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  New Releases
This page lists all new product as well as important restocks. If you don't see your game on the list, email or call us and we'll let you know the status of that game. 
Monday November 12th :
Z-Man Games - Condottierre
the remastered version of the Fantasy Flight classic boardgame. 2 to 6 players vie for control of Italy during the Renaissance era leading a band of Condottierre. Attacks are plotted on the map. When brought to battle players use cards representing attacks and defense (as well as special actions) in back and forth play to secure the area. Once a single player controls enough of the map the game ends. This new version includes 2 player rules, new art and more. Ages 10+ Plays in under an hour.

Ludonaute Games - Colt Express - new characters
6 new characters for Colt Express. Ghost, Belle, Django, Doc, Tuco and Cheyenne. Each character comes in it's own pack and has it's own story. Lots of new game play options for Colt Express.

Compass Games - Lebensraum : War for Europe 1941-45
Grand Strategic, moderate complexity game of the war between Nazi Germany and the Allied nations. Gameplay starts with the Nazi invasion of Soviet Russia and continues through the fall of Berlin. Units are Army groups, hexes are about 50 miles and turns are quarterly. There are both Eastern and Western Front scenarios ranging from 3 to 13 turns as well as a combined campaign using both. Play time ranges from 3 hours for short scenarios to about 16 hours for the campaign.

Devil Pig Games - Heroes of Black Reach : Ork Reinforcements
Zanzag's success adds more Boyz to his Waaaagh. This set includes 2 new scenarios, command options, new units, new equipment and lots of Orky goodness into HoBR.

Devil Pig Games - Heroes of Black Reach : Ultramarine Reinforcements
Captian Sicarius has called for reinforcements - and his chapter has provided. 2 new scenarios, new units, vehicles, equipment, command options and more.

Devil Pig Games - Heroes of Black Reach
Command detachments of heroic Space Marines or warbands of ferocious Orks in a no-holds-barred fight for control of Black Reach.  Command infantry, vehicles and psychic powers as you confront the enemy. Includes scads of heavy duty, full color, cardstock counters, maps and rules. Uses the Heroes System from Heroes of Normandie.

Steve Jackson Games - Blob Lobber
2-4 players fling cards at each other in this card based game of enemy destroying, blob lobbing fun. Ages 6 and up. Plays in about 20 minutes.

Fantasy Flight games - Star Wars : Dawn of Rebellion
Adventure in the era of Rogue One movie and the Rebels series. Expanded character options include more species and backgrounds. There are gazetteers for the Death Star, Atollon, Dathomir, Jedha and other important locations as well as new equipment, vehicles, GM tips and prominent NPCs. Tons of SW RPG information.

Ganesha Games - Four Against the Netherworld
a new Four Against Darkness supplement with new classes, an economic systems, hex based exploration, new spells, new reactions, encounters and events and much more. Add so much more to your 4AD game for level 6-9 characters.

Renegade Games - Arboretum is back in stock!

Evil Hat Productions - Improv for Gamers
Want ideas on how to better roleplay? Encourage spontaneous creativity in the group? create dynamic and compelling characters? This book gives you lots of help getting these things into your groups arsenal. 100+ pages of fun and advice.
Fat Goblin Games - Gamemaster's Monster Memoir
a tome of forms and tables to help you document the monsters and creatures in your camapign world. Legendary Monsters, common encounters, collections and lairs. All in a single handy book.

Fat Goblin Games - Gamemaster's Adventure Planner
Whole bunches of forms and tables to help you create and document your adventure ideas. Maps, NPCs, events, encounters and more. All the paperwork that might well be handy in a single book.

Wizards of the Coast - new D&D 5e items
Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica Dice Set - 10 poly dice and a Guild Die in a box set
Waterdeep Dragonheist Dice Set - 12 dice and a hit point tracker. All in a box set

D&D Monster Cards - Challenge Rating 0-5 - 117 cards with full color artwork on one side and game statistics on the other.

D&D Monster Cards - Challenge Rating 6-16 - 74 full color cards with creature artwork on one side and game statistics on the other. A handy resource for DMs.

Wizards of the Coast - Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica
A sourcebook detailing the world of Ravnica, it's ten guilds and the Guildpact. CVharacter Creation (and it's unique changes, the Guilds, adventure ideas, treasures, NPCs and more are all detailed in this 250+ page full color book.

Guild Master's Guide to Ravnica Maps and Miscellany Set -
20 sheets designed to be used with dry erase markers including 7 double sided full color maps of the 10th District, 11 single sided adventure encounter maps, and 2 sheets (18 cards) with character illustrations and guild charms.

