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  New Releases
This page lists all new product as well as important restocks. If you don't see your game on the list, email or call us and we'll let you know the status of that game. 
Thursday, February 22nd :
Evil Hat Games - Greedy Dragons
2 to 6 players are dragons that are trying to divvy up a hoard. Using simple, but strategic card stacking you build lairs, collect gems and try to get the most. Play one on one or team up to maximize your loot. Add a magic ring to the mix and the stakes get higher...  Ages 8 and up. Plays in about 30 minutes.

Osprey Games - Samurai Gardener
2 to 5 players compete to create a spectacular garden to awe others and bring honor to your lord. Ages 10 and up. Plays in about 20 minutes.

Upper Deck - Legendary Champions
A new generation of heroes are introduced in this expansion. Gwenpool, VivVision, Ms. Marvel are among the new heroes you may encounter. Build up your deck with the likes of Nova or Totally Awesome Hulk and battle Fin-Fang-Foom, the Wrecking Crew and others. 100 cards, 5 playable heroes, 2 masterminds, 2 villain groups, 4 all new schemes and rules. 1 to 5 players, ages 14 and up.

Room and Board Games - Ursa Miner
2 to 4 players (ages 8 and up) compete in the annual harvest at Mount Honeycomb. Uncover valuable riches, grow our team, find royal jelly and avoid the tricks of your opponents. Plays in about half an hour.

Z-Man Games - My First Stone Age
2 to 4 players build a primitive village in the Stone Age using their memory skills to track the location of goods in the race to establish your holding. Ages 4 and up. Plays in about 15 minutes.

Renegade Games - Dragon's Hoard
Roam the lands searching for treasure. Collect sheep. Beware angry mobs and wizards who will stand in your way. Defend yourself. Get the best treasures. win the game. 2 to 4 players, ages 9 and up. Plays in under an hour.

Plastic Soldier Company - new models
M60A3 tanks - 5 tanks in 1/100th (15mm) scale

Leopard I Tanks - 5 tanks that can be built as Leopard 1A3, 1A4 or Canadian C1 models, including tank commanders.

Cold War Soviet Infantry - 141 plastic miniatures.Includes RPGs, snipers, radio operators, 3 x SA-7, 3 x AT-4, 3 x AT-3 and 3 x AGS-17 in the mix.

Battlefront Miniatures - new 'Nam releases
'Nam rule book - hardbound 230 full color book with all the rules you need to play, background, painting guides, missions and forces are covered too.

'Nam Unit Cards - PAVN, ANZAC, ARVN and US unit card decks are available giving you information at your fingertips when playing your forces.

Fantasy Flight Games - Star Wars RPG : Dawn of the Rebellion
The Galactic Empire is at the height of it's power and it's action are driving more and more into actively opposing it. This setting takes place around the time of Rogue One and gives you more species to play, universal specializations, gazetteers for places like Jedha, Atollon and the Death Star, prominent characters like Grand Admiral Thrawn, Lando Calrissian and Princess Leia, new equipment, weapons, gear, droids and vehicles, GM guidance for running campaigns from Rebels creator Dave Filoni and a whole bunch more. 140+ pages of information.

Mighty Boards - Vengeance (The axe forgets. The Tree remembers)
1 to 4 players have all been wronged. Left for dead you strive to get revenge. Hone your fighting skills, track down the ones who did this to you and deal with them. Righteously. But it's a race. Your not the only one they've wronged. So get there before the others to let your fury free. Ages 14 and up. Takes about half an hour game time per player. Miniatures, tokens, dice, board, rules, etc. Includes 5 different heroes and solo missions for each when  you just want to do it all yourself...

Wednesday, February 21st :
Nord Games - Game Mastery Toolbox : Wandering Monster Card decks
Each of these 52 card decks (Waterways, Underground, Dungeon and Wilderlands) give a general geographical type the encounter can be found in, a bit of full color art on one card side and a chart of encounters on the other as well as an interesting bit of background quote.
Decks are available for both Pathfinder and D&D 5e

Wildfire games - Are You A Cultist?
A social deduction game. There is a Intrigue Edition (hosts 5-8 players) and a Party edition (hosts 8 to 24). Set in the roaring 20s you are at a mansion trying to deal with Cultists who are trying to manifest an Old One to bring about Apocalypse. Can you follow the clues, ferret out the Cultists and save the world. As play progresses Investigators try to uncover Cultists and the Cultists try to remain hidden. Each score points and the side with the highest total at games end wins. Comes with rules, cards and hours of fun.

Fantasy Flight Games - Star Wars Destiny Dice Binder
This binder holds 44 dice and 44 sleeved card in plastic niches. Exterior artwork features Darth Vader, Boba Fett or Princess Leia.

Victory Point Games - Darkest Night (Second Edition)
1 to 5 players attempt to oppose a Necromancer in this cooperative strategy game. Travel the kingdom, aid the people and locate the holy relics while evading the Necromancer. Once you are set, get to the final showdown and destroy him. Play as 29 different characters, each with unique play styles. This new version comes with full color standees, cards, rules, compendium, dice, counters and more. For ages 14 and up. Plays in about 2 to 3 hours.

Victory point Games - Darkest night Miniatures Set
This box includes 30 highly detailed plastic miniatures - 1 each for the necromancer and each character one could play. From the Alchemist to Wizard, Valkyrie to Bard - 29 different characters.

