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January 10th,  2020 :

This week brings us new miniatures, a few older games that are back in stock and a step closer to the Miniatures Market at month's end.

Studio 2 - Don't Look Back : Conspiracy Horror Roleplaying
The third edition of the game using the d6xd6 system. This game features a detailed world of goverment coverups, secret societies and conspiracies. Character generation takes about 5 minutes and the mechinics of gameplay are easy to learn. includes 2 adventures, 4 pregenerated characters and bunches of example creatures to get you started.

House Dok Games - Metahumans Rising

Create a unique comic book world where metahumans, magic and super-science come together into a reality unlike any other. Build a collaberative game world or use the setting provided. Characters use customizable arrays and flexible powers to with limts only you can imagine. Heroes always have the option to push themselves and thier powers beyond their limits to create more action. Easy to use background rules, villainous organizations, and on the fly threats. Includes and introductory adventure, a story to help define a campign city and a cadre of super villains and even sample starting characters to make the game complete.

Wizkids Games - Trouble in Waterdeep Dicemasters Campaign Box
Pit Waterdeep's favorite heroes against it's biggest threats. Everything 2 players need to play Dicemasters and expereince the dice battling fun. With such characters as Volo, Xanathar, Calliope and Jappa the fun never ends.

Dicemasters - The Zhentarim
24 cards and 16 dice containing members of the Zhentarim faction as a ready to play team when combined with any starter set. Manshoon, Hitch, Davil Starsong and others.

Dicemasters - Adventures in Waterdeep
24 cards and 16 dice containing such cards and dice as Jarlaxe, Black Viper, the Stone of Golorr and others combining with any starter set to make a ready to play team.

Fantasy Flight Games - New LCG releases
Lord of the Rings : The City of Ulfast
Arkham Horror : Dark Side of the Moon
Game of Thrones : The Things We Do for Love
(88 new card, 3 copies of 26 different cards and 1 copy of 10 different cards) bringing powerful and iconic cards from eariler eras of the game into the second edition.

Looney Labs _ Astronomy Fluxx
The ever changing card game goes out into space. All the same mechanics as Fluxx but with an astronmy theme. For 2-6 players, aged 8 and up. Plays in around half an hour. Sometimes much quicker, sometimes a bit longer.

Sand Castle Games - Res Arcana : Lux et Tenebrae
This first expansion adds a 5th player, a new artifact type and specuial one use powers in the form of scrolls. New mages, new magic items, monuments, places of power and artifacts expand the game even further.

Fantasy Flight Games - new Song of Ice and Fire miniatures game releases
Targaryen Starter - With Dokrathi, Daenerys Targaryen, Kal Drago, Jorah Mormont and others the Khalessi now get involved in the wars on Westros. Includes miniatures, dice, rules, tokens, cards, tactics board and everything you need to play.

Stormcrow Mercenaries - 13 Mercenaries (leader, bannerman and 11 troopers) come with game cards and movement tray.

Stormcrow Archers - 12 mercenary archers with game card and movement tray

Modiphius Entertainment - new Fallout Wasteland Warfare miniatures
The Institute Core box - with 8 miniatures, 4 Gen 1 Synths, 2 Gen 2 Synths, an Institute Scientist and a Courser. Unleash the power of science against your foes as you impose your dream of the future upon the world of Fallout.

Institute Synths boxed set - 6 Synths (4 Gen 1 and 2 Gen 2) ready to carry out your orders.

Institute Covert Operations - 3 operative (Kellogg, A-2018 and Z2047) ready to stalk the wastes, deal with trespassers and enforce your will.

Upper Deck - VS System 2PCG Crossover
This last 2PCG volume 2 installment expands 8 different rosters Champions, Inhumans, Brotherhood of Mutants, Spider-Friends, Resistance and H.A.M.M.E.R., S.H.I.E.L.D and Hydra) but adds Elders of the Universe and characters of the Spiderverse. 55 new cards and rules.

Free League Games - Forbidden Lands : Spire of Quetzel
Four adventure sites in a single volume for your Forbidden Lands game. We had these before, but they went out quick. The Spire of Quetzel (a mystical tower), The Bright Vault (a pale stone domed vault), Hexenwald (a wooded village) and the Graveyard of Thunder (a cave complex).

