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This page lists all new product as well as important restocks. If you don't see your game on the list, email or call us and we'll let you know the status of that game. 
Friday December 28th :

PSC Games - Quartermaster General Cold War

3-6 players depict a struggle between  the Soviet Bloc, the West and the unaligned countries. You play a bloc of nations with their own goals, try to deal with the Cold War and beware of the Cold War turning hot as tensions rise causing WMDs to be used. Ages 14 and up. Plays in around 2-3 hours.

Privateer Press - new miniatures for Monsterapocalypse

Terra Khan (monster expansion), Ares Mothership (monster expansion), Zor-Maxim (monster expansoin) and Cthugrosh (monster expansion)

Martian Menace unit blisters Hunter, Vanguard (elite) and Vanguard flyers or Hunter, Saucer and Power Pod units.

Terrasaurus unit blister Brontox, Raptix (elite) and Raptix unit blister or Spikodon, Elite Carnodon and Carnodon unit blister

Hordes : Circle Orboros minature - Brighid & Caul

Fantasy Flight Games new Legion miniatures

Chewbacca hero pack and Wookie Warriors unit pack

Nazca Games - Volt : the game of battle robot programming and combat

2 to 4 players take their battle robots to the arena, program them, resolve the battles and try to come out on top. For ages 10 and up. Plays in about half an hour.

Pegasus Spiele - Axio

1 to 4 players (ages 8 and up) lay tiles in this abstract strategy game. Plays in 30 minutes to an hour depending on number of players.

Mantic Games - new Walking Dead All Out War expansion pieces

Fear the Hunters - 5 survivors, a number of new scenarios, a new faction, new campaign rules and more. Features Albert, Charlie, David, Greg and Thersa.

Father Gabriel  and Carl, Rosita and Eugene, Maggie and Glenn on Horseback mini expansions too.

AAW Games - Mini-Dungeon Tome (5e D&D)

Over 130 complete and ready to run adventures for 5e D&D. Themed and organized for your convenience.  Designed as setting neutral for use in your game, suitable for any party size and capability. Includes an index complete with all the reference material needed. Always have an adventure ready to go.

AAW Games - Mini-Dungeon Tome (Pathfinder RPG)

Over 130 complete and ready to run adventures for the Pathfinder RPG. Themed and organized for your convenience.  Designed as setting neutral for use in your game, suitable for any party size and capability. Includes an index complete with all the reference material needed. Always have an adventure ready to go.

Studio 2 - Flash Gordon: The Roleplaying Game

Using the Savage Worlds system adventure in the world of Flash Gordon. Defy Ming the Merciless, rally the Hawkmen, Arborians and other aliens to your cause. Includes all the rules updates you need to play in the world, character generation, equipment and much more.

Studio 2 - Flash Gordon : Kingdoms of Mongo

190+ page sourcebook explaining everything you need to know about Mongo. From the Sky Kingdoms, to the forests of Aboria it’s all here. Pack your bags, climb unto your rocket cycle, deal with new foes, new monsters and new Savage Tales.

Studio 2 - Flash Gordon  : Journey to the Center of Mongo

A Flash Gordon game screen and adventure set for Flash Gordon

Studio 2 - Flash Gordon playing cards for Savage Worlds.
2 decks of cards to use with Savage Worlds. Or just casual card games…

Knight Models - Harry Potter Miniatures Game

A board game for 2 or more players, each player controlling several characters in a tabletop quest. Comes with everything you need to play. Extra miniature, scenario and map packs add to the variety. Includes 3 double sided game boards, 25 scenario cards, quest decks, spell cards, artifacts, potions, adventure cards, Ron, Harry, Hermione, 4 Deatheaters, Acromantula and Acromantula Sarms and more - all in a colorful & sturdy tin box.  

Map Set : Ministry of Magic and Prophecy Room maps ( 3 double sided tiles)

Order of the Phoenix Set (5 figures)

Weasley Twins Set (2 figures)

Malfoy Family Set (3 figures)

Hogwart’s Professors Set (4 figures)

Slytherin Student’s Pack (3 figures)

Rubeus Hagrid (Hagrid & Fang)

Bellatrix & Wormtail Set

Remus Lupin & Werewolf form Set

Unicorn Adventure Pack (Unicorn & scenario cards/rules)

Dementor Adventure Pack (Dementor & scenario cards/rules)

Troll Adventure Pack (Troll & scenario cards/rules)

Wizards of the Coast - Rock, Paper, Wizard Expansion : Fistful of Monsters

Includes 6 new spell cards, 12 monster cards, injury tokens, magic items and rules. The dragon may be dead - but other monsters prowl the area. Use magic items to protect yourself as the spell duels continue.

