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This page lists all new product as well as important restocks. If you don't see your game on the list, email or call us and we'll let you know the status of that game. 
Friday February 15th :
Guess What Time It Is? Auction Time!
So items are starting to come in, and will until the 27th. On the 28th All the fun Begins. So get your bidding pants on and prepare for all the fun.

Pandasaurus Games - The Game
1-5 player cooperative card game against... The Game. Ages 8+ Plays in half an hour.

Bully Pulpit Games - Star Crossed
2 player card game of forbidden love. Ages 14 and up. Plays in 2 hours.

Artipia Games - Fields of Green : Grand Fair
2-5 player card based game. 45 minute play time, Ages 12+

Z-Man Games - Feast for Odin : The Norwegians
an expansion adding modular boards, new spaces, fifth action column, new tiles, buildings and goods. Lots more to do with your Feast for Odin.

Pug Steady Games - Monarchies of Mau
A new cat based RPG where cats have inherited the earth, have language and tools. This RPG featrures a deep setting, streamlined play, many callings and houses to play with, rival species and more.

WizKids Games - The Expanse boardgame : Doors and Corners
5 new modules including new technology, variable setup, leaders and more. Mix and match to create the game you want to play. Add to your Expanse.

Compass Games - Pacific Tide : The US vs Japan, 1941-45
a strategic level game with an area map, naval, air and ground forces, card based events and a tense, time limited play mechanic. 2 to 4 hours in play time based on the scenario. Low complexity, high solitaire suitability.

Z-Man Games - The Great City of Rome
2-4 players attempt to gain resources, erect buildings and maximize your scoring. Designed for ages 10 and up. plays in (generally) an hour.

Fantasy Flight Games - new X-Wing 2.0 dial upgrades
New First Order (black) and Resistance (Pumpkin Orange) sets are in.

Red Raven Games - Megaland   
2 - 5 players choose characters, run levels and try to build up a city using the treasure they gain while dealing with the monsters in their path. Choose your buildings wisely to gain abilities to help later. Ages 8 and up. plays within about half an hour.

Plaid Hat Games - Gen 7 : The Breaking Point Expansion.
new logistics, new barracks  new competitive scenario, cards, tasks and more.

Lookout Games - Neom : Create the City of Tomorrow
1-5 players draft and play tiles while trying to make best use of the infrastructure created. Choose wisely the projects you undertake and help the population for generations to come. Ages 10 and up. plays in about an hour.

Reaper Miniatures - Not so new, but back in store-
Reaper Dark Heaven multi-packs. Metal minis, bulk pack, cheaper price.
6002 - Men at Arms of Breonne (4) mail, shield & mace
6003 Skeletons (4) skeletons with bows
6004 - Men at Arms of Anhur (4) - humans with mail, shield & spear
6005 - Skeletons (4) - skeletons with axe & shield
6009 Orc Warriors (4) - Ors with helmets, shields & swords.

Spellcaster Magazine #4 - Legendary Soldiers in Frostgrave, solo scenarios & more.

Miniature Wargames #430 - Border Reivers, Crusades, Eisenbach Gap & Rangers as well as all sorts of other articles, tips, scenarios and replays.

Modern War #39 - Axis of Evil : Conflict in the Persian Gulf

World at War # 64 - Rats of Tobruk, North Afrika 1941

Friday February 7th :
Fantasy Flight Games - Android : Shadow of the Beanstalk
A Genesys setting book. Includes a detailed guide to New Angeles, character archetypes, new weapons, gear and essentials for the setting, Network Run rules, adversaries, allies and more.

Reaper Miniatures - new Dark heaven miniatures
3939 - Jade Fire Champion (female barbarian w/ 2 hand axe)
3938 - Jade Fire Warrior (female barbarian with 2 weapons)
3937 - Jade Fire Spearmaiden (female barbarian w/spear)
3936 - Jade Fire Shaman (female barbarian w/spear and skull)
3935 - Jade Fire Chieftain (female barbarian leader axe & shield)
3934 - Azarmand, Catfolk Barbarian w/axe
3933 - Tawnyll, Catfolk Wizard

44002 - Bones Black Rock Troll is in.