Wizards of the Coast D&D : Waterdeep - Dungeon of the Mad Mage
Designed for characters levels 5-20 this adventure picks up where Waterdeep : Dragonheist leaves off. 23 levels of Undermountian - all detailed within the book as well as Skullport, new creatures, amazing treasures and hours of adventure.

Wizards of the Coast : Waterdeep - Dungeon of the Mad MageMaps & Miscellany
23 maps of Undermountian, 3 maps of Skullport, 18 Secret Cards and 9 Elder Rune cards. All designed for use with dry erase markers.

Defiant Games -Hand of Fate : Ordeals
an adventure card game for 1 to 4 players. Can be played cooperatively or competitively. Gather skills, equipment and relics, defeat horrid foes and amass glory and defeat the Royals.

Multiman Publishing - Hatten in Flames
Advanced Squad Leader expansion set in Alsace France, January of 1945. Includes 8 scenarios and 2 campaigns recounting the first 5 days of fighting.   
Gale Force Nine - resin collectors minis
Force Grey - 5 characters - Arkhan the Cruel (Dragonborn Paladin), Jamilah (human barbarian), Hitch (human ranger/rogue), Calliope (elven bard) and Tyril Tallguy.

Gale Force Nine - single character resin figure - Vajra Safahr (human wizard)
Gale Force Nine - single character resin figure - Manshoon (human wizard)
Gale Force Nine - single character resin figure - Laeral Silverhand (human wizard)

Fantasy Flight Games - Star Wars Destiny : Across the Galaxy
Booster packs and display boxes are here!

Friday November 2nd  :
Geek Tank Games - Tabletop Token
Plastic full color 2d tokens to add to your RPG battlemaps.
Castle Furnishings : beds, tables, benches, doors, barrels, rugs and more. Over 50 unique, hand drawn art.

Castle Siege Set - over 30 unique trebuchets, cannons, ladders, catapults, ballistas and more. Full color, and durable.

Camping Set - Tents, Campfires, Bed rolls, Trees, Rocks and more. Over 50 unique items on durale plastic in full color. Adds lots to those outdoor encounters.

Scale75 - We got a restock of box sets and individual metallic and ink colors in as well as all the Game/Fantasy colors! And...

Scale 75 - Smog Rider Starter Set - 11 paints, mini, brush, sandpaper (for the mini) and a guide to painting the figure. When it's all said and done, a decent guide to painting and a finish mini for Smog Riders.

Scale 75 - Smog Riders - Dimensions of Madness
2 to 4 player game  of combat and adventures in the Stygian Dimension. Rules, 18 minis, dice, cards and double sided boards.
Battlefront Games - new Team Yankee items
Czechoslovak People's Army - book and cards for TY
Polish People's Army - book and cards for TY
East German Decals - 4 sheets in a blister pack
Czechoslovak Army - 4 sheets in a blister pack
Polish Army - 4 sheets in a blister pack
Team Yankee - OT-64 Transport Platoon
Team Yankee - RM-70 Rocket Launcher Platoon
Team Yankee - DANA SP 152mm Battery

WizKids Games - new Nolzurs DRAGONS
Gargantuan White Dragon, Gargantuan Red Dragon and Gargantuan Green Dragon - all in stock.

Pazio Publishing - Pathfinder Advanced Race Guide (Pocket Edition)

Q Workshop - Runequest Dice Set
Q Workshop - Hit Location Die - oversized d12 with various pictogram locations. Comes in black, white, ivory, green, blue.
Q Workshop Viking Dice - 7 die polyhedral Set ivory with burgundy scrollwork
Q Workshop Classic Dice Set - 7 die polyherdal sets - Ivory with burgundy ink or purple with yellow ink. 

John Wick presents - Sweet Jenny
2 to 6 player card game of bluffing, bidding, strategy and luck set in the 7th Sea roleplaying Game Universe.

Fantasy Flight Games - Game of Thrones Chapter Pack : Daggers in the Dark

Steve Jackson Games - Munchkin 9 : Jurassic Snark (new dinosaur themed expansion)

Brain Games - Ice Cool 2
2 to 4 player game (for ages 6 and up) of dexterity action. Flick your penguins around the rink to capture fish.  Catch rascals, win races and more. Can be combines with Ice Cool to double the number of players. 

Cryptozoic Games - DC Rivals - Deck Building 2 player game
Green Lantern vs Sinestro. Adds construct cards , expands on the Batman vs Joker confrontation rules and is compatible with Cerberus Heroes deck building games.