Mongoose Publishing - Naval Adventure 2 : Showing the Starburst
The captain and crew of an Imperial Cruiser is ordered to cruise the neutral worlds between the Zhodani Consulate and the Spinward Marches. Show the flag, support allies, gather intelligence and tread carefully, but with confidence. Scads of background, lots of missions and adventure hooks, source materials and more for your Traveller naval campaign.

Arc Dream Publishing - Delta Green : A Victim of the Art
This revised scenario now deals with update rules, the new setting and new color illustrations. Can you deal with the serial killer that mutilates his victims in bizarre ways? Beware. Not everything is as it seems.

Necrotic Gnome Games - Old School Essentials are back in stock!

The Hole in the Oak, Old School Essentials Adventure
A hole in an old oak tree leads characters into a twisted, root riddled passageway. Will you explore the passages and unlock their secrets? For characters of 1st and 2nd level.

Winterís Daughter Adventure
Delve into the fairy-haunted forest of Dolmenwood. Explore an ancient tomb, enter the domain of a Drune cult, unlock the secret to the fairy princessesí heart. A romantic fairy tale dungeon for levels 1-3.

Old School Essentials Advanced Fantasy Genre Rules
9 new human classes, 6 demi-human race/classes, optional rules and extra depth and more spell casting. All in this rulebook.

Druid and Illusionists Spells
34 Druid Spells and 72 Illusionists Spells, background and tables. Ready to add to your Old School Essentials game. Recommended (in not required) to use the Advanced Fantasy Rules.

Wizkids 4D Miniatures
Homestead - a painted and assembled farmer or peasantís homestead. Includes chickens, a chicken coop, hut, hitch post, horse, pig, pile of wood, sacks of grain, trough, fencing, well and wheelbarrow

Medieval Farmer - a set that can add to the Homestead or be used on itís own. Comes with farmer, animal shelter, 2 cows, 2 Oxen, manger, Plow, 2 wheel cart and 4 fence sections

Neat Games - Too Many Poops
A cat collection game. Add cats to your collection, get groups to score bonus points. But look out, cats poop and too many poops puts you out of the gameÖ Includes 73 cards, litter box cards, 51 poople tokens, pouch and rulebook. 2-6 players ages 7 and up. Plays in about half an hour.

Renegade Games - Fox in the Forest : Duet
This 2 player cooperative game lets you work together to move through the forest and collect gems. Try to stay on the path and not get lost. For 2 players taking about half an hour to play. Ages 10 and up.

Wizkids Games - Transformers HD unpainted Miniatures
Out of the box, primed miniatures - ready to paint or play. Includes Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Megatron and Starscream.

Hitpoint Press - Humblewood miniature packs. Each one has several plastic miniatures, all preassembled. Use them as is or prime and paint them.

Humblefolk : Hedge Warlock, Vulpin Noble, Cervan Cleric, Mapach Tinkerer, Jerbeen Swashbuckler

Citizens of Alderheart : Hedge Bard, Luma Cleric, Gallus Monk, Strig Bard and Raptor Explorer

Heroes of Humblewood : Strig Knight, Corvum Necromancer, Gallus Druid, Luma Wizard and Raptor Ranger

Bandit Coalition : Cervan Bandit General, Vulpan Captain, Corvum Rogue, Mapach Bandit and Jerbeen Thief

Beasts of the Wood : Ash Snake, Mountain Lion, Forest prowler and Emberbat Swarm

Aspect of Fire - a large flaming avatar and 3 fire markers

Evil Hat Games - FATE of Cthulhu
Using the FATE core system you battle for the future (and past) of mankind. The Great Old Ones reach from their future into our past to corrupt and influence the timeline to cause an apocalyptic end to the human race. Can you, as a one way time traveler or an inhabitant of the present day stop their nefarious plans? Includes core FATE rules to play, rules for corruption, a timeline alteration system, heroic last stands, rituals, spells, dire fiends, five different timelines and more.

Free League Games - Mutant Year Zero : The Gray Death
An adventure module that takes many older adventures and puts them all into a single epic campaign that challenges the players to put aside tribal and racial differences to put a stop to a looming threat that may well cause the end of days for all the inhabitants of the world.

January 3rd,  2020 :

Sorry folks. It's been a little while since we've been able to update this section of the website.

We are working on a new (gasp!) website. Coming soon. Honest.
Hang tight. In the mean time, feel free to watch our Facebook Page for more information

GMT Games - Battle Line Medieval

A 2 player card game where players square off attempting to control the majority of the battle field or a smaller number of adjacent sectors. Cards represent different units, special events or situations. Based on the original battle Line by Reiner Knizia, but with more tactical choices. 2 players, ages 14 and up.

