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Games Plus hosts several leagues and regular gaming events here at the store. Below is a list of the different groups who game and compete here. If you have any questions about these events feel free to drop us a line.

Last updated: 07/03/2009

Flames of War Play
Folks meet on Wednesday and Friday to play Flames of War. Come on by and meet up with other players or just see the game in action. 
Tuesday Night Magic
Starting on the 24th of February we will be hosting Tuesday Night Magic - an evening for folks to come in, play and trade and have some fun. If you have any questions - drop us a line.
Call of Cthulhu LCG
With Fantasy Flight Games now sponsoring the Call of Cthuhlu LCG we now have a group playing weekly on Sundays starting at Noon. Check the calendar in case they had to change an event day for other considerations though...

Classic BattleTech
Once (or twice) a month we have a group which is running regular Classic BattleTech events. Come on in and take a gander and they can tell you what goes on, when they are planning on meeting next and any other details. 
Heroclix and 
Star Wars TMG
Friday evenings have a group come by and play Star Wars TMG - and some Heroclix as well. You can drop us a line if you have any questions - but your best bet is to come on in and talk to the guys playing... 

Warmachine & Hordes and

Every Saturday Afternoon folks come in from far & wide to play Warmachine and Hordes from Privateer Press. So - it you want to meet some guys (and girls) who are playing it, see the game in action or just want questions answered feel free to drop by.

Also we have irregular nights of Monsterpocalypse gaming going on with tourneys every few weeks on Sunday.

Check the calendar for details.

BoardGame Saturday
Bored Stiffs Thursdaymeetings
The first Saturday of every month we sponsor a board game day where folks come in all day and meet up to play (or arrange to play) various and sundry boardgames from Settlers of Catan to Squad Leader. Anyone is welcome, stop on by.

Also every Thursday evening a group meets and plays various games  - stop on in and chat with them to arrange a game, find out what they are planning or just see what goes on.

Historical Miniatures Night
The second Friday of each month is Historical Miniatures Night. The local HMGS group hosts a night for beginners and experienced folks alike to come and enjoy a miniatures game - either by learning or playing games they already know. Anyone is welcome to, and encouraged to, run games as well. Details can be found in the events area (as well as here) and I will have a web site and email link to them in the future.
Games Workshop
Games Workshop Play
40K open play is usually on Thursdays, you can find out some details on the GP40K yahoo group.

Windy City Bone Rollers

Once a month these guys get together and play various and sundry collectible dice games (usually Dragon Dice) and are always looking for opponents.

For more information you can click here .

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