New Reaper Christmas Miniatures

Santa Dwarf, Christmas Dragon, Gnome Tinkerer, Mylk (abominable snowman) and cookies, Fairy Garland (2 cherubs & garland), Christmas Knight (male), Sir Uther (Christmas Cleric), Goblin Carolers, Pack Reindeer, baby dragon with stocking, Santa Dwarf (2015), Cat dragon, Father Christmas, Wrapping Dragon (wrapping a present), Carol the Christmas bard, Christmas Witch, Christmas Mockingbeast, Christmas Eve (female mage), Mick the Christmas Rouge, Santa Dwarf (2013), Winter Elf

Wednesday December 26th :
A few new things got in today.
Miniature Wargames # 429 with all sorts of miniature gaming articles and ideas.

De Bellus Antiquitus (DBA) 3.0
Finally found a new source for this classic historical miniatures game

Day of Battle rules and supplements
miniatures rules for solo and multiplayer games, armies summoned through a simulated 'calling of the banners' system, a campaign system with minimal requirements and 10 different army lists that take you from Feudal England into the Wars of the Roses. We also have the Norman Conquests sourcebook and Crusader Warfare sourcebook available.

Tactica II - The sequel to the popular tactica system is here. Designed to play games in the Ancient Era there are army lists for New Kingdom Egyptian, The Trojan War (with special rules), Roman, Celts, Arab Conquest, Norman, English, Viking and others as well as special rules of 1066 lists

Wednesday December 19th :
Reaper Bones - Big Critters -
Goremaw - a giant burrowing, fanged worm.
Viridius - a large green dragon in a standing pose.

Troll Lord games - 5th Edition Adventures Upon the Powder River
a 5e D&D for 3 to 5 characters of 4-7th level. a series of short adventures for your 5e game allowing easy side treks or full blown adventure possibilities. Easy to drop into any game. New creatures, NPCs excitement, adventure & more.

Goodman Games - Mutant Crawl Classics : Home for the Holodeath
Can the party locate the stolen gifts that cement a yearly bond of friendship between 2 tribes before it's too late? Find out in this holiday 2018 MCC module.

Modiphius Entertainment - Unity core RPG book
This game focuses on RPG experience based on storytelling, cinematic moments and dramatic combat sequences. Full rules, a setting guide, 9 classes, deadly foes, powerful treasures and GM aids to make it all work.

Goodman Games - D&D The Isle of Dread
over 300 page hardbound book detailing the original module X1 (Isle of Dread) and it's conversion to 5e D&D.  Interview with original module authors, background, further adbventure material and much, much more.
Chaosium Games - Call of Cthulhu Starter Set
a new boxed set with everything you need to get started. Introductory rules and a solo adventure (Alone Against the Flames), Starter Rules that bring your game experience up a level, three starter adventures for the Keeper, five ready made characters, blank sheets to make your own,m dice, handouts and a spiffy box.

Modiphius Entertainment - Forbidden Lands RPG
a new take on classic RPGs. This sandbox game puts you in the role of raider or rogues trying to make a mark on the world. Locate cursed tombs, find monsters, explore terrible lands and do so much more. Gain power, money and followers, build a stronghold and rule the lands! Hardcover player book, gamemaster book, background book, a world map and stickers to customize it as you see fit in your adventures.

Modiphius Entertainment - Fallout Wasteland Wars miniature Sets
Knight Captian Cade & Paladin Danse of the Steel Brotherhood
Minutemen Posse from the Survivors
Heroes of Sanctuary Hills
Hammer of the Super Mutants

Modiphius Entertainment - Star Trek Adventures Starter Set
a boxed set with a starter rules book, a campaign book to explore the galaxy through, five premade characters and a ship to start playing out of the box, dice, tokens and encounter maps to get you going in minutes of opening the box.