Gloomhaven - second edition
A legacy game where players will take on the role of a wandering adventurer with their own special set of skills and their own reasons for traveling to this dark corner of the world. Players must work together out of necessity to clear out menacing dungeons and forgotten ruins. A huge box, long game play and hours upon hours of adventure and fun.
Grey Fox Games - Deception : Murder in Hong Kong  
4 to 12 players take different roles in this game of deception and deduction. One player is the murder who chooses weapon and evidence that is left behind. Another is a Scientist who can analyze the scene. Others are investigators trying to solve the murder and catch the criminal. Ages 14 and up, plays within half an hour.

Grey Fox games - Deception : Undercover Allies
up to 14 players try to deal with a murder spree which has police wondering if some of the very investigators who are trying to solve the murders may have a hand in them. Meanwhile, the murder is recruiting extra help to attempt o keep the police at bay. Includes new roles, new clues, means and badges as well as an event. Designed for 4 to 14 players, games lasting about half an hour.

Cryptozoic Games - The Arrival
Become a tribe leader and take control of the island of Erin while dealing with the demonic Fomori. Balance expansion and careful exploration in order to succeed in keeping the Fomori at bay. But beware the rise of other tribes and their expansion. Gain resources, expand, conquer and rule over erin. 2 to 4 players, aged 12 and up. plays in under 2 hours.

Fantasy Flight Games - Eldritch Horror : Masks of Nyarlathotep
Can you stop cults around the world from uniting and opening a portal to the Dark Ones? Up to 7 investigators  move forward in their own personal stories, each trying to challenge the Ancient Ones and keep the cults from prevailing. Includes new rules, investigators, assets and more.
Tuesday, February 20th :
New Osprey Publishing books :
Combat #30 - Arctic Circle 1942-44 : German Gebirsjager vs Soviet Sailor
Air Campaign #4 - Malta 1940-42 : Axis battle for Mediterranean supremacy
Air Campaign #3 - Rolling Thunder 1965-68 : Johnson's air war over Vietnam
Campaign #318 - Kuban 1943 : Wehrmacht's last stand in the Caucasus
Bolt Action - Market Garden Campaign  book

Gripping Beast (Studio Tomahawk) - SAGA II
the new SAGA rules are here. This skirmish game features simple and innovative rules with the Universe you choose to play in providing all the advanced rules. Choose your Warlord and get your band together. Fully illustrated and example laden. These are the core rules, the upcoming Universe books will give you the background, warband rules and scenarios to upgrade your Saga experience.

Mantic Games - Kings of War : The Battle of the Glades 2 player battle set
Featuring 82 plastic models and rules this set is deigned to give you a pair of armies to learn to play kings of War with and expand upon for later play.

Pazio Publishing - new Pathfinder items
Pathfinder Flipmat - Dungeon Multi-pack
Two flip mats, each double sided and in full color. four labyrinths which can interconnect. Rooms, corridors, caves and more. Can be used (and reused) with wet erase, dry erase, china marker and more.

Modiphius Games - Conan the Barbarian
Asgard, Vanahiem, Hyperborea and Cimmeria - all explored and explained. The savage North - all ready to go for the Conan RPG. Complete with new archetypes, talents, backgrounds to help create your barbarian character. A gazetteer covers the region including the clans that war across the frozen wastes. A raid system helps capture the flavor of the lands and guides to help running barbaric themed campaigns is included. Stunning art, breathtaking maps and more abound.

Days of Wonder - Small World Sky Islands
Expanding on Small Worlds there are now Sky Islands (including a new map board), allowing 3 to 6 players to conquer the worlds above. 7 new races are featured along 7 new powers. Escargots, Scarecrows, Khans, Scavengers, Storm Giants, Drakons and Wendigos - oh my! 
Wizkids - Heroclix - X-Men : Xavier's School
featuring characters from Xavier's School, X-Factor, Headmasters and Age of Apocalypse. 72 different figures. Each booster has 5 figures and cards.

X-Men : Fast Forces
6 figures (Beast, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Skids, Faust and Iceman) and cards packaged together to get you a ready to play force in one blister box.

X-Men Heroclix dice and token pack
2 Heroclix dice and 6 action tokens with an X-Man theme

Osprey games - Reiner Knizia's Sakura
A game of cherry blossoms, painting, the Emperor and prestige.  
Thursday, February 7th :
Catalyst Game Labs - Dragonfire Adventure Pack : Chaos in the Trollclaws
Gnolls, orcs and goblins clash endangering the countryside. Face new encounters, gain new magic items and visit new market  and advance to the second chapter of Dragonfire Adventures.

Fantasy Flight Games - Lord of the Rings Adventure Pack : The Crossings of Poros
Latest in the Sands of Harad cycle - card 135-163.

Cheapass Games - Button Men
48 Characters, 30 dice and lots of action. Complete game rules, multiplayer rules, campaign rules and more. Each player selects a character card, and uses the dice described on the card. Players start by rolling all of their dice, and then take turns capturing each other's dice.
You score points based on the size of the dice you capture (and keep), and the player with the most points wins.  With endless variations of character recipes, unusual die types, and some simple new 'campaign' rules, Button Men is a game you can enjoy again and again. Ages 12 and up. 2 or more players. Plays in 10 minutes.