Plaid Hat Games - new Ashes expansion packs
Ghost Guardian expansion pack
King of the Titans expansion pack

Victory Point Games - Twilight of the Gods : Age of Revelation
2-4 player card game where players take on the role of deities and do battle against each other.  Ages 13 and up. plays in half an hour.

Green Ronin Games - Modern Age GM Kit
includes 3 hardback panels, 5 quick reference cards, a combat tracker and scads of GM information to help run the game.

Dan Verssen Games - Corsair Leader
a new solitaire game putting you in command of a US Navy or Marine squadron in the Pacific during World War 2. Includes 13 different campaigns with several special campaigns that can change history. Defend Wake, Pearl Harbor, play as Black Sheep Squadron and more. Use aircraft ranging from then F2A Buffalo to Corsairs, Hellcats, Vindicators, Lightnings, Mitchells and more. You can play cooperatively with other players as well. Plays entirely against the game so play at your own pace. Everything you need to play included.

Fantasy Flight Games - Arkham Horror board game 2nd edition
This 1 to 6 player game pits the players against the minions of the Elder Gods in a fight for survival. This cooperative game has been reworked to play quicker and be easier for players to pick up. Takes 2-3 hours to play. Ages 14 and up. 

Friday October 25th :
Z-Man Games - Anchors Aweigh!
Load up your ship, embark on an adventure of exploration. Discover new lands, trade and avoid pirates. Bring home treasure and score better than your opponents. For ages 8 and up. plays in half an hour with 2 to 4 players.

Fantasy Flight Games - new Legion units

Fallout : Please Stand By Game Mat -
a 3x3 game mat designed to upgrade your Fallout : The Board Game experience.

Metallic Dice Company - Fold Up Dice Trays
These leatherette trays are 7" square, fold and snap into place with 1 3/4" sides and a soft, velvet-esqe interior i several different colors. Unfolds flat to make transport easy.

AAW Games - Heir and Back Again. a 5e compatible adventure for up to 4 players
As an homage to the 80's graphic adventure games, Heir and Back Again comes with 4 pregenerated characters, 21 unique adventure locations, information for a DM that wishes to carry the adventuring on past the book, a dastardly villain and much more. Can Joylene and her companions find her father and solve the mystery before it's too late?

Goodman Games - DCC 2018 Halloween module (for level 2 characters)
a story of Gothic Horror pitting the party against the monstrosities of an ancient madman. Can you and your party survive the creatures spawned in the horrifying laboratory?

Miniature Wargames # 427 - Reviews, show reports from Colours & Skirmish, the Terminator miniatures game, building a 28mm gatehouse, French & Indian wargame rules and more.

Medieval Warfare Issue 8/4 (Sept/Oct 2018) - Sverrir Sigurdsoson & his Saga
Batytle of Fimreite, Norse Myth, Abbasid Armies, Warfare during the Black Death, Ottoman seige of Scutari, Birkebeiner vs Bagler and more.

Gale Force Nine - Tanks : Modern Age
M1 vs T-64. 3 tanks, game cards, tokens, rules, rulers and more. Want to play a fast & furious engagement and still have time for a rematch? Tanks the Modern Age gives you that chance. Fight platoon engagements in the 80s.
Tanks - individual tanks - Soviet T-64, US M-1, West German Leopard 2, British Chieftain tank add ons. Each with a mini and the needed game cards.

Reaper Miniatures - Bones MSP paint sets
Each has six different colors - designed to complement the Bones MSP line.
Vampiric Mist, Succubus Kiss, Eldritch Purple, Cursed Gold, Skeleton Key and Dungeon Grey is in one set. Troll Hide, Orc Skin, Goblin Skin, Kobold Scale, Ogre Skin and Gnoll Pelt are the second set.

Corvus Belli - new Infinity releases
Yu Jing Celestial Guard boxed set
Ariadna Streloks K9 Kazaks Recon unit boxed set
Panoceaniae Christi Militum Ordo 300 point pack set (10 figures)

Cool Mini or Not - Song of Ice & Fire minis game unit expansions
Lannister Pyromancers (12 minis, movement tray and game cards)
The Mountian's Men (12 minis, movement tray and game cards)
Bolton Flayed Men (4 mounted minis, movement tray and game cards)
Bolton Cuthtroats (12 men, captain, movement tray and game cards)
Bolton Bastard's Girls (4 men and 4 dogs, game cards and movement tray) 
Umber Berserkers (champion and 12 men, movement tray and game cards)
Kolossal Games - Western Legends
An open world tabletop adventure games for 2-6 players. Assume the role of historical figures, gamble, prospect, ride, rob, gunfight and do what you will in the Old West. Designed for ages 14 and up. Plays in a couple of hours.