Tuesday December 18th :
Magpie Games - Masks : A New Generation - Unbound Expansion
A setting for Masks A New Generation that gives you four different ways to play. Play in the alien-resistance world of Iron Red Soldiers, the street-level grit of Spiderweb, the teen antics of Phoenix Academy or the cosmic road trip adventure of Apocalypse Sonata. Adds three limited edition playbooks, advice for using them and a whole lot more.

Steve Jackson games - Munchkin Deluxe : Harry Potter
Play as your favorite member of Hogwarts and prove yourself against other Witches and Wizards. Defeat villains and monsters, grab the loot and compete to level up for the win! Includes house cards, standees, custom die, rulesheet, Munchkins cards and loads of fun. For ages 11 and up. plays in 1-2 hours. For 3 to 6 players.

Rio Grande Games - Beta Colony 
Play as one of five directors trying to become the Leader of Victus. Uses a unique 'Rolldell' system to create actions, collect building materials, create pods, defend the colony and lead your colonists to glory. Designed for 2 - 4 players, ages 14 and up. plays in about 20 minutes per player.

Plaid Hat Games - Guardians Uprising Hero Pack
Includes 4 Heroes and 7 game cards for each. Add new heroes & cards to your game.

Z-Man Games - Pandemic 10th Anniversary Edition
A special edition of Pandemic with a vintage first-aid kit inspired metal box, new art, plastic figures for the characters, wooden cubes & markers, Petri dishes, large ID cards and more to make it a more immersive experience. For ages 8 and up. plays in about an hour. For 2-4 players.

Z-Man Games - Pandemic pre-painted figures
6 prepainted plastic figures for use with the 10th Anniversary Pandemic game.

Reaper Minis - new metal Dark Heaven Figures
3927 - Mistveil, Catfolk Sorceress (with staff)
3928 - Steelclaw, Catfolk Paladin (plate, sword & shield)
3929 - Drangus, Duckman Warrior (plate, sword & shield)
3930 - Selene, Female Cleric (human, plate & mace)
3931 - Alena Frostblade, female barbarian (human, shield & sword)
3932 - Poppy Cloverlocks, halfling tavern worker
Iron Wind Metals - Metal Coin Sets!
Elf Coin Set, Orc Coin Set, Fantasy Human Coin set, Undead Coin Set, Roman Coin Set and Viking Coin set. Each with 24 pieces of varying sizes and denomiations.

New Battletech miniatures
20-5167 - Raven II
20-5168 - Vixen 6
20-5169 - Shadowhawk

4Ground - Fabled Realms : Tueden League Windmill
skill rating 4, prepainted - assemble and go fantasy windmill.

4Ground - Treasure Chests
2 prepainted, wood, ready to assemble treasure chests for your gaming needs.

Friday December 14th :
Days of Wonder - Ticket to Ride : My First Journey
2-4 player, ages 6 and up introductory rail game. create routes, connect cites and make your way to victory. plays in about half an hour with four players, quicker with less.

Northstar games - The Quacks of Quedlinburg
2-4 players push their luck trying to create miracle cures. The more complex your brew the more you stand to make... but the better chance it just doesn't work. Balance your potion's motion with caution for the best bucks. Ages 10 and up. plays in about an hour.

Catalyst Game Labs - The Duke : Lord's Legacy
The Duke, the Arthurian legends expansion and five brand new tiles - all in one box, ready to go. A two player strategy game of movement and capture. Ages 13+. Plays within half an hour.

Catan Studios - A Game of Thrones : Catan 5-6 player expansion
Adds up to 2 more players, mamoths, new wildling clans, new hero cards and a bunch more to make your Game of Thrones : Catan game even more exciting.

Historical Metal Coins -
Sets of metal coins patterned from historical currency. Each 21 coin set comes in bronze/copper, silver and gold denominations, each of differing sizes. Ancient Roman, Apogee Celtic, Pre-Columbian era, Medieval Italian and Renaissance Spanish sets are in stock. 

Gripping Beast - SAGA : Book of Battles
A new sourcebook with - a scenario generator, 10 competitive scenarios, 4 narrative scenarios, 3-4 player battles and an experience system for your Warlord so they can progress game to game.
Thursday December 13th :
Fantasy Flight Games - X-Wing 2.0 fighters :
T-70 X-Wing, Mining Guild TIE Fighter, First Order TIE Fighter and RZ-2 A-Wing models are out. Complete with stand, cards and required rules.