Wizkids Games - Heroclix Earth-X set is here!
Boosters, bricks, cases, token & dice sets and starters are in!

Space Cowboys - new UNLOCK! Escape Room games are here
The Night of Boogeymen (Easy difficulty) get the Boogeymen out of William's dreams... if you can.

Scheherazade's Last Tale (Medium Difficulty) The Sultan has sentenced Scheherazade to death. Can you fly her to safety?

Expedition : Challenger (Hard Difficulty) Can you explore the valley of the dinosaurs, find the professor's expedition and get them out?

Norse Foundry Games - Atmar's Cardography
Two different decks (Enter the Fiery Pits and Break Through the Icy Divide) - each with 52 cards detailing the dungeon. Includes online content for 5e D&D, D20 system and FATE and a full PDF module with in depth descriptions and narrative.

Noctural games - Prince Valiant RPG
a new version of the RPG brought to you by Greg Stafford. This game allows players to cooperate to tell a shared story as the job of Storyteller passes from player to player. Simple mechanics make the game flow and the story of this Athurian World flourish.  Full color hardbound book.

Prince Valiant Episode Book
Over 30 different episodes for Prince Valiant RPG written by authors such as Ed Greenwood, Robin Laws, Jeff Grub, Emily Care Boss, Shannon Appelcline and others. A full color hardbound book to help catapult you into an adventurous campaign.

Wizards of the Coast - Tactical Maps Reincarnated
Twenty full color poster maps to cover many a tactical situation in your FRPG.  

Game Force Nine - Vault of Dragons
2 to 4 players send minions around Waterdeep trying to find rumors, treasure and power. Can you explore the Undermountain, find the Vault of Dragons and win the hoard? Designed for ages 14 and up. plays in about 90 minutes.

Ulisses North America Warhammer 40K Wrath & Glory RPG
Dark Tides adventure anthology and GM screen is in!

Lookout Games - Caverna : The Forgotten Folk Expansion
8 different Folk, new Perks, new Challenges, 32 new furnishing tiles and more.

Steamforged Games - Resident Evil Board Game
It's here along with it's 2 expansion boxes. A fast paced cooperative game for 1-4 players. Designed for ages 14 and up. Plays in about 2 hours. Includes full color game tiles, plastic miniatures and an immersive game experience.

Friday February 2nd :
Roxley Games - Dice Throne : Gunslinger vs Samurai
A Dice & Card game where your rolls determine your abilities, upgrade and play your action cards and defeat your opponents.  A fast playing game of skillful card and dice rolling action. 2-6 players, ages 8 and up. plays in about half an hour.

Roxley Games - Dice Throne : Tactician vs Huntress
A Dice & Card game where your rolls determine your abilities, upgrade and play your action cards and defeat your opponents.  A fast playing game of skillful card and dice rolling action. 2-6 players, ages 8 and up. plays in about half an hour.

Japanime Games - Attack on the SDF-1
A cooperative game where players defend the SDF-1 from a ruthless enemy. Use veritech fighters, powerful mecha and heroic personalities to succeed. 1 to 5 players, ages 12 and up. Plays in around 2-3 hours depending on players.

Catalyst Game Labs - Shattered Fortress for BattleTech
This Dark Age Era sourcebook chronicle the twilight of the Dark Ages. It covers events year by year around the Inner Sphere, peeks into Fortress Republic and looks at the actions that decide the fate of the Inner Sphere.

Bezier games - One Week Ultimate Werewolf
Takes the exciting game play of One Night Ultimate Werewolf and expounds on it with special powers, changing roles and much more. 3-7 players, ages 14 and up. Plays in about an hour. Try to figure out who the werewolf is before the werewolf finds you.

Pazio Publishing - New Pathfinder/Starfinder releases
Ultimate Intrigue (Pocket Edition)
Ultimate Campaign (Pocket edition)
Pathfinder Flipmat - Tavern Multi-pack (4 taverns in full color)
Starfinder Flipmat - Jungle World
Starfinder Pawns Collection -Against the Aeon Throne (over 100 pawns)
Return of the Runelords - Rise of New Thassilon (book 6 of 6)
Player Companion - Wilderness Origins

Chaosium - H.P. Lovecraft's : Dagon for Beginning Readers

R Talsorian games - The Witcher RPG

Plaid Hat Games - Starship Samurai Shattered Alliances expansion

Modern Tanks - new releases :
T-62, BMP-1, AMX-10P, Striker, Swingfire, HMVV w/TOW, LAV w/TOW, M901/M163 and Marder. All with cards, mini, upgrades, heroes and more.