Kolossal Games - Western Legends : A Fistful of Extras
new characters, new story cards, minis, bandit cards and even more fun

Kolossal Games - Western Legends : The Good, The Bad and the Handsome
new Character cards, Goal cards, Story cards and items along with lots more.

Starling Games - Everdell
1 to 4 players try to build a civilization in the forest of critters that will thrive and prosper. Can you manage your workers and resources the best before the Winter Moon? Ages 13 and up. Plays in 45 minutes to an hour and a half.

Wizards of the Coast/Random House - Dungeons & Dragons - Art & Arcana
available as a single volume with scads of art and articles about D&D from it's infancy to the present day or as a deluxe set with the book, slipcase, 10 poster sized art prints and a special unreleased copy of Tomb of Horrors.

Wizards of the Coast - Axis & Allies & Zombies
It's 1941 and the world is at war. Then, the zombie plague hits and the dead walk again. The classic game now adds a new twist - zombies and zombie-centric technology. Do you build battle tanks or chainsaw tanks? Make attacks to lure zombies into your enemies lands or retreat before the hordes are reinforced with your casualties and shamble toward your capital? Plays in 2 to 3 hours. Ages 12 and up.

Ares Games - Swords & Sorcery : Darkness Falls
an campaign expansion for heroes of soul rank 4 to 6. Skeletons, vampires and werewolves terrorize the lands and the cemeteries gates are flung open as hordes of undead walk the lands. New powers, treasures and challenges await you. New enemies, master enemies, modular boards, traps, treasures, and more. Werewolf and Vampire become playable characters and a new story-driven campaign is featured here as well. For 1 to 5 players, ages 13 and up. Plays in about half an hour per player. 23 new figures are featured in this expansion too!
Wednesday October 24th :
Battlefront Miniatures - New Flames of War releases
15cm Nebelwefer Battery boxed set
Assault Pioneer Platoon
Panzer Grenadier platoon
Grenadier Platoon
8cm Mortar Platoon

Gale Force Nine Releases
New TANKS! miniatures -
Lend/Lease Churchill, Lend/Lease Valentine and Lend/Lease M3S Lee are in.

Wizkids/Paizo Publishing - Pathfinder Kingmaker story arc miniature releases
Trolls, Spriggans, the Stag Lord, Bat Swarms, Onis, Oni Mages, Shadow Rogues and more. Each box has a random selection of four minis. We also have the Earth Elemental and Water Elemental figures for folks purchasing cases of minis.

Wizkids/Wizards of the Coast - Nolzurs Marvelous Miniatures Wave Six -
Spell Effects - Arcane & Divine (prepainted)
Spell Effects - Wall of Fire & Ice (prepainted)
Aasimar Fighter - Male & Female
Gnome Wizard - Male & Female
Elf Fighter - Male & Female
Halfling Figher - male & Female
Teifling Warlock - Male & Female
Male Human Druid and Male Dwarf Barbarian

Some new creatures
Nameless one, Death Knight & Helmed Horror, Flesh Golem, Gelatious Cube, Green Hag & Night Hag, Shambling Mound, Panther & Leopard, Myconid Adults and the Monodrone & Doudrone.

New Oversized miniatures too -
Fomorian, Adult Remorhaz, T-Rex and Frost Giant. 

And Deep Cut  Pathfinder minis too
Male Halfing Rogue and Female Gnome Rogue
Male & Female Elf Fighters
Male & Female Human Wizards
Male & Female Human Barbarians
Female Knights / Gray Maidens

And Pathfinder Creatures
Liches, Flying Ray

Along with some scenics as well.
Torture Rack, Cages & Chain Piles, Executioner & Chopping Block, Pile of Bones & Entrails and Torture Cross & Assistant, Stocks and Iron Maiden.
But Wait... there is more!
Starfinder miniatures - Corsope Fleet ship collection, Pact Worlds ship collection, Iconic Heroes I (4 figures) and Iconic Heroes 2 (5 figures)
Renegade Games - Kids on Bikes new releases
Kids on Bikes Dice Set -
extra sized dice in the Orange color scheme for your KoB RPG.

Kids on Bikes Powered Character Cards
100 cars outlining rules and abilities to help make your KoB RPG run smoothly.

Overlight Game master Screen and Skyborn Order & it's Enemies
Includes a heavy duty four panel screen, source material on the Skyborn, major conclaves, NPCs, adversaries and more.

Pandasaurus Games -Qwinto
A fast paced dice game for 2 to 6 players. A player rolls, everyone takes their turn. Fill your rows as quick and clever as you can, get the most bonus points and score big. Plays in about 15-20 minutes. Ages 8 and up.

