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This page lists all new product as well as important restocks. If you don't see your game on the list, email or call us and we'll let you know the status of that game. 
Wednesday July 18th:
Well, I'm back from my vacation. Sorry for the lack of warning but it just happened that I couldn't get to the page to edit after I was out of the shop...

There have been a truckload of new things since - so here is a quick rundown.
WizKids games - Batman the Animated Series Heroclix
boosters, starter set (with new rules), dice & token packs are all in.

Wizkids Seal Team Flix - a game of tactical dexterity
load up, move out, break in and flick your way to victory in this dexterity based game

Wizkids Games - Fungeon Party
compete in whacky real world challenges to complete your F(unD)ungoen Quest. Plays quickly (in as little as 3 minutes)  for ages 14+ - 2 to 5 players.

Cubicle Seven - 5e Adventures in Middle Earth : Rivendell Region Guide
144 pages of backgrounds, NPCs, optional rules, beasts, foes and new Hero options
Modiphus Games New Star Trek RPG items
Command Division sourcebook
Beta Quadrant sourcebook
Borg collective miniatures box
Next generation ship tiles.

Devil Pig Games :
Age of Towers (competitive multi-player tower defense game)
Age of Towers : Winx (extra player, extra mini-boss, new events, Quest, trophies)

Boom Studios - Big Trouble in Little China Cooperative boardgame

Daily Magic Games - Sailing Toward Osiris (worker placement in Ancient Egypt)

Dan Verssen Games :
War of the Worlds : England
War of the Worlds : France
War of the Worlds : Japan
War of the Worlds : US East Coast
Four different games - one theme, one player. You play the Human forces, the game the Martians. Each game plays differently as the geography and armed forces are different.
Eggertspiele - Heaven and Ale (compete to brew the monastery's best ale)

Green Ronin Games - Rogues Gallery (M&M villain's databank)

Next Move Games : Azul (tile pattern making game)

Pretzel Games - Flick'em Up : Dead of Winter (zombie dexterity game)

Plan B Games :
Century : Spice Road (market, trade & score game)
Century : Eastern Wonders (design, explore and trade game)
Century : Golem Edition (crystal trade game)

Troll Lord Games - 5 Edition Adventure Archives Vol 1
(6 adventures & Aihrde setting book for Castles & Crusades)

Z-Man Games :
House of Danger (cooperative adventure card game)
Carcassone Expansion 8 : Bridges, Castles and Bazaars
Race to the New Found Land (Explore, claim and profit for 2-4 players)
Dan Verssen Games -
Pavlovís House : Battle for Stalingrad
Play Solitaire, cooperative or competitive in this game of strongpoint defense during the battle for Stalingrad.

Deep Water Games - Sorcerer & Stones (2-4 player [8 and up] game of enlightenment)

Gripping Beast :
Dark Age Plastic Cavalry (12 plastic cavalry)
Late Roman Heavy Cavalry (12 plastic cavalry figures)
Age of Crusades - Saracen 4 point starter army (plastic)  

Fireforge Games :
Large Pavese (6 each of 2 different styles)
Florentine Paveses (12)
Hospitalier Shields (3 each of 4 different styles)
Pavese Shields (6 each of 2 different styles)
Halberds Type 1 (24 rounded bladed plastic halberds)
Halberds Type 2 (24 triangular bladed plastic halberds)
Bardics (6 each - 4 styles of plastic bardics)
Unbarded Steppe ponies (3 plastic ponies)

Warlord Games plastic kits for :
Saxon Ceorls, Viking Bondi and Viking Hirmen. Great for Hail Caesar, Swordpoint, SAGA or other 28mm games.

Wizkids Games - Spy Tricks (3-4 player trick taking spy-themed game)

Fantasy Flight Games :
Star Wars Legion : Priority Supplies Battlefield Expansion (12 minis, cards & rules)

Star Wars 30th Anniversary reprint
The original West End D6 system, published originally in 1987. The core game Star Wars Roleplaying Game and the Star Wars Sourcebook in a colorful slipcase.

Legend of the Five Rings - The Fires Within Dynasty Pack

Forbidden Games - Victory & Glory : Napoleon
2 player game of the Napoleonic Wars.  Balance economy, military force, politics and leadership to defeat your enemy.