MIG Kolinsky Sable brushes and brush sets - in stock now.

Abeteiliung 502 Marta Kolinsky Sable brushes in stock too! 

Fantasy Flight Games -

Marvel Champions - Captain America Hero Pack expansion

Marvel Champions - Ms. Marvel Hero Pack expansion


Northstar Games - Taverns of Tiefenthal

2-4 players combine dice placement and deck building to manage their tavern, attempting to become the hottest place in town. For ages 12 and up. Plays in around an hour.

Osprey Games - Romance of the Perilous Lands : an RPG set in the world of British Folklore.  Romantic chivalry, ambitious kings, giants, sorcerers and more threaten the lands. Will you protect the people, right wrongs, defeat evil knights and create your own legend? 250+ full color, hardbound pages.

Osprey Games - Paleomythic Roleplaying game of Stone and Sorcery

A RPG set in the ancient land of MU, a prehistoric land of cold winters, mysterious ruins, otherworldly spirits, beastmen, ghouls, warlords and mystics. Tell  a tale of grand adventure wrought with hardship and survival. A 250+ page full color book of storytelling from the dawn of time.

Osprey Games - The Vanir : A Ragnarok Expansion

New Godsparks that War Clans may harness, new scenarios, warriors, monsters and campaign options.   

Osprey Publishing books

Duel #100 - Me 262 vs P-51 Mustang Europe 1944-45

X Planes #13 - The Wright Flyers : 1899-1916

New Vanguard #277 - British Amphibious Assault Ships Suez to Falklands and the present day 


GMT - Nevsky : Teutons and Rus in Collision 1240-1242

First in the Levy & Campaign Series examining war along the Baltic frontier of the 13th Century. Town councils and Papl legates loom over kings, fortifications and siege engines, rivercraft and sleds along with crossbows, trebuchets govern the fate of lords. Six scenarios ranging for 2 to 16 turns bring the game to life.

Wargames Illustrated 387 - Urban Combat : Stalingrad, Warfare in the City, Gun Emplacements, Chain of Command, Black Seas, Perry Minis and more. 

Miniature Wargames 440 - Bullets & Blades
Black Powder , sci-fi lunar carnage rules, Albedo Combat Patrol, Ragnarok, Kings of War 3, Ciorland and the battles of the Volturno and Barabra lines and more.

 Miniature Wargames 441 - The Battle of the Nive an Epic 10 page Black Powder Battle Report, Zona Alfa, Test of Honor, Kronstadt, 15mm Industrial Hangers and more 

Frog Games - Tegel Manor : The Judgeís Guild Classic Reborn

The 5e version of the classic haunted house adventure originally published in 1977. The Manor sprawls over 250 rooms with tricks, traps, puzzles, monsters and more. 200+ pages and a pair of poster maps with the surroundings and the manor itself in detail.

Frog God Games - Sea Kings Malice

Can you deal with the Sea King? He sits in his underwater kingdom dreaming of a campaign against the land dwellers and destroying them all. Can you deal with this menace in this newest 5e adventure from the waves above to the abyssal depths below?

GMT Games - MBT : 4CMBG

A new expansion for MBT featuring the Canadian 4th Mechanized Brigade Group. 

Pathfinder Horror Adventures

Pathfinder Monster Codex

Pathfinder - Broken Promises : Age of Ashes part 6 of 6

Starfinder - Hive of Minds Attack of the Swarm part 5 of 6 

Gamelyn Games - Tiny Epic Tactics 

1-4 player boardgame of adventure, plunder and kingdom building. Ages 14 and up. Plays in under an hour or so, depending on players.

Army Painter - Wet Palette

A new painting accessory from Army painter. Includes an acrylic tray with hydration foam, 50 sheets of paper, a safety strap (to keep it together) and a brush/tool tray that holds up to 10 round handled brushes and 6 triangular handled brushes. 

Wyrd Games - Malifaux Faction Books

Resurrectionists, Outcasts, Ten Thunders and The Bayou. All four books are in store and ready to help you plan, play and enjoy your Malifaux experience with background and model profiles to help put your crew together and play.