Fantasy Flight Games - Elder Sign :Omens of the Pharaoh
From the bustling markets of Cario to the royal necropolis of Dashur - Six new  investigators confront hidden chambers, new monsters, allies and mythos. Can you push back the darkness and keep the horrors at bay?
Wednesday, February 7th :
Reaper Miniatures : February  Dungeon Dweller : Baran Blacktree - Human Fighter

Reaper Miniatures - All sorts of new Bones minis
Dagon (huge figure), Dark Young (huge figure)
Barbarian Mouslings (2 figures), Iron Golem
Frost Giant Bodyguard, Frost Giant Warrior
Great Obelisk of C'thulhu, C'thuhlu Shrine
Gug, Eldritch Horror, Mi-Go
Deep One Warrior, Deep One Priest & Servitor
Grave Wailer, Graveyard Golem
Dread Wolves, Dust King and Crypt
Female Wraith, Grave Minions (3 figures)
Gravestone of Sorrow, Gravestone of Protection
Carrion Worm, Large Sarcophagus
Xiloxoch, Naga - Merrow
Bandit Knocker, Bandit Leader
Bandit Enforcer, Bandit Bully
Kobolds (6 figures), Flesh Golem
Cultist, Cultist Priests

Frog God Games - Fifth Edition Foes : Softcover Edition
250+ pages of new creatures for 5e D&D. From Flying Apes to Zombie Ravens. Some are monsters that have appeared in first edition D&D, some are new. All of them have illustrations, statistics, an blurb on ecology, where it appeared originally (if it is not original to this book) and more.
Z-Man Games - Stone Age 2018 edition
2 to 4 players act as humanities ancestors, gather resources, improve tools, advance your tribes knowledge, feed your people and keep them safe. Carve your legacy in stone! For ages 14 and up. Takes about 60 to 90 minutes to play this worker placement game.

One Small Step LLC - Counterfact Magazine - Issue #3
Polemology, Wargames, Analysis, Commentary. History of the Arab / Israeli Wars, Military Capabilities in the Middle East, Millennium Wars Advanced : Lebanon Scenarios (includes full color map, counter sheet & rules),States in Conflict, Firepower & more.

Thursday, February 1st :
Fantasy Flight Games - new releases

Star Wars Armada - MC75 Cruiser : Profundity
includes the ship, dials, ship and upgrade cards and tokens

Star Wars Armada - Imperial Star Destroyer : Chimaera
Admiral Thrawns Flagship, 2 Mandaloran Gauntlets, dials, cards, tokens and more. 

Privateer Press - new minis
Kwaak Slickspine & Gub - Croak Sorcerers (Hordes minions blister)
Barnabas, Lord of Blood (Hordes minion warlock)
Horizon Games - Traveller Customizable Card Game
It's out! 2 player starter, ship decks and more. See below...

2 Player Starter
Designed to allow 2 to 4 players the chance to experience the fun of Marc Miller's Traveller Universe. Be the first captain to pay off your ship, fend off bankruptcy, deal with pirates and succeed in a universe that is cruel and uncaring. There are also three solo play scenarios to challenge you when opponents are not about. Comes with Type S Scout and Beowulf Free Trader ship decks and all the cards you need to play. For a limited time includes the special kickstarter cards. Ages  12 and up. Takes about half an hour, fourty five minutes to play.

Empress Marava Far Trader Ship Deck
The Empress Marava is the ubiquitous Far trader, seen all around the Imperium. Includes the  Far Trader ship card, 20 adventure cards and 60 Captain's  cards. Everything you need to play with a card guide and quick play guide included.

Subsidized Merchant Ship Deck  
Local governments will help fund a ship in return for regular service  and established routes. Choose a good route, make money and beware of those who know your coming. Includes the Subsidized Merchant card, 20 Adventure Cards, 60 Captain's Cards, quick play guide and card guide.

Trouble on the Mains -
first expansion pack for the TCCG adding 60 cards that focus on piracy and combat.

Aliens of the Imperium -
60 card expansion pack focusing on the myriad alien races of the Third Imperium. With over 10,000 worlds you never know what customs, cultures or aliens you may meet.

The Creativity Hub - Blank : make your own Game.
A unique game where the goal of the game is to win... so you can change the rules. Deal 3 rule cards to begin. Match colors and numbers... but follow the rules. Play all your cards to win the game. Now the winner gets to write a new rule card that gets added to the game. Simple, fun and creative. 2 to 6 players ages 6 and up.

Wizkids Games Star Trek Attack Wing Federation vs Klingons Starter Set
Includes 2 Federation and 2 Klingon ships, rules, dice, tokens and cards. Expansion rules give you options to add more and different ships, card packs and more to add to your fleet. Ages 14 and up.

Cool Mini or Not - 13 Clues
2 to 6 players (ages 8 and up) sees the clues (person, location and weapon) for other players, but not their own. Investigate your case, collect clues, solve your case and succeed before your opponents. Includes new, easier to use components, updated rules and a new game variant. Plays in about half an hour.
Wednesday, January 31st :
Pazio Publishing - new Pathfinder items are in!
Ruins of Azlant : Beyond the Veiled Past (final chapter of the adventure path)
This 15th level adventure not only concludes the story arc but adds ways to continue your campaign onwards as well as consequences if the heroes fail the mission. How ancient Azlanti would view Golarian, a bestiary and lots more.

Ruins of Azlant Poster Map Folio -
Three massive poster maps. First is a player map in the style of nautical charts showing the region of broken Azlant, the second the undersea town of Talasantri and last, a GHM map showing the island chain making up the setting for the ruins of Azlant campaign. All in full color, all very nicely done.

