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This page lists all new product as well as important restocks. If you don't see your game on the list, email or call us and we'll let you know the status of that game. 
Friday August 10th
GMT Games - No Retreat the French & Polish Fronts
Case Yellow (the plan to invade France) is examined in depth with card assisted game allowing you to see if you can stop the Germans from taking France. A bonus Poland 1939 game is included as well allowing you to examine notr only the battle that was but various ahistorical options too.

Looney Labs - all sorts of new stuff!
Monty Python Fluxx : Black Knight Expansion (10 expansion cards)
Fluxx : Creeper Pack (16 card expansion)
Firefly Fluxx Upgrade Pack (10 new cards)
Star Trek Fluxx (Original Series)
Star Trek Fluxx (Next Generation)
Star Trek Fluxx Bridge Expansion (12 cards to combine the Star trek Fluxx games)

Cryptozoic Games - DC Spyfall
The Spyfall party game invades the DC universe! 3-8 players, ages 13+ Find the Joker among the iconic hiding spots  before time runs out.

Steve Jackson Games - Munchkin Fowl Play (15 card Fowl expansion)

SAGA Roman/Briton/Last Roman/Byzantine  Dice are back in stock.

Gripping Beast Dark Age Archers box - 30 figures.

Fireforge Games - Foot Knights XI-XIIIc  : 30 multipart figures with build options.
Wizkids Games - Wardling Sets (wave two)
Girl Druid & Stone Creature, Boy Ranger & Wolf, Boy Wizard & imp, Girl Cleric & Winged Cat, Girl Fighter & Hunting Falcon, Boy Rogue & Monkey

Fantasy Flight Games - Legend of the Five Rings RPG Beginner Set
A standalone game for 3-5 players, the set provides core rules, premade characters as well as a ready-to-play adventure to jump into the action. Rules allow further play beyond the beginner adventure as well.

Ninja Division - Doomseeker!
A 2-4 player card game where players are Dwarf Slayers in the Warhammer World - each trying to find worthy foes and an honorable end. Earn the most renown by slaying enemies, amassing gold and weapons. Ages 14+ This card game takes 30-60 minutes to play depending on number of players.

Devir Games - Dungeon Raiders
3-5 delvers join forces to go deep underground and slay monsters, gain treasure and survive traps. Can you be the one who leaves the dungeon with the most? This card game is designed for ages  8 and up. plays in about 20 minutes.

Fantasy Flight Games - Two New LCG expansions
Elements Unbound - Legend of the 5 Rings Dynasty Pack
Streets of King's Landing - Game of Thrones Chapter Pack

Blue Orange Games - Kingdomino : Age of Giants
New challenges and the possibility of a 5th player add a new dimension to the game.

Stonemaier Games - My Little Scythe
a family friendly that sets animals on a quest throughout the kingdom of Pomme. Learn magic, gain friends and deliver gems and apples while getting into pie fights, getting powerups and having fun. 1 to 6 players, ages 8+ Plays in an hour.

Brotherwise Games - Boss Monster : Rise of the Mini-Bosses
A great starting point or a useful expansion adding more tactical options to this 8 bit dungeon building card game. Get ready to rumble! 2-4 players, ages 13+

WonderForge Games - In the epic contest of sinister power you become a Disney Villain who is intent on their devious plot. Triumph over the forces of good, watch out for your opponents and win it all!

PathfinderPlaytrest Flipmat pack - 4 different maps in a single pack. Laminated and ready to go. Caverns, temple, 2 different ruins.

Pathfinder Flipmat - Forest Multipack - 4 different forest themed maps

Pathfinder Flip-Tiles - Dungeon Starter Set
42 full color tiles to set up almost and dungeon adventure.

Pathfinder Flip-Tiles - Dungeon Perils Expansion
24 tiles including Evil Altar, traps, Fungus Growth and more. 

Pathfinder 2.0 Playtest Rules - Softbound rules
Pathfinder 2.0 Playtest Rules - Hardbound Book
Pathfinder 2.0 Playtest Rules - Limited Edition leatherbound/set

Pathfinder 2.0 Playtest Adventure - Doomsday Dawn
seven multi-encounter scenarios designed to introduce the Playtest rules.

Games Workshop - Warhammer Age of Sigmar Champions
Four new Campaign Decks (Order, Chaos, Death and Destruction) - each deck has 38 card army, a 13 card booster pack, an exclusive card, campaign mat, counters and rulesheets.