X-Wing 2.0 Conversion Kit : Resistance (new cards, tokens, dials & characters)

X-Wing 2.0 Conversion Kit : First Order (new cards, dials, tokens & characters)

Ironhorde Games - Direwild
A cooperative deck building dungeon crawler. 2-4 players build around 10 unique heroes. Purchase creatures for your hero to battle, venture about the lands looking for trouble, discover enemies, defeat them and gain treasure. Designed for ages 14 and up. Plays in around an hour to an hour and a half.

Fantasy Flight Games - Legend of the Five Rings : Emerald Empire
The guide to Rokugan. Details on the world, adventure seeds, amazing locations, NPCs, new character options and way more.

Pegasus Speile - Talisman Legendary Tales
The new Cooperative board game. Up to 6 players adventure through 5 different adventures attempting to gain gold and glory. Try to locate the legendary Talisman and stop evil from gaining what they need to control the Crown of Command. Work together to vanquish the evil. Ages 14 and up. plays in about half an hour - more the greater number of players.

Plaid Hat Games - Gen7 : A Crossroads Game
a grand narrative game in the spirit of Dead of Winter. Solve a mystery and build an exciting story. Deploy your crew, customize your officers, resolve moral dilemmas and personal challenges. Designed for 3-4 players ages 14and up.Plays in an hour or two.

WizKids Games - Marvel Strike Teams : Heroclix Strategy Game
2-5 players undertake missions with Marvel Heroes trying to defeat the Mastermind. Using Heroclix Combat Dials to track level and build points as they progress through the missions and campaign. Includes cards to generate missions, campaign rules, Clix figures tokens, cubes, dice and clix figures. Ages 14 and up

Marvel Strike Team : Avengers Initiative
A Strike Team expansion with new heroes, new villains and more adventure.
Wednesday December 12th :
Tasty Minstrel Games - Crusades : They Will be Done
Lead an order of Knights. Fight your enemies, erect buildings, and use your influence to to remain above suspicion. For 2 to 4 players ages 14 and up. Takes about an hour to play.

Bandua Wargames - Modular River Set
3" wide river set, made with mdf and a photo-quality color veneer. A bunch of modular pieces to allow you to wander it across your tabletop. Seven 11" pieces and three arc pieces. about 1/8" thick.

River Horse Games - Frazetta Card & Battle Dice game
Using the D-Dex system you use dice and cards to battle between mighty warriors and mysterious wizards. Designed for 2 to 6 players ages 14 and up. Plays in 15 minutes or more... depending on the total number of players.

Pandasaurus Games - Dinosaur Island : Totally Fluid
An expansion for Dinosaur Island adding a fifth player, new park facilities, blueprints that award tidy park owners, new events, plot twists, specialists and aquatic critters.

Ultimate Custom Coins - Dice Coins are here!
Whats a Dice Coin? It's a coin you spin, tap and get a number from. They are solid metal and come in a number of varieties.  D3, D4, D6, D8, d10, d12, d20, d% and alphabetical. Come in various face designs and copper, silver or gold plated.

Pazio Publishing - New Pathfinder / Starfinder items in

Pathfinder Flip Tiles - Urban Starter Set
42 tiles with city walls, gates, buildings, rooftops, statues and more. Each is laminated so you can use wet or dry erase markers, grease pencil and more on them and still be able to reuse them. Comes in a handy full color storage box.

Starfinder - The Penumbra Protocol : part 2 of 3 for Signal of Screams story arc

Pathfinder Flip-Mat Classics - Pirate Ship
a double sided flip mat with a three deck ship on one side and a pair of entangled ships (for boarding actions!) on the other. 24 x 30" and laminated for your protection.

Pathfinder Module - Cradle of Night (for 8th level characters)
Featuring new monsters and lore of vanished demigods this stand alone adventure has secrets, dangers and a full color poster map of the city Lyrudrada... and more.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting - Faiths of Golarion
a look at 10 of the faiths that are outside the mainstream of Golarian. Tian Xia's commonly worshiped deities, non-human worshiped deities, divine boons, other gods and a bunch of information for almost any fantasy world.

Pathfinder - The City outside Time : part 5 of 6 of the Return of the Runelords arc.