Player Companion : Disciple's Doctrine -
A supplement for characters with a background in devotion or dogma, new traits, archetypes from war priests to hellknights and those whose sole purpose is to seek Enlightenment. New spells including those designed to protect and others to show prophesies. Designed for Pathfinder setting, but usable with any PFRPG game.

Pathfinder Pocket Advanced Class Guide -
10 new base classes, variant class abilities and new feats, new spells, magic items, equipment and a whole lot more. All in the digest sized paperback format.

Pathfinder Pocket Bestiary 3 -
More than 300 monsters, classic terrors from myth and literature (like the bandersnatch), hordes of creatures to summon, grow or construct to aid you, new familiars, new player-ready races, templates and variants, new monster rules and more. In  a softbound, digest sized book aimed awe you with it's depth.

Wargames Illustrated #364 is in.
SAGA 2nd edition, Gangs of Rome, Capture of Tiger 101, WI awards, a visit to Shapeways, reviews, scenarios and a whole lot more.

Studio 2 : Starfinder Cosmic Odyssey - Pirates of the Starstream
All the information players and GMs need to explore classic motifs with character options, equipment and vessels, ready for action. Also includes the 8 pieces port, new themes, drone options, boarding, ramming and more.

Leder Games - VAST : The Fearsome Foes
This VAST expansion adds three new roles for all player styles. You can expand your game play in solo mode or add more players making it possible to accommodate seven. The Ghost, Ghoul and Nightmare Unicorn - all ready to play. Each comes with it's own rulebook, wooden meeple, detailed miniature and set of cards. Includes two player boards too!

Friday, January  26th :
Fantasy Flight Games - Arkham Horror Mythos pack : The Pallid Mask
Scenario 6 of the Path to Carcosa campaign. 60 fixed cards, #228-262. This scenario can be played alone or as part of the Paths campaign.

Privateer press -
No Quarter prime Issue Three is in store now
Company of Iron, Glazing Skin & Fabric, Themed Forces & more.

New Osprey Publishing - new books
Campaign 317 - Operation Market Garden. British XXX Corps missions
Elite 221 - Roman Standards and Standard Bearers 112BC to 192AD
Air Campaign 1 - Battle of Britain 1940 'Luftwaffe's Eagle Attack'
Air Campaign 2 - Rabaul 1943-44 'Reducing Japan's greatest island fortress'
Weapon 60 - The Anti-tank Rifle
New Vanguard 254 - Early US Armor Armored Cars 1915-1940
Duel 84 - Sagger Antitank missile vs M60 Main Battle Tank - Yom Kippur War 1973

Team Yankee - new Stripes USMC releases
LAV Platoon
AAVP7 platoon
M551 Sheridan platoon
HMMWV platoon
UH-1 Huey Helicopter platoon
Road Overpass battlefield in a box set
Department Store battlefield in a box set

Lasercraft Workshop - new MDF lasercut buildings
Sci-fi bunkers, command centers, Old West Buildings, Medieval/Fantasy Buildings.
All precut and scribed. Some glue and paint and it's ready to go.
Thursday, January  25th :
Modiphius Entertainment - new Conan RPG releases
Conan the Mercenary
New archetypes, talents & equipment allow creation of mercenary characters and companies. An included  gazetteer gives you all sorts of information about ophir, Koth, Shem and Khoraja. Battle, sieges, carousing and more are all taken into account in the new rules and concepts along with a new mass battle system to resolve conflicts. All sorts of NPCs, art and maps. All in one book.

The Book of Skelos
New sorcerous archetypes, magical techniques and schools, backgrounds, educations and natures are explored as well. Artifacts are discussed, exalted sorcery (like rituals) defined, how to spawn new horrors, create a cabal, and modify existing creatures are all covered. A history of sorcery is provided along with lots of background information.

Conan the Thief
This tome explores the dark underworld of Hyboria. archetypes, talents and equipment help you create thief characters. Zamora, Shadizar and other places whose cities are the right place for thieves are explored in the Gazetteer. How to run a good thief-centric game incorporating guilds,, reputation and reknown. A heist generator helps GM create unique adventures which capture the spirit of the missions while stunning art and maps help set the mood.

Cubicle Seven - 5e Adventures in Middle Earth : The Road Goes Ever On
4 large format journey maps in full color along with a 32 page book with setting information, rules and guidance. Earning experience on the road, campsite maps, premade monster encounters and avoiding the Enemy, non-player travelers and more are provided in this supplement.  

Chasoium - Reign of Terror
The Mythos Amidst the horrors of the French Revolution
a standalone setting for CoC. Can be played on it's own or as a historical interlude to Horror on the Orient Express. 120+ pages. Part one takes place in 1789 amidst the stirrings of the Revolution. Investigators descend into the catacombs of Paris and must brave courtly life where terror and debauchery create their own horrors. Part two takes place during the Terror where players must deal with spies and agents seeking those who would destabilize the government while trying to stop a threat that could plunge all of Europe into darkness.

Modiphius Games - Star trek Adventures : These are the Voyages (Compendium 1)
eight ready to play adventures for the Star Trek RPG. From responding to distress signals to exploring alien outposts - Stopping technological theft to thwarting terrorists. It's all in the job description of StarFleet Officers. 150+ pages

Green Ronin Games - Freedom City (Third edition)
Revised and ready to rock for M&M3. Includes the Players Guide to Freedom City, Gamremaster Secrets, Friends and Foes - NPCs and background for them and more. Emerald City and Atlas of Earth-Prime material is helps describe a full range of superheroic adventure. 300+ pages and a pull-out map.