Knights of the Dinner Table #262 is in

USAopoly, DVGiochi - Captian Marvel, Secret Skrulls
a Hidden Identity Game (4-7 players, Ages 8+)

Fantasy Flight Games - Arkham Horror LCG : The Cicle Undone Deluxe expansion

Tasty Minstrel Games - Embark
2-5 players, ages 14 and up. plays in about an hour. Explore islands, mine ore, cultivate farms, beware warriors and control the vast oceans to win.

Avalanche Press -
Panzer Grenadier - Korean War : Pusan Perimeter (1950 in Korea with 4e rules)
Panzer Grenadier - Kursk : Burning Tigers (1943 East Front with 4e rules)
Panzer Grenadier - Africa Orientale Italiana (East Africa, 1941 with 4e rules)
Panzer Grenadier - An Army at Dawn (Tunisia 1942/43 with 4e rules)
Second World War at Sea - Sea of Iron (Baltic Seas 1939-45 with 2e rules)
Second World War at Sea - Eastern Fleet (UKN vs IJN with 2e rules)

Quined Games - Raiatea
3-5 players compete in this game to be the high priest of Polynesian society. Build To'o statues, win favor of the gods and manage your resources as the game goes on. For ages 12 and up. plays in an hour or two depending on players.

Friday January 24th :
New Osprey Books :
Weapon  66 - Weapons of the Viking Warrior
Aircraft of the Aces #133 - Ju88 Aces of World War 2
Men at Arms #522 - The Khazars 7-11th centuries AD
Combat 38 - US Soldier vs Afrikakorps soldier
Duel 91 - Hellcat vs Shiden/Shiden-Kai
Campaign #311 - Smolensk 1945
New Vanguard  266 - French Battleships 1914-1945

New Historical Miniatures Magazines :
Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy magazine - Issue 100
Miniature Wargames #430 (February 2019)
Wargames Illustrated #376 (February 2019 - w/plastic ww2 Afrikakorp plastic sprue)

Zygomatic games - Spot It Animals Jr.
Need a fast paced matching game for the whole family? We got Spot It Animals Jr. For 2-5 players, it get done in 10-15 minutes. Fast, fun matching for everyone.

Archona Games - Small Star Empires 2nd Edition
2-4 players colonize, conquer and control the galaxy. Designed for ages 13 and up and taking only 15 minutes or so to play - SSE 2e is a set of simple rules that yield complex strategies. Move across the galaxy, colonize, trade, conquer and win.

The Galactic Divide : SSE 2e Expansion set
Build Battlestations, use your civilizations abilities and expand your influence farther that ever before. New rules, new sectors and more.

Dawn of Discoveries : SSE 2e Expansion set
Build research stations, gain minerals, develop technologies and use that advantage to your advantage. New technology cards, new sectors, new systems and more.

Modiphius Entertainment - Mutant Year Zero : The Eternal War
Zone Compendium 4. Includes four special Zone sectors - The Eternal War, robot on robot dueling. Fort Robot, an Old West themed abandoned amusement park. Northbay Nandeep 23, a Nano-contamination and The Robot Factory.

Modiphius Entertainment - Mutant Year Zero : Hotel Imperator
Zone Compendium 5. Four new Zones ranging from the Zone Fair with ancient amusement parks to wandering Walkers in the Great Zone Walker, nomadic tribes in the Long Road and a psionic headquarters in the Hotel Imperator.

Open Legend RPG - a new RPG system designed for storytelling adventure.
The rules are designed to be used in any genre with fully customized character generation. The rules try to create free form storytelling where epic heroes stride across worlds of adventure.

Open Legend RPG Campaign Setting : Amerurea's Dawn
A book with characters, creatures, locations and items that brings Amerurea's Dawn to life. Join the Elven Guardians try to protect their homes from settlers pouring in the smog choked cities. Explore lush jungles, defend your home, create a colony. It's a fully open world where you write the story.

