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Games Plus Auction Preparation Instructions

Fall 2017 Auction Lot Preperation Instructions

Welcome to the Spring 2016 Games Plus Game Auction Information Area.

Below are guidelines for setting up your Auction Lot which we will sell for you at the Spring event. Thank you for participating in this endeavor and helping to make it the extravaganza it has become.

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Accepted & Excluded Items Bundling Items Item Condition Ratings
Item Containers Entering Items Final Drop off and Pick Up
Lot/Seller Numbers Filling out Sheets Pricing Your Items
Needed Supplies Item Tags Thanks!

Important Dates for Sellers
Auction Lot Acceptance: Starts on Tuesday, September 19th
and continues until Tuesday, October 3rd

Tradable, Card and Minis Games Auction:
October 5
th at 7 pm (6pm doors open)

Historical, Family and Euro Games Auction:
Friday, October 6
th at 7 pm (6pm doors open)

Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Roleplaying Auction:
Saturday, October 7
th at 10 am (9am doors open)

Miniatures and Miniature Related Auction:
Sunday, October 8
th at 10 am (9am doors open)

Auction Payout and Unsold Item Returns:
Thursday October 14
th through Thursday, November 16th

The return dates are tentative, assuming we donít run into issues like a blizzard, fire, staff illnesses or the like. We have managed to get the certificates back on time every year prior, but things sometimes happen.

Please note ó after Thursday November 16th any unsold items and unclaimed Auction Certificates become property of Games Plus. If you are not able to get to the store to claim your items or certificate, please contact us to make other arrangements.

Items we will accept
Pretty much anything in the adventure gaming hobby and related family game/eurogame industry is acceptable. Simply put, anything we sell (or have sold in the store) is fair game for sale at the auction, as well as items from companies we do not sell in store, but our part of the industry, at our discretion.

Items we will not accept or auction
specifically excluded are video games and consoles, non-game related trading cards, VHS and DVDs not relevant to gaming interests, non-game Adventure Gaming related books, action figures, photocopies of game items or books, printed .pdfs, as well recast items such as miniatures, bases or terrain.

We also reserve the right that, at our discretion, any other item, especially those we feel are misrepresented or are misleading in description can be excluded as well. We will accept games like Monopoly, Parcheesi and the like, as well as games lacking parts or in very bad shape, but these items may not go up for auction if we lack the time to do so. Items lacking parts or damaged may be excluded from the auction or the description amended to note their status as to make the buyers aware of that status. If your item is not auctioned, it will be returned to you and not offered in any way for sale.
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To enter items into the Auction
First you need to obtain a Lot Number. You can come to the store itself and sign up, or request electronic versions of the paperwork from us by emailing Then all you simply need to fill out a few things for us and bring it all back.

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Please remember Your Seller/Lot Number
Please remember your Seller/Lot Number.
Yes, this bears repeating. It will be at the top of your pages. This number is very important, as it is how we recognize you and your items.

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Post-it Notes, Tape, Rubber Bands and other supplies
If you need post-it notes or other supplies, please ask us. We will do the best we can to help you out. You can supply your own, but we ask the Post-It Notes (or other tags) you use are at least 3Ē x 3Ē to allow enough room for all the information on the tag, and be removable without damaging the item itís attached to.

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Final Drop Off and Pick up
Bring your items in by Tuesday, October 6th and we will store them until the auction. Your job here is done.

Contact us on Thursday (October 13th) or later (but before Thursday, November 10th) and we will be more than happy to give you back any unsold items as well as your Auction Certificate. Please bring a photo ID with you so we can confirm your identity. Thanks for your help making our auctions a success for all of us.
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Filling Out Tags and Lot Log
Your Auction Lot will be comprised of all your items, each having itís own Item Tag and entry on the corresponding Lot Sheet. When turning in your items, please include the Lot Sheet as well as the items, filled out as set out below.

Filling out the Lot Sheet:
Each item you enter in the auction will have an entry on the Lot Sheet. This entry will consist of the itemís name, itís condition and your desired minimum bid for it. That minimum bid will start the bidding process and is the minimum sale price that the item will be offered at. These are entered in the appropriate boxes.