Osprey Publishing - Kobolds and Cobblestones
Fantasy Gang Rumbles in the town of Odinsport. Humans, Elves, Dwarves, goblins, kobolds and orcs live here in apparent harmony. But turn into the alleyways and you will see gangs of thugs, goons and muscle fighting it our for control. Using card based mechanics and a cunning bribery element  games can turn on a dime.

Kenzer & Company - Knights of the Dinner Table 251 - Hack World
64 pages with comics, articles, reviews and more.

Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy # 94
Mechanized Mayhem -WW2 tank tactics, tank warfare at Dubno, Tigers at Skalat, Germans in France, Breed's Hill, playing Strongsword, Hellenistic Elephants & more. 

Adams' Apple Games - Brewin' USA
Conquer the craft beer industry and become the best brewery in the nation. 2 to 5 players, ages 21 and up. plays in about an hour. Beer, ingredient and player helper cards - bottle caps, rules, tiles and more.

Indie Boards and Cards - Path of Light & Shadow
Combining area control, deck management and civilization customization this game gives 2 to 4 players (ages 14 and up) a chance to rule the Realms. Enlist and promote your supporters, outfit your empire, bring leaders, siege the enemy and be strong. Wise, cruel, petty or merciful, choose your path and reap the rewards.

Days of Wonder - Ticket to Ride : France
create a rail network starting from your home city, claim routes along the way and build your rail empire. You will need Ticket To Ride or Ticket to Ride Europe to play this expansion. Also included is Ticket to Ride Old West - set in... the Old West. This expansion lets 6 player compete to the the Rail Baron. Includes rules, pieces, maps and more. Ages 8 and up.

WizKids Games - Lancelot
2 to 4 players travel to ancient Britain. Court Ladies, defeat Knights and gain Knightly Virtues. Can you meet the Lady of the Lake, claim Excalibur, ally with Merlin, keep Morgana at bay _any_ become First Knight to Arthur? Ages 14+ Plays in about 60-90 minutes. Full color game boards, cards, counters, wood tokens and more.

Bezier Games - Palace of Mad King Ludwig
Players build a gigantic palace - one room at a time. As rooms are built the moat flows around the perimeter of the Palace. As it fills, building continues until the moat is complete. The player who has contributed the most to the palace wins the game. Leveraging the build, placing and completing rooms and wise use of swans will aid you in this game. For ages 13 and up. Plays in about  an hour and a half.         
Wednesday, January  24th :
A few releases from the small independent publishers:
Imaginary Empire - Wicked Lies and Alibis
A small press RPG of Whodunit in the Age of Art Deco. Simple card based mechanics deliver a full murder mystery in a single evening. Includes nine pregenerated mysteries, details about the era of Art Deco, detailed notes on running the game and a whole lot more.

Cinger Goat -m Heroine : A Storytelling Game
Pulled through a portal into a strange land, Heroine gives you and your friends the means to tell the story of a young heroine in another world. Terrible dangers, fierce antagonists, and heroic struggle make up your story.

Stygian Fox - The Things We Leave Behind
six adventures for Call of Cthulhu into horror and the unknown. Six modern day adventures, designed for mature gamers and 7th edition CoC. Can be used with earlier versions of the game with a little work. Unavoidable fate, abductions, murders, heresy, powerful forces and dark secrets abound. For adult gamers. Really.

Burning Wheel - Torcher Bearer GM Screen
The heavy-duty card stock Torchbearer Game Masterís screen features a huge, full-color illustration on the front by none other than fantasy illustrator Russ Nicholson. It has a handy turn-tracker along the top to help GMs track turns and light sources, and easy-to-read tables for weapons and loot.

Burning Wheel - Torchbearer Gazetteer : Middarmark
A setting of Scandinavian myth and legend. Delve into ruined cities and lost temples in the Trollfjells, seek battle magics on the barrow downs, confront raiders in the Skera Strait and adventure where your fate takes you. New spells, magic and monsters await as well details about settlements, lairs, harrowing places and more.
Paladium Games - Rifter 79
How to game through history, the Kingdom of New Oslo, Rifts fiction, coming attractions, the Stage magician for Heroes Unlimited, fun and adventure.

Green Ronin Games - Hero High
Teen Heroes for Mutants and Masterminds? Yup, this is that. The genre of teen heroes (and villains) is explored as well as their place in your own setting and series. Revised and expanded for Third Edition M&M

Hero Games - Champions Complete
The ultimate Superhero RolePlaying Game in the Ultimate book. Create the hero you want, and play easily. A new condensed format makes this book great for beginning players and a handy book for long time Champs gamers. Everything a GM needs to run anything from a single session to a continued campaign for 1 to 6 players.

Magpie Games - Masks : A New Generation
A superhero game of young heroes. Includes 10 playbooks allowing you to create your own crimefighter, rules for super heroic action, interpersonal drama and identity changing, rules for running the game, building the villains and administering the world. Lots of guidelines to help you create your own material too.

VSCA - Hollowpoint
from the folks who brought you Diasporia RPG, Hollowpoint puts you in an ultra-violent movie. It's bad people being killed in bad ways by players who have a particular skill set. As an RPG. The game, mechanics, places in literature to draw inspiration and ideas beyond what you might think. Not just blazing guns, but even Highlander (where death is commonplace if you are trying to be The One). Examples of play, guides to equipment, fighting and first aid are included too.