Pandasaurus games - Illusion
Perception is everything is this card based game where players try to separate illusion from reality and keep from being fooled. 2 to 5 players, ages 8 and up. Plays in 15 to 20 minutes.

Z-Man Games - Mesozooic
2 to 6 players attempt to create a dinosaur filled zoo and get visitors to flock to your place. Ages 8 and up. Plays in around 20 minutes.

Cool Mini or Not - Blue Moon City
2 to 4 players attempt to rebuild  the cities buildings. Collect cards, tokens, crystals and make offerings to garner the favor of the dragons. Gain the most to become leader of Blue Moon City. Ages 14 and up. Plays in under an hour.

Osprey Publishing - Wildlands
2 to 4 players search the Wildlands for crystals, attempting to scavenge the fuel of the old cities, avoid magics and deal with hostile factions trying to seize the shards for themselves. This card game has unique decks for each faction, a double sided board and 20 detailed miniatures.  For ages 14 and up.

Stronghold games - Calimala
A worker placement game set in Florence  during the Late Middle Ages. Place your workers, await their promotion and score as they carry out jobs on your behalf. Try to become head of the Guild while producing cloth, gaining trade, building structures and sponsoring art. 3 to 5 players, ages 10 and up. Plays in about an hour and a half.

Flying Frog Games - Forbidden Fortress
A fast paced, cooperative dungeon crawling game set in Feudal Japan. Form a party of heroes based on archetypes, explore fortresses, overcome dangerous foes and even travel to other worlds. a Campaign system helps characters improve as you continue playing the game. Includes 27 detailed miniatures, cardstock tiles, cards, rules and much more.
Friday October 19th :
Catalyst Game Labs - Shadowrun Crossfire Prime Runner Edition
a Shadowrun deck building game with fast, cooperative play.  Your characters get stronger as the game progresses and later missions become even more interesting.  This revised edition adds upgrades making the game even better with more missions, improved character screens and improved rules.

Catalyst Game Labs - Crossfire Prime Runners Edition Refit Kit
Includes everything you need to get your original Crossfire game to the second edition. New screens, rules, tokens, cards, clips and more.

Catalyst game labs - Dragonfire Campaign Box : Moonshae Storms
The first campaign box for the Dragonfire game. Building off the Ancient Evils Arises story from the base game, this quest takes you to new lands in your quest to quell an uprising of lycanthropes and Fomorians.  Encounter, market,magic item cards, character screens, stickers, rules and more.

Osprey Publishing

Air Campaign # 7 - Sink the Tirpitz : RAF vs German Battleship

Duel # 89 - B-52 Stratofortress vs SA-2 Guideline SAM - Vietnam 1972/73

Combat # 37 - Chinese vs Japanese Soldier : China 1937/38

New Vanguard # 263 - Dutch Navies of the 80 Years War 1568-1648

Duel # 88 - German Destroyer vs British Destroyer Narvik 1940

New Vanguard # 262 - British Ironclads 1860-1875

Elite # 224 - Israeli Paratroopers 1954-2016

Plaid Hat Games  - Guardians

Either 2 or 4 players battle in this fast, furious combat with super powered mayhem. Designed for ages 14 and up. Plays within 45 minutes. Battle for justice in the future dealing with InterGov, renegades, enemy super teams and more. Draft your team of super powered combatants and take on your opponent to control critical locations. Play the base game and get new Guardians products in the future to ratchet up the excitement.

Smirk & Dagger Games - Koi

1 to 4 players play cards to move about the pond attempting to get food, avoid environmental hazards and thrive. Plays within 60 minutes.

Two Gether Studios - Phoenix Dawn Command

As a hero reborn your goal is to defeat the Dread. This card driven system puts your characters skills and strengths front and center with an intuitive system appropriate for the beginning gamer or role playing pro. The GM needs only a minimal amount of prep with collaborative storytelling being the games focus. Includes a seven mission story arc, easy creation of your own stories, cards, rulebook and token.

WizKids Games - new Heroclix

The Runaways Fast Forces Set

Secret Wars Battleworld boosters are in featuring Thor Corp, Spider Island, Weirdworld, Secret Wars, Avengers 1,000,000 BC and 1872 figures.

Spider Island Dice & Token set is here too!