Alley Cat Games - Dice Hospital Deluxe Add-ons
Ambulance minis, new department tiles, specialists, wood tokens and a Dice Hospital Tower add a touch of class to your old, worn components.

Lockme games - Escape Tales : The Awakening
app assisted multiple ending, fully relpayable escape room game.

Plaid Hat Games - Comanauts
This latest Adventure Game Books you explore Dr. Strobal's subconscious. 2 to 4 players cooperatively Try to find out what event has caused the doctor to fall into his coma, cause his device to start to tear a whole in reality and hope to wake him in time to save the world. Ages 14 and up, plays in 1 to 2 hours.

Catalyst game Labs - Battletech : Game of Armored Combat
Where the beginner box got your started, the boxed set gets you involved in the whole shooting match. Includes 8 new miniatures, 56 page rulebook, record sheets, universe book, novella, pilot cards, reference sheets, maps, overlays dice and more.

CMON - Victorian Masterminds Boardgame is here

Catalyst game Labs - Dragonfire Character Pack : Heroes of the Wild
32 new character screens including the Barbarian, an all new Sorcerer class, Lizardfolk, Tabaxi, Kenku, Aasimar and more. New market cards, subclass features and bunches of new game options.

Catalyst Game Labs - Dragonfire Adventure Pack : Ravaging the Sword Coast
Deal with the hobogoblin warlord Torog-Kaitan and his forces. Two new challenge decks, two new encounter decks, new magic items and a bunch more.

Fantasy Flight Games - Arkham Horror Novels & exclusive Card sets
Each one a book and set of cards to add to your Arkham Horror LCG game
The Deep gate, The Dirge of Reason and Ire of the Void

Catalyst Game Labs - The Duke Expansions
Battle Troops : 12 new troops like Heavy Horse and Halberd Man
Gunpowder Uprising : 8 new tiles, Bombards, Pistoleers and more.

Kolossal Games - Kami-Sama
2 - 4 players take the role of kami and use their powers to aid the lands in this area control, set collection, pattern building, card drafting game. Ages 14 and up. Plays in 60 to 90 minutes.

IDW Games - Joust the board game
2 to 4 players use and innovative momentum based card movement system which mimics Midways Joust video game where the move you make impacts your future position. Plays in 30 to 45 minutes. Ages 12 and up.  
Mindclash Games - Cerebria the Card Game
2 - 5 player game based in the universe of Cerebria. Build your Mindset of emotions in the set making card game, trigger a Revelation and score Identity Fragments. Develop the most advanced identity to win. Plays in about half an hour. Ages 10 and up.

SRG Games - Supershow
The Legendary Fighting Federation Game. Wrestling combatants use dice and card combinations of moves to attack their opponent, appeal to the crowd and finish the competition. Ages 10 and up. Takes about 15 minutes to play.

Star Wars Legion - new unit packs
Rebel Specialists and Imperial Specialists enter the game. Each pack has 4 minis, cards, tokens and rules.

Legion Premium Trooper Bases
These packs allow you to add plastic sculpted bases to your troops for the atmosphere that nice terrain and basing adds to the game.

Leaf Pile Media - Champions of Hara
1 to 4 players race to save a dying world in the adventure based boardgame. Play to save the world, collecting destructive energy and defeating monsters. Or you can play in vs. mode and compete in arena style combat. As a team or each for themselves, this colorful, modular map board game will not disappoint.
Friday January 18th :
Yup, you heard me right. The Battletech Beginner Box is here. Really.
Includes 2 minis, game map, mech & terrain tokens, quickstart rules, a novella, mechwarrior cards, dice, record sheets and a universe book. Everything you need to get involved in the awesome Battletech universe and to play the game that has flourished for over 30 years.

Red Box Games Miniatures -
The new Ancients line is in. Includes 7 modular footmen with swappable heads and weapons, a Lesser Chosen Champion and a Priestess to deal with mystical threats. We also have blisters of spare heads and weapons to customize.

And the Halflings are here too
10 new miniatures from Faithful Fred the Porter to Wise Wilkens the Old (mage) and Bonnie Brightmorning and Crafty Clyde. Fighters, Rogues, clerics, mages and more.