Unruly Designs - Warbirds
An anthology of games about women at war during World War 2. Designed for 4-6 players given about 3-5 hours. No RPG or historical knowledge is needed. From nurses to snipers, resistance fighters and civilians these RPGs give you insight into the war.
Tuesday, January  16th :
Asmodee - Dixit Harmonies
84 new image cards and the art of Paul Echegoyen to add to your current Dixit game.

Fantasy Flight Games - Star Wars Destiny : Legacies Booster Packs
5 cards and a premium die for Star Wars Destiny. 160 cards and 60 dice make up the set. Your favorite Star Wars characters in one set.

Bezier Games - Whistle Stop
Make your way west across the United States, using the fledgling railroad companies to build routes, pick up cargo, deliver goods and create Whistle Stops  to leverage your expansion. Gain shares in other railroads and watch your reputation soar as you complete deliveries and begin to work toward the boom towns in the West. 2-5 players, ages 14 and up. Takes about an hour and a half to play.

Asmadi Games - One Deck Dungeon : Forest of Shadows
a cooperative dungeon delve for one or two players. It can be played on it's own with 1 or two or with One Deck Dungeon to expand your group to one to four players. Use all new heroes, foes and perils to your adventure. Weigh the need to make your way to the boss at the end with your need to tend your wounds and proceed cautiously. Ages 14 and up. Plays in around 30 minutes.

Wizards of the Coast - D&D Dungeon Tiles
Back from a hiatus, the Dungeon Tile sets provide heavy cardstock, full color tiles to make your adventuring more exciting. Each set comes with 16 sheets of full color, double sided tiles that can be used to create indoor, outdoor and urban adventures.
The City Tiles set feature streets, buildings, sewers and urban elements.
Dungeon Tiles set has rooms, corridors, cavern, tunnels and more.
The Wilderness Tiles come with grasslands, ruins, sandy beaches, camps and more.

Fireforge Games - new plastic sets
Medieval Archers - 24 multi-part archers of the 12th & 13trh century

Scandinavian Infantry
-Multi-part figures to build up to 25 Scandinavian Men at Arms with several weapon options. Shields, sword, spears, axes, maces, bows, bardics and other 2 handed weapons are included. Creates 12th and 13th century Scandinavian men at arms

Russian Infantry  - parts to build up to 25 figures suitable for a Keivian Rus state. Full mail and helmet are standard, bows, spears, axes, swords and shields as well as maces are provided. Various weapon options are available - not all can be built in the same manner however.

Albion Knights - This box provides enough parts to create 12 knights armed with lance, sword, axe and other knightly weapons. A more fantasy appearing bunch than the Templar or Teutonic Knights these are the best and most capable knights.

Team Yankee - Department Store building
one pre-painted department store, ready to be unboxed and set down on your table, available for play at a moment's notice.

Team Yankee 2018 - new revised rules are available now.

Team Yankee - M60 tanks - available as we speak
Team Yankee - Stripes
The USMC, M60, HMMWV, LAV-25, Harrier, IPM1 and more equipment as well as new scenarios, Armored Cavalry and much more. This new book is a must have for Team Yankee players.
Friday, January  5th :
New 4Ground items:
Ruined Wall Palisade Connector
River Defense Bastion
Four 1.5" Palisade Walls
Corner Palisade Wall
Mordanburg Well
Mordanburg WellRiver Defence BastionRuined Wall Palisade Connector

Stalingrad 28mm ruins and 28mm European Windmill are in stock now too.
European WindmillUrban Ruins; Stalingrad #7Urban Ruins; Stalingrad #4

Catalyst Game Labs - Master of Orion
2 player dueling deck builder. Play as Humans or Darloks, explore the galaxy, colonize, produce3, expand and attempt to destroy your enemies homeworld. Includes two 55 card decks, planet & hazard tiles, counters and rules. Ages 13+. plays in 45 minutes.

Lion of Judah: The War for Ethiopia,
                        1935-1941Compass Games - Lion of Judah : War for Ethiopia 1935-1941
2 player brigade/division level game exploring the Italian invasion of Ethiopia (1935-36) and the subsequent Allied liberation (1940-41). Uses a comon rule set  with scenario specific rules. Random event deck accounts for political and diplomatic events, blockade runners, rebellions and more. Medium complexity. 2-8 hours playing time depending on scenario. High solitaire suitability.

Greater than Games - Sentinel Comics : The Roleplaying Game
six exciting adventures from the pages of Sentinel Comics featuring the Freedom Five (and their intern Unity). Fully generated characters and all the rules you need to rebuild Megalopolis, reunite the hero teams of the world and thwart the villains who threaten all.

dragon picR&R Games - Dragon Island
2-4 player game for ages 14+. plays in about an hour. An open world fantasy exploration game where cast away wizards (the players) work to discover treasure and become powerful, rich and famous. Work quickly. Once the whole island has been explored the game ends and the most wealthy wizard wins.

New infinity minis, Dark sword minis and more.
A list and pictures next week.
Marvel Dice
                        Masters: The Mighty Thor Draft Pack, £8.99
WizKids games - Mighty Thor Dicemasters boosters, booster displays
and draft packs are in.
Boosters have 2 dice and cards.
Display has 90 boosters
Draft pack has 14 cards (2 basic action and 12 Character or Action cards) and 24 dice as well as a rule insert.
Come on in and get your today!