Capstone Games - Maracaibo

1-4 players take the role of seafarers and adventurers trying to curry favor with the various powers of the 17th Century, establish alliance, gain wealth and fame. Upgrade your ship, battle opponents, sail the seas as a privateer, fulfill quests and do even more. Beware your rivals and climb aboard. For ages 12 and up. Plays in around 30 minutes per person.

Guillotine Games - Cthulhu : Death May Die

A 1-5 player cooperative game where players attempt to defeat eldritch horrors by any means necessary. Solve the mystery of up to 6 different episodic stories using skills, insanities and grit to deal with terrible monsters and minions. For ages 14 and up. Plays in around 2 hours.

Necrotic Gnome Games - Old-School Essentials

An RPG using 100% old school rules updated to today. Made in the tradition of the 80ís adventure game rules itís been rewritten to be clear, quick to learn and easy to play. All the rules you need in one spot.
There is the Rules Tome (290+ hardbound pages) which gets you everything in a single book or the boxed set - 6 books covering the Core Rules (battle, magic and exploration), Fantasy Genre rules (character classes, fantasy gear, building a stronghold and founding a domain), Cleric & Magic User spells (over 100 spells for players to use), Fantasy Monsters (over 200 fearsome beasts) and Classic Fantasy Treasures (over 150 different items) - each of the five topics in itís own hardbound book all nestled in a heavy duty box.

Pokemon Tag Team Generations Premium Collection - 

2 foil promo cards, oversized foil promo card, playmat, 7 booster packs, a coin and a code card for Pokemon TCG online - all in one handy package.

Breaking Games - Weíre Doomed!

4-10 players vie for positions on a rocketship to get off the doomed planet. Youíll only have 15 minutes (in real time) to build the rocket, contributing resources to help make it a reality. But, youíll also need to gain influence to make sure your one of the few able to take a seat on itís launch. 100 different events change the game as it goes on and you watch humanity at itís worst. For ages 14 and up. Plays in about 15 minutes.

Cubicle Seven - Erebor Adventures for 5e Adventures in Middle Earth 

Save Dale and the Lonely Mountain in these 6 linked adventures. Visit the kingdom of Bard the Dragonslayer, see the toy market of Dale and the rebuilt Laketown. See the Halls of the King Under the Mountain and try to keep peace and prosperity in the North.

Flying Buffalo - Mercenaries, Spies and Private Eyes

The classic RPG is back again. Play from the dawn of gunpowder to the near future with ultramodern weapons and equipment. Action packed adventure awaits in the pages of the elegant, fun and easy to learn RPG system.Everything you need to play is here, over 100 skills, all the original information plus Tunnels & Thompsons and the Sci-Fi Enhancements as well as new art. 15 pregenerated characters, character folder and art and more.

Flying Buffalo - two Mercenaries, Spies and Private Eyes Adventures
The Adventure of the Jade Jaguar - solitaire MSPE adventure.


Mugshots - The Case of the Pacific Clipper (by Dave Arneson) 1930s solitaire adventure, a complete GM adventure, 20 NPCs, play aids, maps and MSPE material. 

Pazio Publishing - Pathfinder Flip-Tiles : Darklands Perils Expansion

24 full color tiles to expand the underground. Sinkhole passages, cave-Ins, Laval, Crystals and more. Each double sided tile has full color artwork and is laminated to allow a myriad of removable marking options.

City Gates Classic Flipmat 

A double sided 24 x 30 full color laminated flipmat featuring a Majestic castle gateway with a winding hillside entrance on one side and a bridged entrance with on the other. Designed for various markers to be used and removed easily. 

Onyx Path Publishing - Trinity Continuum RPG Core Rulebook

A standalone RPG set in the Trinity Continuum - able to be used with Aeon, Aberrant and Adventure! Rules for character creation, action, adventure, intrigue and procedural play, advice on running genre games and playing Talents in the modern era. 200+ hardbound full color pages.

Onyx Path Publishing - Trinity Continuum : Aeon RPG 

Using the Trinity Continuum rules system (seperate book required) this book details the Earth in the 22nd century, worlds humanity has colonized, Spacecraft, noetic biotech, advanced technology, Advice on Talent use and genre specialization. All in one full color book.

Steamforged Games - Godtear  miniatures game

Pazio Publishing - new Pathfinder, Starfinder and Flip Mats are here!

