LCG Store Championship
110 am check in / 11:30am start time
$15 FFG product buy in

Further Event Information

Lots of stuff going on... check below for details and links.

Games Plus Historical Miniatures Night

Next dates : 
Friday, February 13th

(A monthly meeting forum for historical (usually) miniature gaming here at Games Plus. Games will be run every second Friday on the month

Other Happenings at Games Plus:
Fourth Saturday, noon until 8PM - WUMMS runs large Ancients (DBMM) or Napoleonics scenario battles, but other games are played. Stop by for more information. (see below)

(We Use Military Miniature Society)
Rules will be taught.  All are welcomed! 
Held every 4th Saturday of the month at Games Plus

Contact Curt Sabo, 773-774-4558 to confirm dates and games.

WWII Historical Miniatures - Open Play
 Weekly event with roughly a 6:00 PM start time.  All are welcome and rules can be taught. (Flame of War, Jagdpanzer, Command Decision).  A new scenario each week covering land battles in Europe/Russia/Africa.Come by and play or just watch, for more information please contact Kevin Cabai 773 594 1301 or to confirm dates and games. 

Games Plus Board Gamers 
Next Games Plus Board Game Day Meeting :
  Saturday, February 7th

If you like playing board games...Would you like to meet other players and have the chance to game and plan for later meetings?

If so, stop on by. There are family style games being played (like Settlers of Catan) and your Wargame style games - like The Gamers' Sicily.

No specific games are planned currently, if you'd like to set up something drop us a line and we will put you in touch with the folks you need to talk to.

Games Plus Thursday Night Board Gamers

Every Thursday night we have a group (The Board Stiffs) playing various board games here at the store. Stop on by and give a holler !

FFG Store Championships
win here and get a first round bye in the Regionals!

Each of the Store Championships pit you against local players in a battle to see who is supreme. A buy in of any $15 FFG product is required to participate. Sit down, plan your strategy and play to win.

Dates are :
February 8th - Conquest 40K LCG Championship
February 21st - Netrunner LCG Store Championship
February 22nd - X-Wing Store Championship
March 27th - Star Wars LCG Store Championship
please note the revised date
March 29th - Game of Thrones Store Championship

If you have nay questions please feel free to contact Floyd or give a call to us here at the store : (847) 577-9656

Privateer Press : Warmachine & Monpoc Events

Next events - details here

Dungeons & Dragons Game Day
D&D Encounters Gaming :

Wednesday Nights are D&D Encounter Nights !
We will be hosting a Wizards of the Coast sponsored D&D Encounters night as longs as we get enough folks and Wizards continues the program.

contact Curt here for details and any questions.

Star Wars X-Wing, D&D Attack Wing
and Star Trek Attack Wing
Organized play information

February 6th (Friday night) - D&D Attack Wing Event
February 14th (Saturday morning) - Star Trek Attack Wing
February 22nd (Sunday morning) - X-Wing Store Championship
March 13th (Friday night) - D&D Attack Wing
March 15th (Sunday morning) - Star Trek Attack Wing

Federation Commander

Want to learn Federation Commander or just find someone to play with ?
There is a group trying to meet once a month on Saturdays to play. Interested ? You can contact Mark here.

Magic the Gathering
Special Events

Nothing currently planned - keep your eyes open here

If you have any questions - drop a line and we will try to forward them to the tournament organizer.

SAGA Tourney

Saturday, January 10th

Sorry folks - the Tourney has been Cancelled

Windy City Bone Rollers

Note: From now on, the details of the next meeting will be on SFR's
Dragon Dice forum at this location : (click here)  


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