Fantasy Flight Games - new LCG expansions

Arkham Horror - The Depths of Yoth (Pack 5 of Forgotten Age Campaign)

Lord of the Rings - Roam Across Rhovanion (new scenario for the Ered Mithrin story arc)

IDW Games - Batman Animated Series : Gotham Under Siege

A cooperative game for 1-5 players where Batman and other heroes attempt to save Gotham City from a host of infamous villains. Designed for ages 14 and up. Plays within an hour.

Q-Workshop - D12 Hit Location Die

An oversized d12 with different body locations represented on each face. A great add-on for your favorite game.

Wizards of the Coast - D&D 5e Magic Item Cards

A deck of 292 cards representing magical weapons, armor and other items. Each has full color artwork on one side and game statistics on the other.

USAopoly - Harry Potter Codenames

2 or more players attempt to give uncover members of the Order of the Phoenix while avoiding Ministry officials and Death Eaters. Give clues to get the cards you need uncovered before time runs out. AGes 11 and up. Plays in 15 minutes or so.

Hurrican Games - Kero

June 2471 - Kerosene (Kero) is a scarce commodity. Explore the New Territories with your tankers, beware members of the opposing tribe trying to take over the same lands. There are friendly natives, but you never know when that bit of Kero you have sloshing in your tank might be the last drops you’ll ever see… Plays in about 30 minutes. Ages 9+

Playroom Games - Geek Out : Big Bang Theory

Roll the die, note the current topic, bid on your ability to answer the questions and see if you can out-geek your friends. 2 or more players, plays in about 30 minutes.

Space Cowboys - Orbis

2 to 4 players attempt to gather realms together seeded with worshippers. Try to incarnate the best deity with your imagined universe. Play tiles, link realms and let the games begin. Plays in about 45 minutes. Ages 10 and up recommended.

Gamewright Games - Forbidden Skies

Soar to the heights in this cooperative game where players are attempting to complete a circuit to launch their rocketship. Beware lightning strikes, high winds and other hazards. Ages 10 and up for 2 to 5 players. Takes about an hour to play.

Monte Cook Games - Numenera Discovery & Destiny Books

Now available outside the slipcase - these two core books are available now!

Monte Cook Games - Numenera Building Tomorrow

Includes 300 new items to discover or craft, new challenges, gameplay options, vehicles and whole bunches more. All in a handy full color hardbound book.

Quick Simple Fun Games - Muse : Awakenings

2 to 12 players give cryptic clues and surreal imagery to guide your forward. Can be added to the Muse game for additional fun. Challenge your creativity and fun.Ages 10 and yup. Plays within 30 minutes.

White Wizard Games - Star Realms Frontiers

A complete 1 to 4 player game where the Star Realms have expanded further. New Warpgate technology has opened new areas. Combining the fun of deckbuilding and the excitement of collectible card game combat ships and bases generate effects which help trade and combat. Attack and reduce your opponents bases to win. Includes an all new 80 card trade deck, 8 oversized coop / solo play challenge cards.

Lookout games - Isle of Skye : Druids

Can be used with the core Isle of Skye game or with the Journeyman expansion as well. Win the Druids to your cause, gain powerful allies and harness the power of the mystic in your quest to dominate the island. Includes a Dolmen board, Druid tiles, markers, coins, rules and even more fun.

GMT Games - new expansions

Ariovistus - expansion for Falling Skies : The Revolt Against Caesar

Cuba Libre / A Distant Plain Third Printing updates and non-player rules

Labyrinth : The Awakening 2010-? Labyrinth expansion set

Bezier games - Whistle Stop - Rocky Mountains Expansion

Expands the game with 3d mountains to challenge your west coast aspirations. 21 new tiles, 9 new upgrades -  all set to add new choices and obstacles to your Whistle Stop game.

Stonemeir/Bezier Games - Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig

This tile drafting game challenges you to help design castles with your neighbors. Your score is based on the those two castles (not your own). There are 2 player variant rules included as well. Recommended for 3 to 7 players, ages 10 and up. Takes about an hour to play.

Privateer Press - new Warchine Miniatures

32134 - Protectorate of menoth : Hand of Silence

37012 - Aurum Legate Lukas di Morray : Llaelese Warcaster

37023 - Rocketman Ace : Crucible Guard Solo

37004 - Crucible Guard Infantry Unit boxed set

Greater Than Games - new Sentinels of the Multiverse expansion

Ultimate Collectors Case - with a myriad of drawers, heavy duty dividers and a promo card!

Stuntman mini-expansion set - formerly Ambuscade, now the hero Stuntman - fighting to keep the world from Oblivaeon.

RevoCorp presents Benchmark! - A new hero, built by RevoCorp to help save the day. This mini expansion set present new abilities and challenges in the game.