Mantic Games - Terrain Crate!
Unpainted plastic terrain for your collection. Come in massive collections or smaller specific sets.  Dungeon Depths, Town Scenery, Dark Lordís Tower, Battlefield
Treasury (22 pcs), Dungeon Debris (24 pcs), Torture Chamber (21 pcs), Dungeon Essentials (32 pcs), Wizards Study (20 pcs), Dungeon Traps (7 pcs), Kingís Coffers (6 pcs), Dragonís Hoard (5 pcs).

Battlefront Games :
Fate of a Nation (Arab / Israeli miniature wargame rules)
Syrian T-54s, Israeli Magach 6s, Jordanian Centurions, Egyptian T-62s unit box sets

Corvus Belli Infinity items :
Combined Army - Kurgats w/boarding shotgun
Ariadna - Veteran Kazaks
Ariadna - 3rd Highlander Grey Rifles
Ariadna - Caledonian Mormaers
Haqqislam - Hassassin Ragiks
Haqqislam - Special Medical Assistance Group box set
Yu Jing - Keisotsu Butai box set

Green Ronin - Shadow of the Demon Lord books
Demon Lords Companion 2 (new Ancestries, themes, paths, magic & more)
The Queen of Gold : Tales of the Pirate Isles (11 adventures in 1 book)
Beyond the Worlds Edge (campaign sourcebook/world setting)

Open D6 - Summerland RPG (revised & expanded edition)
Azure Keep - RUMA : Dawn of Empire RPG (Ancient Rome setting RPG)
Open D6 - Exlilium (sci-fi RPG of exile & redemption)

Friday June 29nd:
Whoo hoo! It's Friday.
Sadly it's been a hectic week, so here is a quick run down of items that have made it in the last 7 days...

GMT Games - Cataclysm : Second World War
Army scale global warfare game set in World War 2. Game starts in 1933 and diplomacy as well as military strategy is important. Turn sequencing is by chit draw, events will change game focus and history itself is fluid. Research and deploy units you choose and try to remain ahead of your enemies.

GMT Games - Forty Sumter
this card driven game puts the Unionist and Secessionist player at odds in the crisis that leads up to the bombardment of Fort Sumter and the beginning of the Civil War. Game plays in around 30 minutes and it's small footprint map (only 20" x 14") make this an easy to deploy game. Can you use events, politics and strategy to put your side in an advantageous position before the start of hostilities.   

GMT Games Fighting Formations : Battle for Kharkov
10 new scenarios for Fighting Formations with update order of battle, historical notes, new units and rules.

ZMan games - Lowlands
a 2-4 player worker placement game of farming, dike building and shepherding. Can you strike a balance between maintenance, production and expansion. Ages 14+ Plays in around 2 hours.

Ganesha Games - Caverns of Chaos
tables and Missions for 4 Against Darkness - levels 3 to 6. Six new missions with new vermin, bosses, monsters, spells and chaos infection rules.

Compass Games - Raiders for the Deep -
Solitaire game of U-boat warfare in WW1. Conduct raids, patrol, beware Q-ships and enemy aircraft. Gain experience, gain new equipment and gain promotions. Based off the Hunters system.
Tomahawk Studios - SAGA : Age of Crusades
At the dawn of the 13th century Europe was in the grip of warfare on all fronts. On the Iberian peninsula the Spanish fight the Moors in an attempt to take back lands lost since 711. The Baltic sees a Crusade against Europe's last pagans. In Jerusalem and the MidEast the Pope calls for the infidels to be thrown out of the holy lands. New armies (Saracens, Mutatawwi'a, Moors, Byzantines, the Milites Christi, Spanish, Crusaders, Polish, Ordensstaat, Pagan Peoples, Mongols and the Eastern Princes) new rules and scenarios and much more.
Wizkids Games - Turtles Unplugged - new Fast Forces and booster packs. Complete with random 'pixel-ated' figures too!

APE Games - MOA
a 2-5 player board game of competing tribes, expansion, defense and domination

Renegade games - Junk Orbit
2-5 player game of scavenging, route planning and selling. Ages 10+

DV Giocghi - Deckscape : Heist in Venice
A pocket escape room game for 1 to 6 players 12 and up.

Arcane Wonders - Senshi
2-4 players train to become the successor to the master. Plays in 15 minutes. 14+

Mongoose Publishing - Implausible Deniability
Four new adventures for Paranoia.

Mongoose Publishing - Yellow Clearance Black Box Blues
A classic adventure set, redone for the new Paranoia. Box set Includes new action cards, maps, equipment cards and more.