Age of Sigmar Champions Booster Packs (13 Augmented Reality card booster)

Reaper Miniatures - new Metal miniatures
3902 - Bog Homonculus
3901 - Bog Skeleton with Axe & Shield
3900 - Bog Skeleton Rising
3899 - Dark Dwarf Smiter (Hammer & Shield)
3898 - Dark Dwarf Pounder (2 handed giant hammer)
3897 - Giant Weasel
3896 - Nagendra Warrior with Sword & Shield
3895 - Tianalise, Dreadmere Bog Witch

Tuesday July 31st
So everyone knows.
Keep tabs on us via facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and Instagram (GamesPlus82 on those) as we will be heading out to Gencon.

The store will be open but updates won't be happening here till after the show.

See you next week.

Friday July 27th :
GMT Games - new Historical Titles
Skies Above the Reich -
a solitaire game where the player commands a Bf109 squadron trying to deter daylight raids on Germany between 1942 and 1944. Campaigns last from 6 to 60 missions, use differing tactics ans weapons to break up bomber formations, damage and down individual aircraft and force the combat box to abort. Medium complexity.

Gallipoli, 1915 -
Churchill attempted a massive seaborne assault against Gallipoli in an attempt to open a line of supply line to Russia. Historically, that operation was a horrible failure. Can you come up with a plan to succeed where he failed? Or will you push the Western powers back into the sea? High complexity and medium solitaire suitability.

Hitler's Reich -
Using the new Card Conquest system you don't need to set up and push around stacks and stack of counters while fighting over Europe. This low complexity game plays easily, but with enough flavor and decision making to create a worthwhile game. Low complexity and high solitaire suitability allows players to compete against a foe or the game itself.   

UltraPro card Sleeves
New Frazetta Art Deck Protectors :
Frazetta Barbarian (Conan) - 100 count pack
Frazetta Death Dealer (Mounted axe-wielding fighter) - 100 count pack

UltraPro DC Universe Logo Deck Protectors :
Wonder Woman (classic logo) - 65 count
Superman (red 'S' on yellow, blue background) - 65 count

Wargames Illustrated #370 - Crete 1941, Crusader Warfare, Operation Torch, Stronium Dogs, America at War (Tripoli), MDF modeling, Plastic Figure Gaming and a bunch more.

Osprey Publishing - new books in store
Combat #32 - US MArine vs German Soldier Belleau Wood 1918
Campaign #323 - Blanc Mont Ridge 1918 : America's Forgotten Victory
Elite # 222 - World War II US Marine Infantry Regiments
Air Campaign #5 - operation Crossbow 1944 : Hunting Hitler's V-Weapons
Combat # 34 - Hitlerjugend vs Canadian Soldier : Normandy 1944

Dracula's America - Shadows of the West : Forbidden Power
The Salem Sisterhodd of the Church of Dagon are added to the game, stealth rules are included as well as arcane powers, scenarios and a bunch more.

John Wick Press - 7th Sea : Lands of Gold & Fire
All the background, rules and mechanics for the five nations of Ifri. Menden, Mbey, Maghreb, Aksum and Khemet. Visit the golden pyramids, travel the deserts and help decide the future of the lands of Ifri.

Thursday July 26th :
Dude Games - Outlive
2 to 4 players lead their post apocalyptic tribe in the quest to join the global group of survivors with resources and knowledge to survive. Plays in about half an hour per player. Ages 14 and up.

Arc Dream Publishing - Delta Green RPG Slipcase set
Full color copies of Delta Green : Agents Handbook and Delta Green : Handler's Guide in a heavy duty, full color slipcase.

Arc dream Publishing - Delta Green Handler's Guide
360+ page game-moderator-only book with a history of the world from prehuman times to the present day, with campaign tips and adventure seeds on every page. Rules for new threats, scenario guidelines, campaign tips and a a sample scenario.

Restoration Games - Downforce : Danger Circuit Expansion
2 new tracks and 6 new powers for Downforce.

Mercury Games - Container : 10th Anniversary Edition
Build factory and warehouses, move giant container ships between them and your island. Get the most you can for your goods and take advantage of government subsidies to make to most of any one. Included in this special set is The Investment Bank expansion adding new and interesting challenges as well as giant resin ships to move your goods with.  