Son of Oak Games - City of Mist new accessories
Character and Theme Cards -
50 writable cards 3 each of 14 theme specific cards, 6 character cards and 2 crew or extra theme cards.

City of Mist Location Maps -
10 maps of the City's Darkest Locations, each over 16 x 24 inches in full color. Back Alley, Cabaret, Chinatown, Dirty Dive, Docks, Motel, Warehouse and more.

City of Mist Theme books -
14 Themebook questionnaires for character creation, in abbreviated form, excluding the theme improvements.

Gamewright Games - Trash Pandas
a 2-4 player game (for ages 8 and up). This dice and card game challenges players to collect trash and score points. Plays within 15 to 30 minutes.

Playroom Games - Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My.
2 to 5 player dice game (for ages 8 and up) of animal collecting. Roll the dice and score for the animals you wish to collect. Amass the most amazing menagerie to win. Takes around 10 minutes to play.

Playroom/Ultrapro games - Dracarys Dice
2 to 5 players, ages 10 and up compete in a dragon slaying, fire starting, knight slaying game of fast paced fun. Takes about 10 minutes to play.

Fantasy Flight Games - Arkham Horror LCG : The Deep Gate
a new Arkham Horror novel and exclusive LCG cards.

Green Ronin - World of Lazarus RPG
An ModernAGE world book set in Image Comics Lazarus series, it uses the ModernAGE RPG for games. Play as a member of Privilege, a loyal Serf tasks with keeping the Families safe or play in the Waste where law and order isn't. 120+ full color pages with background, character options, a sample adventure, the different factions and more.

Nord Games - Game Master's Toolbox series, Ultimate NPCs Warfare.
This 5e D&D sourcebook gives you a number of fully flesh out NPCs, some Good, some Evil and Some Neutral. Each has a backstory, and statistics to use them easily in your game. In addition there are some generic NPCs to fill in the ranks, some the conscripted farm hand to the veteran campaigner, knights, squires, mages and more. But that's not all. Magic items and spells await as well - all ready for use.

Pandasaurus Games - Machi Koro : 5th Anniversary Edition
Upgrade galore grace this box. Big chunky dice, flashy plastic coins and other fun flair help make this celebratory edition all sorts of fun. For 2 to 4 players (ages 10 and up). Plays in half an hour. Join in the fun that Machi Koro can provide.

Wicked Clever games - Purgatory House
A horror themed, haunted house role playing game for 3 or more people. No preparation is required. All you need is two decks of playing cards, pencils, paper and some tokens. With a simple system, 8 different scenarios, 47 pregenerated characters and infinite replayability, this RPG should bring chills and thrills for a long time.        
Friday January 11th :
Happy New Year everyone.
Well, we've been busy as all get out here. Between water, illness, retirement, holiday closures and shipping holidays... we are finally back.

So, that said... we have a few things that came in.

Wizkids Games - Heroclix Tri-Sentinel
3 faces, 6 arms and scads of equipment make the Tri-sentinel a fearsome mutant hunting android. Figure, rules and more.

Studio 71 Games - The Binding of Isaac Four Souls
The official Binding of Isaac multiplayer card game, about sacrifice, betrayal and hoarding.  2-4 players take turns playing loot cards and using items to kill monsters that yield more items, loot, and sometimes souls. The first player to end their turn with 4 souls is the winner. Cooperation, barter, and betrayal is encouraged.

Itten Games - Tokyo Highway
2-4 players try to build the Tokyo Highway System in this no board/no squares game of building and placing. Ages 8 and up. Plays in around half an hour.

Compass Games - The War for the Union
medium complexity 2-4 (and solitaire) strategic American Civil War game
larger counters than the original, two full sized maps, simplified sea movement and an expanded map area make for a new experience. With several scenarios as well as campaign games there is lots of possibilities in this version.

Gale Force Nine - new Modern Tanks Helicopters
US Cobra, Soviet Hind, French Gazelle, German PAH and British Lynx. Each miniature, flight stand, unit card, crew cards, hero cards and upgrade cards.