Tuesday, January  2nd
Arc Dream Publishing - Delta Green : Kahil Ghati
A new scenario for Delta Green, a game of Lovecraftian Horror set in the modern age with secret government agents confronting horrors from beyond. An agent has gone missing from an Army base in a troubled overseas province. Time for operatives to step in and make sure more does not occur. A complete scenario with 6 ready to play agents. Can be played with the full Delta Green rules or the quick start rules from Delta Green : Need to Know.

Goodman Games - 50 fantastic functions for the 50 sided die
A book of random tables and inspiration for fantasy & scifi gamers. Designed for the d50 - but using a d% and dividing by 2 works too. Tables of faces, NPC motivations, Magic Trinkets, felines, antique and modern handguns, tavern names, solar system planets, planetoids & satellites and more. 100+ pages of info.

Image result
Modiphius - Conan : Jeweled Thrones of the Earth
Six ready to play adventures for Conan 2d20 RPG. Explore a lost city in the steamy jungle, sail across the seas to a island enthralled by a demon-godess, defend the frontier, seek great treasures, fight slavers and more. Tips on linking the adventures together, a dozen adventure seeds and much more.


Aporta Games - Santa Maria
Migrants are flocking to the New World and you need to make them happy. Produce goods, establish trade routes, train scholars, send out conquistadors and more. This euro game is medium complexity and uses dice drafting and strategic engine building. Little direct player conflict and low requirement of luck makes strategy important.

Troll Lord Games - 5th edition adventure A10 - The Last Respite
a mid to high level adventure for 3 to 6 players. The Vessel of Souls has come to Grafika. Can you recover this artifact and stop the hideous creatures from taking it back to their Undying Lord? Can be used on it's own or as a sequel to module A9

Troll Lord Games - 5th edition adventure A11 - The Wasting Way
Can you get across the Wasting Way to free the Lady of Garun? Swamps, creatures, and the towers of Aufstrag stand in your way. Will you succeed? a high level adventure for 3-6 adventurers. Usable on it's own or as a sequel to module A10

Troll Lord Games - 5th edition adventures A12 - The Paladin's Lament
Designed to continue the story set out in the prior A series modules, A12 can be used on it's own as well. Can your party of 3 to 6 heroes venture into Ahargon Den, walk through the Mouth of Darkness and enter the pits of Hell itself to succeed in your latest quest? Only the strong will survive.

Fantasy Flight Games - Fallout
A post-nuclear game for 1 to 4 players. exit your Vault, fulfill quests and win influence over the wasteland. Will you help the Railroad or the Institute? Discover the secret of Vault 48? Give your backing to the Brotherhood of Steel or the Enclave? Explore the wasteland, aid (or oppress) the locals and be on your way. Rules, plastic figures, map tiles, encounter cards, tokens, dice and hours of fun await.

Northstar Games - CONGO miniatures
all sorts of wildlife for Congo. Crocodiles, hyenas, meerkats, giraffes and more.  
Friday, December 29th :

Tradewala LLC - Tradewala : The game that satirizes the world we live in

3 to 8 players try to collect all the cards relating to the same social issue. Play cards, score points and have fun.

Stronghold Games - Terraforming Mars : Venus Next

Now itís time to go to Venus. Includes new project cards, corporation cards, milestone tiles, the Venus board and rules.

Flames of War - Stripes!
Team Yankee expansion adds the Marines, M1A2, M551, HMMWV, M60 Patton tanks, new units and more.

Calliope Games - Ancestree

2 to 6 players play and pass tiles to reveal ancestors, add to family trees and move your family to be the wealthiest and most powerful. For ages 8 and up. Takes about 20 minutes to play.

Pandasaurus Games - Dinosaur Island

2 to 4 players try to manage a themed park with dinosaurs of the various periods. Make your attractions bigger and better. Be the best manager and get ready for your early retirement. For ages 8 and up. Includes rules for solo play as well. Includes special dice, rules, color tiles, meeples and more.

Wednesday, December 27th :
Czech Games Editions - Pulsar 2849
2 to 4 players find players exploring, claiming and harnessing the power of pulsars. Enhance your technologies to make better use of the phenomenon and build a galaxy wide power distribution system. For ages 14 and up. Plays in 1 to 3 hours depending on the players.

Steve Jackson Games - Super Kitty Bug Slap
Up to 5 players test thier paws in this fast paced game of bug slappin' action. Designed for ages 6 and up. Think quick, react and get your paws aslappin'

Army Painter - Project Paint Station
a handy MDF tray/stand with cutouts for 30 dropper bottles, 6 paint brushes (triangle holes to fit even the tri-handle brushes) and a water cup.  The tray holds what your working on allowing you to easily transport the models, paints and what not all at one time.

Fireforge Games - Resin Shields
Each blister comes with 12 shields. All are resin with rasied detail based on the faction they are intended for.
Hositaliers, Tuetons, Santiago Order, Livonian Order, Order of Jerusalem are all availoable.

Wizard Dice from Poly Hero Dice!
Wizard oriented dice sets to go with the Warrior dice sets. Bolts, orbs, scrolls, potions and wands now join the shield, helmet, gauntlet, dagger, sword and mace dice.