Flames of War - two new army books
Ghost Panzers : German forces on the Eastern Front 1942-43
Red Banner : Soviet Forces on the Eastern Front 1942-43
-release also includes command cards, unit cards and new miniatures.

Catalyst Game Labs - Shadowrun : Better than Bad
The latest SR sourcebook with everything you always wanted to know about Hooding... the art of committing crimes to help those in need. Plot information, running techniques and tactics and advice on bringing good into the world. Also included, a great hot spot for a group of runners looking to right wrongs, Pretoria, a city in the African nation of Azania.

Cubicle Seven / Games Workshop - Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
The Old World lives again in this FRP set in the old Warhammer Universe. Battle Chaos, Orcs, Skaven, injustice, corruption, plotters and more. Adventure through the Old World, learn the geography, deal with the whims of deities, generate characters, fight, cast spells and adventure. A full RPG system. IN a 350+ page hardbound book.

Ares Games - Battlestar Galactica Starship Battles Second Cylon War
Control Colonial Vipers of Cylon Raiders in this miniatures game of deep space dogfights. Includes 4 prepainted fighters, rules, cards, tokens, rulers and more. Be up and playing minutes after you open the box but have fun for hours.

Grey Fox Games - City of Gears
a Steampunk Exploration game with area control and engine building. Designed for 2 to 4 players. Takes about an hour to play. Uncover the city, gain it's knowledge, activate and link locations and gain the most prestiege before it's too late.

WizKids Games - Heroes of Dominaria
A planeswalkers you travel the ancient lands of Dominaria, collect mana, build Manaliths, discover artifacts and confront the Cabal. Become the Hero of Dominaria while competing against 1 to 3 of others (2-4 players total) Takes around an hour, more if more than 2 players. Ages 14 and up.

Fantasy Flight Games - Mansions of Madness : Horrific Journeys Expansion
Three new scenarios that take the Investigators far from Arkham. Solve mysteries aboard a transatlantic airship, ocean liners, or a train. Can you deal with amphibious horrors, transdimensional terrors and arcane rituals that may destroy the very vessel you are on?

Reaper Miniatures -
Christmas Eve - female wizard
Carol, Christmas Bard - female bard
Christmas Knight - male fighter
Sir Uther, Christmas Knight - Mace weilding fighter
Nick, Christmas Rogue - hobbit scout
Santa Dwarf (2013 sculpt)
Santa Dwarf (2018 version)
Caerindra Thislemoor, Fighter - female fighter   
Friday December 7th :
River Horse Games - My Little Pony the Movie : Official Movie Sourcebook
Tails of Equestria now has an official movie sourcebook based on the MLP Movie! New areas outside Equestria, new playable races, rules options for reputation and more, a new adventure outside Equestria, fully stated NPCs and a bunch more.

River Horse Games - Tails of Equestria : Judge not by the Cover
Starswirl the Bearded was tracking a mystical library. Can you find it and learn its secrets? An adventure for ponies level 1 to 3.
Pandasaurus Games - Duelasaur Island
a two player version of Dinosaur Island. Build your Dinosaur park in this 1v1 game of I-cut-you-choose dice drafting and hand management. Includes a solo game mode as well. 2 players ages 10 and up. Plays in under an hour for 2.

Pegasus Games - The Dwarves board game
based on the Dwarves novel by Markus Heitz. Take on the role of one of the five Dwarves and attempt to save Girdlegard. Complete quests, fight evil, gain the Dwarf Council and forge Keenfire to complete your final quest. For ages 10 and up. Plays in an hour to an hour and a half.

Pegasus Games - The Dwarves The Saga Expansion
Adds to The Dwarves with new scenarios and new game play. Fight dragons, gain a new dwarf, quest for a magical gem, use fortifications and catapults.

Pegasus games - The Dwarves : The Duel
A two lpayergame of good and evil. Use the dice and cards to gain advantage over your foes. Includes Combined Might, a new scenario and storyline for The Dwarves boardgame.

Alderac Entertainment - Scorpius Freighters
Recruit, smuggle, customize and profit in this 2 to 4 player game of space trade. Ply the lanes of the Scorpius System. Rebellion is brewing and if you have the opportunity as a sanctioned merchant to make some money on the side, so be it. Smuggle goods, pass information, help others trade under the governments radar and make yourself prosper. Ages 14 and up,. Plays in around an hour.