Minimum Bid

Buyer #

Sold For


Blood Royale

Punched & Bagged



RPG Bundle # 1



Please leave the Buyer # and Sold For empty as we use those for bookkeeping during the Auction itself.

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How to rate the Condition your items:
As simply as possible. The difference between Good, Fair and Excellent is all quite subjective. Punched, Punched and Bagged, Sorted, Unpunched, Mint (if still in the originally issued condition) are all descriptive and understandable. Noting if the item is missing pieces, is written in or has other issues is just as important as explaining the condition of the item and will save all of us from confusion and strife later.

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How to Price your items:
Our suggestion is simply what it is worth for you not to take it back home. Let the auction work for you determining the final price. If you set the minimum bid low, the subsequent bidding will tend to drive it upwards. Setting it too high will tend to have your item not sell, or only receive a bid or two.
The smallest amount for a Minimum Bid is $1. Please keep your minimum bid amounts in full dollar amounts otherwise.

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Filling out the Item Tags: Each Tag will have information that corresponds to the entry on the Lot Sheet. Lot and Item Numbers in the upper left hand corner, the name of the item, itís condition and minimum bid below that leaving at least an inch of space across the bottom of the tag for the sale information during the auction. This space is quite important, so please make sure it is there. Example tags for the items on our example sheet are shown below.

Please note the Lot and Item numbers placement, item name location, it's condition below that and the minimum bid price below that. Also please make particular note of the space left at the bottom of the tag.

Please put the lot and item number in the upper left hand corner. No need to identify them, as long as they are in the order shown, it'll be fine.

Please leave at least an inch of blank space at the bottom so we can record the sale and payment information on the tag.

Please take am moment and make sure the lot and item numbers are clear and legible. Without those it's hard to credit your account with the sale.

Please make sure the tags are on the outside of any container/bag, that they are secure and that we can remove them without damaging the item. 

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Bundling Items:

Because of the vast amount of items we will be appreciating those folks who help us out by grouping items, thereby helping make the auction experience better for everyone. Anything you can do to help us out will be a great help. And, as shown in our few last auctions, sellers benefit from a well paced auction.

We recommend and encourage you to bundle items into groups for ease of sale. Bundling magazines into short runs or even year long sets will help us out greatly. Please bundle series of modules, adventures and sourcebooks if possible. This will aid in the auction moving along at a reasonable pace and will help you get more bids for your items.

Placing miniatures into unit sized lots or bundling individual blisters into groups is highly encouraged. Large numbers of individual blisters or small baggies of minimal amounts of figures will slow things down greatly and likely be prioritized toward the end of the auction.

Securing Bundled Items:
When bundling pieces together into a single item, please secure all the items with string, twine, in a box, a bag or something of the like so they remain together. Place the tags on the
outside of the container and secure them by taping them to the items using scotch tape or stapling them to bags so they do not fall off.  This includes miniatures, cards, dice or other loose items placed into a bag. The tag needs to be secured to the outside so we can write the sale information on it easily.
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Item Containers:
Please make sure each item is self contained. A painted dropship, for example, might be placed in itís own box. This will not only help protect it, but will provide a surface for the tag to be affixed to. A bundle of RPG books secured in a bag or tied with twine is fine. A unit of miniatures secured in a heavy duty baggie is great as well.In all these instances, please make sure the item's tag is secured to the outside of the bundle's container and easily accessible. 

Securing the Tags:
Please, if there is any doubt in your mind about a tag sticking to the item it goes with, feel free to put a piece of tape on it to secure it. However, please donít use packing tape or secure it in a way that will damage the item itself when the tag is removed.

Large, Fragile and Unwieldy Items:
We will do the best we can to store, display and transfer these items to buyer. Please try to have containers of some sort if at all possible to help protect them.
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Thank you
Thank you for taking the time to read through these directions. Any questions you have can be asked of the staff at the store (847) 577-9656, on our Facebook or Google+ accounts (Games Plus) directly by email to or to

We look forward to seeing you, your items and a successful auction for all those involved. Thanks again for your cooperation and patronage.
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If you have any questions just Contact Us and we will help as best we can.

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