Void Guard hero team mini-expansion - Four new heroes (Doctor Medico, Mainstay, The Idealist and Writhe) are all heroes who embraced the Oblivion Shards and now try to hold back the Void… before it encompasses all. 164 card expansion.

5th Anniversary Foil Villain Card Collection
complete set of every villain character featuring awesome foil art. Every one. Base game, expansions, mini expansions, variant, Vengeance, Villains of the Multiverse and Oblivaeon too! Comes in a handy, heavy duty storage box with magnetic closure.

Pazio Publishing - new Pathfinder and Starfinder releases
Flipmat Classics - Ancient Dungeon
Flipmat - Bigger Sewer
Flip-Tiles - Forest perils Expansion Set

Pathfinder Campaign Setting - Sandpoint : Light of the Lost Coast
a 96 page campaign setting book detailing the city, a double sided pull out poster map as well as NPCs, quests and more.

Pathfinder Adventure Path : Rune Plague : Return of the Rune Lords pt 3

Star Finder - Alien Archive 2
over 100 life forms, a dozen races, alien technology, new rules for magical polymorphing , environmental templates and more.

Starfinder - The Rune Drive Gambit - Against the Aeon Throne - final chapter

Modiphius - Star Trek Adventures : The Operations Division
detailed descriptions of the operations Division, plot components, equipment, talents and focus Security & Engineering NPCs, Red Alert miniature rules and a campaign, character creation options and bunches more.

Catalyst Game Labs - Shadowrun Kill Code
New advanced rules for the Matrix. You want more for hackers to do? Here you go. 180+ pages of information, all in a hardbound color book.

Shadowrun Fifth Edition Game Master Screen

Chaosium Inc - Runequest
400+ pages of Runequest, Glorantha, character creation, Background, fast paced combat, character improvement, rune magic, sorcery, spirit magic and ever so much more. Latest version of the classic role playing game from Greg Stafford.

Friday October 12th :
It's Friday and it's Auction Giveback time.
So, in the interest of getting things back to folks and focusing on that - only a quick list of this weekends new releases I'm afraid.

Fantasy Flight Games - new Legend of the Five Rings items
Underhand of the Emperor - L5R LCG Scorpion Clan expansion
Whispers of Shadow & Steel - L5R LCG novel & promo cards

Legend of the Five Rings RPG Core book
Legend of the Five Ring RPG Game Master Kit
Legend of the Five Rings RPG Dice Sets

Arc Dream Publishing - Delta Green : The Last Equation - scenario pack

Tui-Meme Games - Snow Time 3-5 player snowball fight & fruit gathering game

Artist Opus - Artist Opus Brush & Brush Soap Set are in.
Iello Games - King of New York / King of Tokyo : Anubis Monster Pack

Greater Than Games - Sentinels of the Universe Card Game Expansion : Oblivaeon

Greenbeir Games - Folklore the Affliction boardgame
1-5 player game of fantasy quests of hunting evil
Wednesday October 9th :
Gamelyn Games - Tiny Epic Zombies
Play as survivors, zombies, teams, against the game, against each other or any of the 5 modes in the game. Complete objectives, gather loot to equip your meeple and try to get out of the mall before it's overrun with Zombies. Ages 14+ Plays within an hour.

Renegade Games - Clank! Expeditions : Gold and Silk
This expansion gets you Plunder! Explore abandoned mines, defeat the monsters that infest it and move on to the Spider Queens Lair... if you dare.
Cool Mini or Not - Song of Ice & Fire Miniatures Game Expansions
Knights of Casterly Rock (4 House Lannister Knights & game cards)
Lannister Crossbowmen (12 foot miniatures & game cards)
Lannister Guardsmen (13 foot miniatures & game cards)
Lannister Heroes (5 Lannister & allied personality minis and game cards)
Tully Sword Shields (12 foot miniatures & game cards)
Stark Bowmen (12 foot miniatures & game cards)
Stark Sword Shields (13 foot miniatures and game cards)
Stark Heroes I (6 Stark and allied personalities and game cards)

Upper Deck - Legendary Encounters : X-Files
A cooperative card game where you work to uncover conspiracy and solve mysteries. Deal with malevolent agents, paranormal entities while recruiting allies and finding leads. For 1 to 5 players. Takes 30 to 60 minutes to play. Inlcudes cards, rules, heavy duty playmat and divider cards.

Compass Games - Nightfighter Ace
Designed as a solitaire game, but playable with more this game puts you in the cockpit of German nightfighters attempting to down British bombers in the sky. Build up your pilot's prestige and skill as the game progresses. Includes 32 different nightfighter planes, historical background, rules, cards, dice and more. Takes 2 to 3 hours to play a full campaign.