Eggert Speil - Great Western Trail
Get your cattle from Texas to Kansas City. Keep the herd in good shape, take wise routes and hire capable help and come out on top. For 2 to 4 players. Designed for ages 14 and up. Plays in two to three hours.

Eggert Speil - Great Western Trail : Rails to the North
You continue in the role of Rancher trying to get your cattle to market. But now, instead of Kansas City, New York and Chicago - major rail hubs are your destination. This expansion adds an extension board, new buildings, rules and lots more strategy.

Stonemaier Games - Scythe Encounters
Includes 32 new Encounter cards with only a single new rule to make them work.

Kobold Press - Midgard Sagas
6 new adventures set in Midgard for 5e D&D. The adventures vary from 3rd to 8th level and are all designed to play within 4 to 6 hours. Track down a murderer, deal with Dust Goblins, find the source of sickness and more in these exciting adventures.

CMON - Railroad Ink (Blazing Red or Deep Blue Editions)
A puzzle game for the whole family. Roll your dice, draw a route and create transportation networks. Designed for 1 to 6 players, ages 8 and up. Plays in around half an hour. Score points by connecting exits and routes. Combine both versions for added gameplay.
Turbo Dork color shifting paint is here!

Thursday December 6th :
Decision Games - Strategy & Tactics Quarterly #4 - World War III : Cold War Hot
A whole special issue dedicated to the topic of 'What if the Cold War had gone Hot?'

Modern War # 39 - Jan/Feb 2019 - Axis of Evil : Conflict in the Persian Gulf
Articles includes Che Guevara, Sino-Indian conflict, Korea, Machiavelli, OPLAN 5015 and all the regular departments that make Modern War an interesting read.

World at War #63 - Dec/Jan 2019 - Central Pacific Campaign 1943-1944
Articles include U-582 vs USS Wahoo, Pawns in an Epic Struggle, and examination of the Central Pacific Campaign, US 3rd Cavalry and more
Libellud Games - Shadow Amsterdam
compete against a rival team in a real time investigation of a crime. Gather intel, move between areas, find evidence and solve the case. For 2-8 or 2-3 players with an app. Ages 10 and up. Plays in about half an hour.

Ludonaute - Last Heroes
Gather your weapons and ammo, kill the monsters, create breaches and gain the Artefactas. A forced cooperation, hand management game where there is only a single winner. Designed for 3-5 players aged 14 and up. Plays in about 45 minutes.

Stronghold Games -  Kanban : Drivers Edition
A Resource and opportunity management game of factory production. Can you appease Sandra, the manager while turning out the best car you can? 2-4 players. Ages 12 and up. Plays in 1 to 2 hours depending on players.

Games Workshop - Warhammer Age of Sigmar Champions : Onslaught
13 new augmented reality cards for your AoSC card game experience

Flying Leap games - Wing It : The Game of Extreme Storytelling
Players draw resource cards, one becomes the judge and reveals a situation card. Players take turn using three of the resource cards to resolve the situation presented and the judge decides which story is best liked. That player wins the round, the role of judge passes to the next player and the game continues to the next round. Take story telling to extreme, ridiculous and hilarious heights with Angus V Stoudt.

Stratagem Games - Dragon's Hoard
A lather pouch and metal coin set with 30 bronze stags, 20 silver krakens and 10 gold dragon coins to use as token, LARP money, RPG props or other interesting ideas.

Smirk & Dagger Games - Roll for Your Life Candyman
2 to 4 players face off in this real time game of gingerbread carnage. Roll, match and claim parts of your foes until a winner is declared. Run, Candyman Run!

Fantasy Flight Games - Arkham Horror Scenario pack - Guardians of the Abyss
a unique 78 card expansion with 2 linked scenarios. Originally featured at Arkham Nights 2018 and Gencon 2018

Corvus Belli - Third Offensive for Infinity miniatures game
Paradiso and other combat fronts are explored, Sectorial armies examined and a exclusive mini (Libertos Freedom Fighters) is included as well.

Strategem games - Master Atlas World Crafter Tiles
Wet & Dry Erase tiles, each with 1" grid overlayed on them. White on one side, Parchment on the other. 6x6, 6x3 and 3x3 tiles are included (44 tiles total) as well as 48 map objects, doors, stairs, treasures and more. 