Wizkids/Wizards of the Coast - new Nolzur's D&D miniatures
Tiefling Female Rogue, Treant (large), Triceratops (large), Marilith, Carrion Crawler, Blights, Female Half-Elf Bard, Male Elf Rogue, Male Tabaxi Rogue, Male Goliath Fighter, Female Half-Orc Fighter, Fire Giant (large)
Wild Boar, Timber Wolves, Pack Mule, Grizzly Bear, Stag, Doppelgangers, Ghouls, Orc on Dire Wolf, Bone Devil, Female Half-Elf Ranger, Male Half-Elf Ranger, Female Dwarf Summoner

All come pre-primed and ready to paint or just put out on to the table and play.
Gripping Beast - Noble Goth Cavalry box
12 cavalry figures and bases for use with 28mm historical miniatures games

Northstar Figures - Frostgrave Soldiers II box
20 muiltipart plastic female soldiers for your Frostgrave (or other) miniature gaming

Northstar Figures - Metal Female Specialist Soldiers are here

Shieldwolf Miniatures - Shield Maiden /Ranger  plastic figure box
This box comes with enough parts to create 20 plastic figures with a variety of weapon options as well as different command stand options. Crossbows, swords, banners, axes, flails, and more.

Avalanche Press - Conquest of Ethiopia
a Panzer Grenadier module with the 4th edition rules. In 1935 the Italian Army attacked Ethiopia in an attempt to annex the country.  It took six months to do, but the Imperial Ethiopian Army finally collapsed. This module gives you new units, 40 scenarios and hours of game play and is a self contained game. 

Galakta - This War of Mine  : Tales of the Ruined City expansion
Includes a 13th character, Desperate Measures cards to help you as the situation changes, Farmer, Markets and Sewers add new facets to the game as well. Win one of five scenarios, each with unique rules and components and you get legacy content that alters the game for the future.
GMT Games - SpaceCorp 2025-2030
Fast paced 1 to 4 player game of exploration, expansion and development. Game plays through three different eras with different goals throughout. Solo game rules and scenarios are included so you can race your aggregated opponents to the stars. Medium complexity. plays in 1 to 4 hours depending on number of players.

Fantasy Flight Games - Arkham Horror : Return the Dunwich Legacy
this campaign allows you to go back to Dunwich and experience all new surprises and challenges. The box it comes in can be used to store your entire campaign card collection as well, complete with dividers.Also includes new player cards to allow you total customization of the game. Includes 81 scenario cards, 23 player cards, 32 divider cards and rules.

Asmodee Games - Dixit 10th Anniversary
84 cards to add to your Dixit experience.   

GMT Games - Talon 1000
an expansion for Talon adding 22 new ship designs, new Fleet tables to make scenario design easy, new counters dealing with variant weapon loads and much more. Includes 5 sheets of counters, rulebook, solitaire play sheet, 10 sided die, New Empire War Mat and more.

Onyx Path Publishing - Scarred Lands Players Guide
based on Greek mythology, the Scarred Lands has been revised and re-imagined. The effects of the Titanwar ripples across the lands and now you have the chance to experience a world reborn. Over 300 full color, hardbound pages.

Onyx Path Publishing - The Wise & The Wicked Second Edition
a revised version of the old book with new material, all designed with 5e D&D in mind. A rogues gallery of Scarred Lands characters along with new magic items, artifacts, character archetypes, feats, creatures and more.

Why Not Games - Surial : Bear Folk of the North
This new D&D 5e OSR supplement explains the Surial, or bearfolk. Inhabitants of the frozen north, they serve as stewards and protectors of the world. With innate healing magic and a gentle nature, you may be surprised by their fury when roused.

Awaken Realms Games - Lords of Hellas
Set in the Dark Age of Greece marrying classic Greek mythology and Sci-Fi elements this game has a unique feel. Players choose a unique hero to control and try to dominate their opponents be it by conquest or glory. For 1 to 4 players, ages 14 and up. Plays in one or two hours depending on players.

Czech Games - Codename Pictures XXL
Two 'spymasters' attempt to send messages to their operatives to reveal agents. But the messages must be used careful as they may instead undercover enemy agents or even assassins. Why XXL? This version of the game comes with cards that are almost twice as large making it easier for players to see and react. Can be played with 2 to 8 players or 4-8 players in competitive teams.   
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