New Historical Magazines
Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy - new issue and back issues in stock now

Wargames Illustrated 363 - (January 2018)
Weird West wargaming - Dead Man's Hand vs Dracula's America, Ghost Arcipelago, Gaza 1917, Rules Hunting, Wargaming Hollywwod and more.

Miniature Wargaming 417 January 2018)
Britian 1979 (UK Civil War), Stars, Lasers and Cionematic Space BAttles, Spanish Civil War, scratch building shelters and burnt out buildings, Black powder rules and more

Select back issues of Medieval Warfare and Ancient Warfare in stock too.;labl
Friday, December 22nd :
Plaid Hat Games - New Ashes expansion decks
The Boy Among Wolves
The jungle rises up to his call. Koji Wolfcub brings wild animals, plants and the very earth to battle for him to help restore the world. 30 game general cards, 19 conjurations and a Phoenix born.

The Godess of Ishra
Ishra seeks to enlighten the world about her. Lose the imperfect bodies, the greed, thirst for the material. All praise be to Ishra. 30 general game cards, 12 conjurations and 2 conjured alterations along with the Phoenix born.

IDW Jungle Joust
2-6 players (ages 12 and up) compete is this card based game of jousting... on Rhinos. Influence the riders, wager on various aspects of the outcome and try to clean up. Plays in about 45 minutes.

ZMan Games - pandemic Rising Tide
stop the waters from rising and drowning the Netherlands. build dykes, manage port travel, build windmills and do your best to stop the Rising Tide. 2 to 5 players, ages 8 and up. plays in about an hour.

Kosmos - Ken Follett : Column of Fire
Align yourself with various powerful families, form alliances, set up trade houses and keep abreast of religious attitudes in Europe of the 1500s. 2 to 4 players ages 12 and up. plays in about 90 minutes.

Gale Force nine - Time of the Daleks
2 to 4 players take on the Daleks by playing one of the Doctors. Work together to stop Davros and the Daleks or you all will cease to exists!. For ages 14 and up. Plays in about 2 hours.

Atlas games - Cursed Courts
Wager your influence across seasons of court, try to get the nine key nobles aligned to your causes to hold power from the shadows. This influence, deduction and betting game is designed for 2 to 6 players ages 14 and up. Plays in about 45 minutes.

R&R Games - Rajas of the Ganges
Taking on the roles of rajas and ranis (the countries nobles) trying to develop their estates into wealthy and magnificent provinces. Place your workers wisely, hope karma shines upon you and amass wealth and power to become a legendary ruler.

Excalibre Games - Mythic Wars : Clash of the Gods
An up to 8 player card and dice game where players build factions from the 78 included gods, godesses and creatures and compete in the ultimate showdown. Designed for ages 14 and up. Play time varies by number of participants. For a limited time we have, included with each game, the Kickstarter exclusive card set which adds 2 more deity cards, Mythic Wars : Nemesis which adds 4 battleground cards and 11 Intervention cards and the Rise of Cthulhu  expansion which adds 156 nwe deity and creature cards from the Mythos.

Tasty Minstrel Games - Okey Dokey
This 1 to 5 player game has players trying to arrange a concert where none of it's animal participants are left out. Designed for ages 14 and up. Plays in 16 to 32 minutes.  I'll admit, not quite sure how they came up with those time estimates... but that's what the box says.

Grey Fox games - Dice Harvest
2 to 4 players attempt to manage their crops by planting, harvesting, selling and feeding (to the animals) their veggies. Keep track of the market, choose your crops wisely and be a successful farmer.

Grand Guild Gamers - Pocket Ops
players send teams of agents into a evil base to steal plans. Can you predict your opponents moves, foil their plans and use your skills to stay ahead? Based on the 3-in-a-row mechanic with a clever twist. 2 players ages 8 and up. Plays in about 20 minutes.

Fantasy Flight Games - new LCG packs
Legend of the Five Rings - Meditations of the Ephemeral (last of the Imperial Cycle)
Arkham Horror - A Phantom of Truth (cards 189-227 of The Path to Carcosa)
Game of Thrones - Journey to old Town (cards 21-40 of The Flight of Crows cycle)
Lord of the Rings - The Dungeon of Cirith Gurat (card 109-134 of the Haradrim cycle)

Arkham Horror - Ire of the Void
A new novel and exclusive Arkham Horror LCG cards

Portal Games - My Happy Farm
Be the best farmer, keep your animals happy and be the best farmer in the land. 2 to 4 players, ages 8 and up. Plays in about 30 minutes.

Arclight Games - El Alamien
A historical deck building game for 2 to 5 players. Can be combined with Barbarossa to add the Eastfront to the Desert war. Everything you need in one box with 354 cards and rules. Comes in a historical 'photo' version and one with Anime art.

Arclight games - Barbarossa
A historical deck building game for 2 to 5 players. Can be combined with El Alamein to add the Eastfront to the Desert war. Everything you need in one box with 354 cards and rules. Comes in a historical 'photo' version and one with Anime art.

AAW Games - Underworld Races and Classes
a new 5e compatible book with options for fan favorite races, new never before seen races and cultures, razor wire, web slinging, firearms rules, feats, items and more! 200+ full color pages.

Nord Games - new 5e and Pathfinder book - Ultimate NPC's : Skullduggery
a new Gamemaster Toolbox book. A collection of fully fleshed out characters occupying the underbelly of society. Thieves, assassins, mercenaries. Fully fleshed out, with a full backstory so you can drop them right into the games. 
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