Corvus Belli - Infinity Terrain Dawn 02 Aplekton Scenery pack
A cardstock terrain set, workshop, storage pods, Maya nodes, generators, containers and a 24 x 34 gaming mat. Just fold them up and drop them down - ready to go.

Z-Man Games - Pandemic Fall of Rome
Raise armies, defend your cities, stem the flood of barbarians and preserve the empire. Designed for 1 to 5 players in a cooperative game. Ages 8 and up. Plays in around an hour. Part of their limited edition 'Survival'  series games.

Chaosium Games - Masks of Nyarlathotep
A multiple book Call of Cthulhu campaign in a wonderful slipcase. 2game volumes and a Keepers screen pack. All ready to go. "None of the investigators knew that the charming and industrious author they met in Peru would set them on the trail of an all-encompassing dark mystery. Diverse facts and clues lead to dangerous encounters and dire conspiracies at every turn. Chasing answers, the journey leads across America, England, Egypt, Kenya, Australia, and China. Something horrible is coming and the investigators are the only ones who stand a chance of stopping it."

Strategem Games - The Masters M.A.T.R.I.X. screen
Myriad Adventure Tailored Reference Interface eXperience screen is 37" long and 11.5" tall, with 4 double sided panels and inserts to customize it to the game you are playing. 

Mantic Games - Here's Negan!
a new cooperative boardgame for 1-5 players where, as hencemen of the overlord Negan they must go out and gain supplies, secure locations and fight the walking dead. Do it well and gain the top spot next to Negan. Fail...
Includes miniatures and game cards to add the figures to Walking Dead All Out War.

Bandua Games - Japanese Buildings and Shade City Ruin Sets
MDF kits with full color veneer making these buildings quick to get onto the table.

Tuesday December 4th :
Onyx Path Publishing - Cavaliers of Mars
A game taking you back to Mars and the Red Martians as cities die and society is in it's last bit of glory. Dig in the sands of the lost Chirao, defy the priests of Ziggur, lock steel with foes and dash across the buried towers of ancient cities. A vibrant setting, a unique RPG system, Astrology, crafting, physic powers and much, much more. 230+ hardbound pages of action, adventure and daring do.

Paragim Concepts - Arcanis : World of Shattered Empires
a 5e D&D campaign setting where inhuman empires and creatures beset nations on all sides. Action, adventure, intrigue and exploration challenge the players.m Includes new clerical aspects, races and sub-races, new classes, backgrounds, combat schools, Inspiration Rules, and a fully realized campaign setting. All in a full color 400+ page hardbound book. Can you be the Hero the world desperately needs?

R.Talsorian Games - The Witcher RPG
The Witcher Pen & Paper RPG allows you the players the chance to tell their own story across the Continent. Interact, influence and shape the land. Combat evils, fight against the horrors that the Third Nilfgaardian war has wrought. 9 unique classes, vicious monsters, a complete magic system, visceral combat system all in 320+ full color hardbound pages.
Gale Force Nine - D&D 5e Waterdeep Heist DM Screen
Full color, hard card DM screen with charts, tables and reference materials galore.

Die Hard Dice - new dice trays.
All sorts of new square, rectangular and hexagonal snap trays.
Fold flat for storage, flip up and snap together for use. Leatherette outside, velveteen interior to cushion your dice and protect your table. In lots and lots of colors.

Skybound games - Pitchstorm : The Party Game of Amazing(ly horrible) Movie Ideas  
Draw some cards, create a movie premise and try to pitch it to the room. Everyone takes a shot and best movie idea (as chose by the producer) wins the round. Plays 3-12 players, ages 14 and up. Plays in about 15 minutes.

Mantic Games Terrain Crates - Wave 2 is here!
Blacksmith's Forge, Battlefield (2), Town Centre, Fences & Hedges, Campsite, Hunter's Camp, Village Square, Market, Livery Stable, Martket Stalls, Gallows and Stock and more are here. Each with bunches of plastic pieces to help populate your miniature battlefield.

Friday November 30th :
Gale Force Nine - Modern Tanks!
MTanks08 - Scorpion/Scimitar
MTanks03 - Soviet T-72
MTanks09 - West German Leopard 1
MTanks06 - US M60m Patton
MTanks10 - French AMX30

Modern tanks Dice Sets - 6 dice in national colors and designs
American, French, British, German and Soviet sets available

Adam's Apple Games - Swordcrafters
1 to 5 players attempt to craft a new sword for the king. Create segments of a 3d sword and score points based on it's composition. Ages 6 and up. Plays in about haldf an hour. Slice, select, craft and score.