Starling Games - Archmage
A hybrid euro-thematic boardgame with exploration, resource management, area control and a customizable spell system. Explore the land, recover relics, meet mythical races, gather followers, train apprentices, build and lead your order of mages in a quest to become the Archmage. For 1 to 4 players, ages 14+ Plays in 1 - 2 hours

Steve Jackson Games - Munchkin Red Dragon Inn
a 29 card expansion adding many items and personalities from the popular Red Dragon Inn game series to Munchkin.

Exploding Kittens - Streaking Kittens : Exploding Kittens Expansion
more cards, more fun and more chaos. From the Catomic Bomb to cards that let you swap the top & bottom cards of the deck it's all new Kitten Fun!
Tuesday October 9th :
And we are back. Mostly. Still have auction lots to finish dealing with, but life is slowly getting back to normal. And as such...

Privateer Press - New Monstyerpacalypse items :
Protectors Unit Blister - Rocket Choppers (5 units)
Protectors Unit Blister - G Tanks (4) & Repair Truck
Destroyers Unit Blister - Belchers (4) & Crawler
Destroyers Unit Blister - Chompers (3) Explodohawk & Destructomite

Renegade Games - Outbreak : Undead Survivors Guide
This second edition of Outbreak : Undead puts you, the survivors in a world where society is shattered, humanity turns on itself and every day is a fight to survive. The Survivors Guide gives you all the essentials you need to start a campaign. Three levels of rules help you tailor the game to your preferred pay style and desired complexity. 240 full color hard bound pages of apocalyptic roleplaying.

Rio Grande Games - Northern Pacific
2 to 6 players ages 14 and up. Invest in rail towns and try to put your money into those who will benefit the most from the coming rail expansion in 1870. Game plays in about an hour. 

Osprey Games - Cryptid
In this game of deduction & misdirection players are cryptozoologists attempting to locate a suspected creature, the Cryptid. Use clues to home in on the Cryptid, try to throw others off the track and be the first one to locate the critter. Ages 10 and up0. 3 to 5 players. 30-60 minutes play time based on total number of players.

Decision Games - Modern War #38 (Nov/Dec 2018) - Soyuz '81
The issue game is Soyuz '81, the plan to invade Poland, articles include the liberation of Kuwait 1991, Hama uprising in Syria 1982, Russian Naval Renaissance along with many regular features.

Passport Games -m Snow White & the 7 Dwarves : A Gemstone Mining Game
3 to 7 players try to mine gems, buy pies and avoid the dangers of the mine. Get the most Pie Points by games end to win! For ages 8 and up. Plays within an hour.

Forbidden Games - Railway Rivals
A game for 1 to 5 players (ages 8 and up) to compete in creating railways, buying stock and attempting to make the most on their investments. Mechanics are easy to digest and game play interesting enough for the whole family. Plays in an hour.

Arcane Wonders - Critical Mass
as a 'Mech pilot you attack your opponent, defend against his attacks and use special action and upgrades to improve your chances of winning. This fast paced card game can be played in about a half hour. Designed for 2 players ages 14 and up.

Wizkids Games - Star Trek Attack Wing - Mirror Universe : The Kelvin Timeline
Includes two Federation and two Klingon prepainted cruisers, rules, cards and tokens to play battles between those ships and others from the Star Trek Attack Wing game.
Friday October 5th :
CMON - Kick-Ass boardgame
a cooperative boardgame for 1 to 4 players. Work to defeat the evil organization while keeping your everyday life in balance with your crime fighting activities. Ages 18 and up. Plays in an hour to an hour and a half depending on number of players.

Monte Cook Games - Numenera : Discovery & Destiny Slipcase Set
The core rulebooks, two giant poster maps, handout, game aids and a bit more make up this new set that starts you into the world of Numenera.

Privateer Press - new Monsterpocalypse Miniature Game
Two boxed sets to start you off in this rereleased game. The DESTROYERS Set with Gorghadra and some monstrous minions and the PROTECTORS with Defender X and some human vehicles. Each set comes with dice, rules, play mats and buildings.

Corvus Belli - new Infinity miniatures
Aleph Rebots boxed set, Nomads : The Hollow Men Boxed Set, Ariadna Kazak Spetsnazs boxed set, Combined Army Rasyat Diplomatic Division, PanOceana Jeanne D'Arc 2.0 Mobility armor, Cube Jagers Mercenary Recoverers blister packs.

Classified Objects Deck for the ITS rules are in too!

Otherwise - enjoy your weekend and hope to see you at the auction.

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