Friday, November 29th :

Gaming Ballistic - Fantasy Trip adventures four new modules for Steve Jacksonís Fantasy Trip :

Citadel of Ice - The adventurers are tasked with getting to an iceberg upon which sits a temple, getting there to retrieve treasures before it melts and falls forever into the deeps. Ice themed monsters, competing factions and secret power make this a journey to remember. 4-6 characters of 37 points each or higher.

The Crown of Eternity - the adventurers are hired by a group of treasure seeking mages to track down an eldritch archeologist, bring him back along with the artifact he is trying to procureÖ the Crown of Eternity. Can your party succeed where others failed? For 33-35 point characters.

Vampire Hunter Belladonna - a solo adventure for a single character tasked with hunting vampires and their spawn. New monsters and magic items, a sandbox wilderness system and over 200 pre-programmed paragraphs provide the action for 37-40 character. Use your own or play a pre-generated character.

Ironskull Castle - Visit Lady Raelle Ironskull, the Mistress of Eldritch Arms. Both an adventure and a setting (Ironskull Castle) where adventure awaits, troubles stalks the keep, surprises and magic are around every corner and many an opportunity await. Designed around a party of 4 to 6 players, characters 33-36 points.

Curse of the Pirate King - Travel with your party to an abandoned capital and retrieve a fabled sword. Go to a lifeless rock, grab the treasure of long dead buccaneers. What could go wrong? Designed for a small party (4-6) 34-36 point characters.

Kobold Press - 5e D&D Warlock Grimoire

290+ pages of Midgard information compiled from the first 10 issues of Warlock along with a full issue worth of new never before seen game information and lore. Life in the Ironcrags, events along the western coast of the Wasted West, information about Perunalian archers, paladins of the Sun God and much more.  

Illeo/Devil Pig Games - Heroes of Stalingrad

First of the Eastern Front games for Heroes of Normandie  system. Includes rules, Russian and German units, action cards, maps, overlays and bunches more. A great game for examining the WW2 conflict without being bogged down in rule minutia.

Ravensburger Games - King Me!
The Crimson Kingdom and Onxy Empire face off in this take on a classical game. Hop your pieces across the board, capture the crowns of realm and beware as event cards change the fate of the world. 2 players, ages 8 and up. Plays in under an hour.

Wizkids Games - prepainted D&D miniatures

Voloís and Mordenkainenís Foes booster packs are available now

The Elder Brain (Elder Brain and 6 different stalagmite sets) - in store now.

Rio Grande Games - Queenz

2-4 player game of beekeeping. Compete to attract bees to your hives. Grow different flowers, build fields of flowers and get the bees you need. Produce the best honey to win the game. Ages 13 and up. Plays in about half an hour.

Metallic Dice Company - Fold Up Dice Tower

Yes indeed, a fold up dice tower to help you with your dice tending. Fits inside your fold up dice tray for your convenience. Available in bunches of different colors.

Monte Cook Games - The Stars are on Fire

A Cypher system game with everything you need to play a sci-fi game. Be it a galaxy spanning space opera or a hard sci-fi near future setting - itís all here. Characters, combat, starships and amazing equipment. Includes The Revel, a complete sci-fi setting, a full length adventure (Salvage over Saturn) and a pair of short adventures as well. You will need a Cypher System rulebook to make use of this book.

Waibi Games - Pathogenesis

A deck building game where players are bacterial pathogens attacking a human host. Survive the immune response, adapt to the ever changing environment, damage your host and try to make sure you survive. Fully scalable with various level of difficulty and game length. Includes solo, competitive, cooperative, team and classroom game. Designed for 1-4 players ages 14 and up. 30 to 60 minutes to play.

Waibi Games - Pathogenesis STD Expansion

Adding a fourth tract to the body, this expansion adds pathogens, traits and virulence factors and a new mechanic - Collateral Damage cards.

Gale Force Nine for 5e D&D
Epic Monster Cards - 77 oversized cards with the most dangerous monsters for 5e featured in full color and handy write ups.

Creature & NPC cards - 182 cards with various creatures and NPCs for your 5e game. Full color illustrations, game statistics and handy reference information.

Fantasy Flight Games - Legend of the Five Rings
Dragon Clan Pack : Seekers of Wisdom (78 new cards)

Hitpoint Press - Humblewood Campaign Setting
a new 5e compatible campaign setting with where players take on the role of anthropomorphic woodland creatures, each fighting to stop hatred, destruction and banditry. With 10 player races, new monsters, magic items and a compelling adventure for characters 1st to 5th level.

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