Plan B Games - Azul : Stained Glass of Sintra
draft glass panes, glaze palace windows and score points for placement. 6 rounds determine the winner. Ages 8 and up. 2 to 4 players. Plays in about 45 minutes

Eggerst Spiele - Camel Up
The classic game of camel racing has been updated - and now includes 3d palm trees, new contestants and a better track. Designed for 3 to 8 players (ages 8 and up)

Wednesday November 28th :
WizKids Games - NEW Warhammer 40K Dice Masters are here!

Warhammer 40K Dice Masters : Battle for Ultramar
This campaign box includes a force of Primarius Space Marines and those of the  Death Guard of Nurgle. Usi8ng the Dicemaster mechanics fight for supremacy on Ultramar with some iconic personalities and their supporting cast. Everything 2 players need to learn and play the game. Fully compatible with other Dicemaster games.
Warhammer 40K Dice Masters Orks WAAAGH!
An upgrade team pack for the game designed to help with quick and easy team building for tourneys and casual play. Includes 24 cards, 16 dice and Orky Stuff.

Warhammer 40K Dice Masters Space Wolves Sons of Russ
a team pack to create themed force for casual and tournament play. Has 16 dice and 24 cards in the blister pack to upgrade and extend your Space Wolf force.
WizKids Games - D&D Icons of the Realm : Guildmasters Guide to Ravnica
Companion Starter One - This set includes the Minotaur Fighter, Elf Druid, Human Wizard, Loxodon Cleric and Human Cleric. All prepainted, all ready to pull out of the package and on the tabletop.

WizKids Games - D&D Icons of the Realm : Guildmasters Guide to Ravnica
Companion Starter Two - This set includes the Human Sorcerer, Goblin Barbarian, Human Paladin, Human Cleric and Vedalken Wizard. All prepainted, all ready to pull out of the package and on the tabletop.

Legion Supplies - Meowry Krampus!
A new deck box featuring the Kitty-Krampus in a winter scene and matching deck protectors. Got a holiday themed deck? Here is your chance to make it Festive!

Flying Frog Games - Forbidden Fortress : Gateways into Madness
Featuring a 15 card mini-expansion, four Japanese style Tori gateways and 4 'Belly of the Beast' Organic gateways as well as a rulesheet and paint guide. Add far more adventure with new Encounters, Gear, Darkness cards and other goodies.

Cool Mini or Not - Song of Ice and Fire Ranger Hunter expansion
adds a dozen new figures, game card and unit tray to your Night's Watch set.

Wizkids Games - Betrayal at House on the Hill Upgrade Kit
Features 6 deluxe Character Cards which are double sided and have integrated dials to track statistics as well as 8 custom Pearlescent Dice.

Japanime Games - Robotech Ace Pilot
2 to 4 players draft heroes into their team, attempt to defeat the Zentraedi and strive to become the Ace Pilot. Designed for ages 8 and up. Plays within half an hour. Can you best your comrades, stop the Armada and be the Ace?

Z-Man Games - Cogs and Commissars
a 2-6 player game of dominance on the robot front. You control the production of your citizens and attempt to overthrow the current operating system. Use reprogramming, infinite loops, control of processing power and surprise returns to take command. Ages 14 and up. Plays within an hour - less with smaller number of players.

Arcane Wonders - Mage Wars Academy : Druid Expansion
A new Mage type (Druid), 70- new spell cards, rules and Codex. Add the power of plants, potions and nature to your Mage Wars game.

Die Hard Dice - Metal X-Wing Dice
a dozen dice (6 attack 6 defense) in heavy duty metal. Red and Green inked. Want a premium X-Wing Experience? Need to give a gift to a friend or loved one? A great idea

NSKN Games - Dice Settlers
1 to 4 players (ages 14 and up) take a small piece of land, a handful of resources, a few families and a bunch of dice and head out on a lifetime of exploration and adventure. This area control, dice pooling and resource gathering game pits you against the other tribes in an attempt to expand, colonize, trade, build and research their way to the top. Plays in 90 minutes or so.

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