IDW Games - Edgar Allan Poe's Masque of the Red Death
4-7 players attempt to curry the Prince's favor and try not to be in the room the Red Death will visit. Having the highest social standing is important. Being alive to celebrate it is too.  Ages 14+ plays in about 60-90 minutes.

Pandasaurus Games - Minerva
1-4 players attempt to build the most prosperous city , building facilities, helping tend culture and temples. Use your resources and gold wisely and be sure to leave room for inhabitants. Plays in about 90 minutes.

Red Raven - Near and Far : Amber Mines
This expansion adds the vast underground, new spells, new special powers, updated buildings, 9 new adventures, 13 new threats and a cooperative mode allowing you to play _with_ your friends on a team.

Tuesday July 24th :

Iello Games - Raids

2 to 4 players (ages 10+) Navigate to foreign lands, amass piles of gold, improve their longship, battle terrible monsters and amass glory.  Plays in about 45 minutes

Gotha Games - Tadmor

2-4 players try to expand trade routes, gain political influence, technology and make diplomatic overtures as they fight off marauders and pirates. Be the most prestigious merchant to win.   Ages 14 and up. Plays in 90 to 120 minutes.

Iello Games - The Legend of the Cherry tree that Blossoms every Ten Years
Well, the title is a mouthful. 2 to 4 players work to gather as many of the magical cherry blossoms as they can. Be too greedy and have to contend with the tree looking unfavorably at you. Ages 8+ Takes about 30 minutes to play.

Kosmos - Exit the game : The Sunken Treasure
Difficulty 2 (of 5) escape room game. For 1 to 4 players taking 1 to 2 hours. As you dive a a sinkwreck things go horribly wrong and now you must escape. Can you solve the riddles of the wreck and manage to get out with your life?

Komos - Exit the game : Dead Man on the Orient Express
Difficulty 4 (of 5) escape room game. one murder, eight suspects and an unconscious detective. Can you solve the case with the information gathered before reaching the trains destination?

Stonemier Games - Scythe the Legendary Box
It's a box. A box that holds all your Scythe expansions along with your game. In a handy, Scythe art box.

Asmodee Games - 7 Wonders Cities Anniversary pack : 15 new Cities cards and a rulesheet to celebrate the 7th anniversary

Asmodee Games - 7 Wonders Leaders Anniversary pack : 15 new cards to celebrate the 7th anniversary and add 15 new cards and rules to the Leaders expansion

Evil Hat Productions - Dredsen Files Cooperative Card Game Expansion 4 -
two new character decks - Jared Kincad and Mortimer Lundquist and 2 new book decks - Changes and Ghost Story

Evil Hat Productions - Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game Expansion 5
Two new character decks - Winter Knight Harry and Winter Lady Molly as well as 2 new book decks - Cold Days and Skin Game

New Reaper paints!
Steel Wash - Stone Wash - Sepia Wash (Wash Set II)

Sepia Liner - Green Liner - Red Liner (Liner Set III)
New Copper - Tarnished Copper - Copper Verdigris (Copper Colors Set)
NMM Gold Base - NMM Gold Highlight - NMM Gold Shadow (NMM Gold Set)

Wednesday July 18th :
Well, I'm back from my vacation. Sorry for the lack of warning but it just happened that I couldn't get to the page to edit after I was out of the shop...

There have been a truckload of new things since - so here is a quick rundown.
WizKids games - Batman the Animated Series Heroclix
boosters, starter set (with new rules), dice & token packs are all in.

Wizkids Seal Team Flix - a game of tactical dexterity
load up, move out, break in and flick your way to victory in this dexterity based game

Wizkids Games - Fungeon Party
compete in whacky real world challenges to complete your F(unD)ungoen Quest. Plays quickly (in as little as 3 minutes)  for ages 14+ - 2 to 5 players.

Cubicle Seven - 5e Adventures in Middle Earth : Rivendell Region Guide
144 pages of backgrounds, NPCs, optional rules, beasts, foes and new Hero options
Modiphus Games New Star Trek RPG items
Command Division sourcebook
Beta Quadrant sourcebook
Borg collective miniatures box
Next generation ship tiles.