Upper Deck Legendary : World War Hulk
Play either as Hulk and his Warbound reaper their vengeance upon the Illuminati or as the Earth's heroes in a all out war for survival. Hulk and other popular heroes are here, new keywords and mechanics to add to the game too.

Troll Lord Games - new 5th Edition Adventures
Giants Rapture - mid level three part adventure in the frost bitten wilds
A Lion in the Ropes - low level adventure against beasts, undead and worse.

Goodman Games - new Mutant Crawl Classics!
Hive of the Overmind - a level 0 adventure
Reliquary of the Ancient Ones - a level 0 adventure
Incursion of the Ultradimension - a level 2 adventure
Warlords of Atoz - a level 3 adventure
Blessings of the Vile Brotherhood - a level 4 adventure
The Apocalypse Ark - a level 5 adventure
The Data Orb of Metakind - a MCC RPG Supplement of charts, tables and fun
*Reliquary of the Ancient Ones - same as above - but with an ALTERNATE COVER!

Goodman Games - DCC adventures
Greenwood of the Fey Sovereign - 0/1 level adventure with new class & design
The Tower of Faces - 6th level adventure in a tower of glass
The Queen of Elfland's Son - level 1 adventure in the court of the Unseelie

Rogue Comet Games - Gamemaster Codex (for 5th Edition Fantasy)
book includes optional rules, rules summary, people, places and things - as well as encounters and low prep adventures.

Rogue Comet Games - GameMaster Toolkit Deck
Initiative cards, role cards to help recruit help, condition and rule summary cards to ease play. All in one handy deck.

Pazio Publishing - new items
Starfinder - Dead Suns part 6 - Empire of Bones
an 11th level adventure, continuing your campaign, tech specs, starships, new creatures and a whole heck of a lot more.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting - Distant Realms
The planar destinations you've heard of but didn't know about. The city of Dis, the Isle of Yulgamot, The Trading hub of Shadow Absalom, the haven of Basrakal & more.

War for the Crown part 5 - The Reapers' Right Hand
and extraplanar adventure, a halfling god of assassins, noble lines of Taldor, actiopn, adventure, loot and death. All in a interesting place.

Pathfinder Planar Adventures - a new hardback dealing with new archetypes, magic items, deities, the major planes of existence, new monsters, three new player races and a whole ton more.

Pathfinder Flipmat - Pub Crawl
Classic mat, back in print. one side with several nice establishments, the other with a seedy wharf side tavern. plenty of places to have a pint.

Pathfinder Flipmat - Bigger Village
27" x 39" mat with an desert village on one side and a walled hill country settlement on the other. IN full color and set to go.

Ares Games - new Swords & Sorcery items
Hero Pack - Morrigan -
Demon Huntress or Witch Huntress. Two miniatures, cards, rules and treasures.

Accessory Pack - Ghost Soul Form Heroes
Five minis, new rules for Immortal Souls, background Talent cards and more.

Ares Games - Sword & Sorcery Arcane Portal
A continuation of the adventure started in Immortal Souls this expansion. Journey to the foot of the Thunder Mountains and challenge the dreadful monsters you encounter. 15 new enemies, a dreadful master enemy, 11 modular boards, new items, traps, treasures, events and a story driven campaign to pit you against a demonic horde and their abyssal lord.

Level 99 Games - Exceed fighting System
Speed, tactics and high stakes fighting action - all brought to life on your table. This fighting card game features characters from the Seventh Cross anime series.

Fantasy Flight Games - new items

Arkham Horror Card Game - Return to the Night of the Zealot
All new scenario cards add challenges to your CoC LCG. New player cards add more options and a premium box featuring awesome full color art gives you a place for all your cards - including divider cards marked for the Night of the Zealot encounters.

Arkham Horror LCG - Threads of Fate Mythos pack.

Legend of the Five Rings - Breath of Kami Dynasty Pack

Plaid Hat Games - Starship Samurai
2-4 players, attempt to dominate the galaxy and grab the galactic throne. 2-3 hour play time, lots of plastic minis, cards, tokens and more.

Fragged Kingdom new books
Fragged Kingdom core rules are back in stock.

Fragged Sea - A Fragged Empire setting and rules adaptation with loot, treasure, greed, sailing ships, elder gods, pirates and more. Sail the Faerie Sea in search of adventure. Beware ancient gods, deceit, sorcery and worse.

Fragged Aeternum - a Fragged Empire setting with brutal combat, gothic horror, mystery, immortals, fiends  and more. This setting and rules adaptation puts you in dramatic situations and provides streamlined rules and excitement.
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