Devil Pig Games :
Age of Towers (competitive multi-player tower defense game)
Age of Towers : Winx (extra player, extra mini-boss, new events, Quest, trophies)

Boom Studios - Big Trouble in Little China Cooperative boardgame

Daily Magic Games - Sailing Toward Osiris (worker placement in Ancient Egypt)

Dan Verssen Games :
War of the Worlds : England
War of the Worlds : France
War of the Worlds : Japan
War of the Worlds : US East Coast
Four different games - one theme, one player. You play the Human forces, the game the Martians. Each game plays differently as the geography and armed forces are different.
Eggertspiele - Heaven and Ale (compete to brew the monastery's best ale)

Green Ronin Games - Rogues Gallery (M&M villain's databank)

Next Move Games : Azul (tile pattern making game)

Pretzel Games - Flick'em Up : Dead of Winter (zombie dexterity game)

Plan B Games :
Century : Spice Road (market, trade & score game)
Century : Eastern Wonders (design, explore and trade game)
Century : Golem Edition (crystal trade game)

Troll Lord Games - 5 Edition Adventure Archives Vol 1
(6 adventures & Aihrde setting book for Castles & Crusades)

Z-Man Games :
House of Danger (cooperative adventure card game)
Carcassone Expansion 8 : Bridges, Castles and Bazaars
Race to the New Found Land (Explore, claim and profit for 2-4 players)
Dan Verssen Games -
Pavlovís House : Battle for Stalingrad
Play Solitaire, cooperative or competitive in this game of strongpoint defense during the battle for Stalingrad.

Deep Water Games - Sorcerer & Stones (2-4 player [8 and up] game of enlightenment)

Gripping Beast :
Dark Age Plastic Cavalry (12 plastic cavalry)
Late Roman Heavy Cavalry (12 plastic cavalry figures)
Age of Crusades - Saracen 4 point starter army (plastic)  

Fireforge Games :
Large Pavese (6 each of 2 different styles)
Florentine Paveses (12)
Hospitalier Shields (3 each of 4 different styles)
Pavese Shields (6 each of 2 different styles)
Halberds Type 1 (24 rounded bladed plastic halberds)
Halberds Type 2 (24 triangular bladed plastic halberds)
Bardics (6 each - 4 styles of plastic bardics)
Unbarded Steppe ponies (3 plastic ponies)

Warlord Games plastic kits for :
Saxon Ceorls, Viking Bondi and Viking Hirmen. Great for Hail Caesar, Swordpoint, SAGA or other 28mm games.

Wizkids Games - Spy Tricks (3-4 player trick taking spy-themed game)

Fantasy Flight Games :
Star Wars Legion : Priority Supplies Battlefield Expansion (12 minis, cards & rules)

Star Wars 30th Anniversary reprint
The original West End D6 system, published originally in 1987. The core game Star Wars Roleplaying Game and the Star Wars Sourcebook in a colorful slipcase.

Legend of the Five Rings - The Fires Within Dynasty Pack

Forbidden Games - Victory & Glory : Napoleon
2 player game of the Napoleonic Wars.  Balance economy, military force, politics and leadership to defeat your enemy.

Mantic Games - Terrain Crate!
Unpainted plastic terrain for your collection. Come in massive collections or smaller specific sets.  Dungeon Depths, Town Scenery, Dark Lordís Tower, Battlefield
Treasury (22 pcs), Dungeon Debris (24 pcs), Torture Chamber (21 pcs), Dungeon Essentials (32 pcs), Wizards Study (20 pcs), Dungeon Traps (7 pcs), Kingís Coffers (6 pcs), Dragonís Hoard (5 pcs).

Battlefront Games :
Fate of a Nation (Arab / Israeli miniature wargame rules)
Syrian T-54s, Israeli Magach 6s, Jordanian Centurions, Egyptian T-62s unit box sets

Corvus Belli Infinity items :
Combined Army - Kurgats w/boarding shotgun
Ariadna - Veteran Kazaks
Ariadna - 3rd Highlander Grey Rifles
Ariadna - Caledonian Mormaers
Haqqislam - Hassassin Ragiks
Haqqislam - Special Medical Assistance Group box set
Yu Jing - Keisotsu Butai box set

Green Ronin - Shadow of the Demon Lord books
Demon Lords Companion 2 (new Ancestries, themes, paths, magic & more)
The Queen of Gold : Tales of the Pirate Isles (11 adventures in 1 book)
Beyond the Worlds Edge (campaign sourcebook/world setting)

Open D6 - Summerland RPG (revised & expanded edition)
Azure Keep - RUMA : Dawn of Empire RPG (Ancient Rome setting RPG)
Open D6 - Exlilium (sci-fi RPG of exile & redemption)

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