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This page lists all new product as well as important restocks. If you don't see your game on the list, email or call us and we'll let you know the status of that game. 
Friday July 19th:

New for this long, hot week…
The Golden Girls Playing Cards. Seriously. 52 card deck, 2 jokers and lots of entertainment when you pull these out for your group.

Steve Jackson Games - The Fantasy Trip Companion (softback)

60+ pages of Fantasy Trip variants, Space Gamer articles, fan suggestions from the original release, new ideas and lots more. Add to your Wizard/Melee/In the Labyrinth gaming experience.

The OP Games = Die Hard : The Nakatomi Heist boardgame

2-4 players (ages 15 and up) play as either John McClane or as Hans Gruber’s thieving crew trying to battle their way to the top of the plaza building. Complete objectives, plan your attacks and get their first. Includes 9 plastic sculpted figures, double sided map boards, cards, rules and more.    

Queen Games - Copenhagen

Construct new facades that perfectly fit the beautiful harbor scenery. Place your tiles to your advantage, gain abilities based on good placement and try to come out on top. For 2-4 players, ages 8 and up. Takes about half an hour.

Wizards of the Coast - Warriors and Weapons

A one of a kind guide to heroes, their equipment, a guide on building characters in 5e D&D and how to put together a good adventuring party. 100+ full color pages of information.

Monte Cook - Your Best d20 Game Ever

Lots of advice on running games from Monte Cook and over two dozen different seasoned contributors. Party chemistry, building interesting characters, how to run a game that players look forward to and stories they will never forget along with tons more.   

Kenzer & Company - Knights of the Dinner Table #265

64 pages of comic fun, reviews, source material and more.

Wargames Atlantic - Raumjager Infantry box set

24 plastic figures which can be armed with rifles, Machine guns, flamethrowers, plasma guns, comms gear, grenades and more. Includes helmets, closed masks, caps, bare headed and lots of other options. 

Wargames Atlantic - Classic Fantasy Skeletons

32 skeletons, bows, spears, sword, pikes and commander options are all present. Based on classic Greek patterns, are skill easily usable for any fantasy period.

Flying Frog Games - Forbidden Fortress  : Fortress of Shadows deluxe expansion

Add the Fallen Shogun, his Takobke army and new missions to your game. New heroes, new enemies, artifacts, 26 miniatures, sheets, tokens and lots more.

Alderac Entertainment - Atlier : The Painter’s Studio

2-4 player run art studios in the 19th Century. Manage assistants, collect paint, complete works of art and try to please your patrons. Ages 14 and up. Plays in about 45 minutes.


Queen Games - Luxor : The Mummy’s Curse

Four different expansions for the Luxor base game. Adds special powers, unique starting hands, new ways to collect treasures and more. Also adds materials to add a fifth player, Horus cards and tokens. Lots and lots of expansion possibilities.

Parabellum Games - Conquest : The Last Argument of Kings

A new post apocalyptic miniatures game where centuries have passed and later fantastic armies vie for control in the new world. The starter box comes with the 100 Kingdoms force with knights, crossbowmen and men at arms fight the Spires - a force of specially grown and created minions. Includes a rulebook, command cards, 75 miniatures and more.

Parabellum Games - Conquest Expansions
Need to add to your force from the starter game? Each unit is now available as it’s own boxed set. Knights, Abominations, Drones, Crossbowmen and more.


Chessex Labs - limited release (but maybe not) dice.
These are polyhedral sets which Chessex has a limited release of. Then, depending on the response, they may re-release or simply discontinue. Get them while they last.
Nebula Nocturnal/blue ink (Purple Translucent plastic with glow in the dark swirls and light blue ink)

Lustrous Pink/blue (Pearlescent pink plastic with baby blue ink)

Festive Flare/White (Orange swirled plastic with white ink)

Festive Autumn/White (Brown/blue/green swirled plastic with white ink)

Festive Dahia/White (Swirled pink/red/clear translucent plastic with white ink)

Festive Allusion/Blue (Pink/Yellow & White plastic with blue ink)

Friday July 12th:

New for this week...
Catalyst Game Labs - Shadowrun Sixth World Beginner’s Box

A boxed set ready to introduce you to Shadowrun and the Sixth World. A four page primer, quick start rules, an adventure, 4 premade characters, gear cards, poster map and dice. Everything you need to get a group together and learn to play.

Catalyst Game Labs - Shadowrun Sprawl Ops

A new Shadowrun game putting you in control of a group of Runners. Hire the crew, gear them up, get out onto the street and complete missions. Designed for 2-4 players, ages 13 and up. Takes about 90 minutes to 2 hours to play. Cards, custom dice, game board, tokens and more.

Catalyst Game Labs - Battletech Alphastrike Commanders Edition Book

A new hardbound book with revised fast play rules. Force marshalling, combat rules, battlefield rules, scenarios, special optional rules and more.


Fantasy Flight Games - new Legion miniatures

Catalyst Game Labs - Shadowrun : No Future

A sourcebook and guide to the Sixth World with scads of information about music, media, sports, the underground and much more. A cyberPUNK trove of information.

Compass Games - Cargo Express

2 to 4 players become train entrepreneurs accepting orders and transporting goods. Be aware of changing conditions, get the cargo where it needs to go. Ages 10 and up. Plays in about an hour.

Weird Giraffe Games - Stellar Leap 

1-5 players explore new planets and complete missions in this family friendly game. Increase your population, fulfill your hidden objective and use your special ability to your benefit. Ages 14 and up. Plays in about 20 minutes per player.   

Fantasy Flight Games - New X-Wing releases

Naboo Royal N-1 Starfighter, Hyena class Droid Bomber, A/SF-01 B-Wing Starfighter, TIE/sf Starfighter, Resistance Transport and TIE/vn Silencer as well as the Millenium Falcon and the VT-49 Decimator 

Star Wars X-Wing Deluxe Movement and Range Tools

Gale Force Nine - Battlefield in a Box Galactic Warzones Storage Crates Boxed Set

RTalsorian Cyberpunk 2020 is back in stock!
Chromebook Compilation A (Chromebook 1 & 2), Night City, Firestorm : Shockwave, Firestorm Stormfront, Pacific Rim Sourcebook, Rache Bartmoss’s Brainware Blowout, Solo of Fortune 2, LIsten up you Primitive Screwheads, Maximum Metal, Deep Space, When Gravity Fails, Wildside, Euro Source Plus, Euro Tour, Edgerunners Inc, Home of the Brave, Live & Direct, Rough Guide to the UK and Neo Tribes - all here as we speak!

Fantasy Flight Games - Call of Cthuhlu Mythos Pack : In the Clutches of Chaos  

Steve Jackson Games - Munchkin 40K : Savagery and Sorcery

Featuring Fenris, Lemass Russ, Tzeentch and more!

Steve Jackson Games - Munchkin 6 : Double Dungeons

40 Double Sized Dungeons and and 32 Portal cards - Munchkin 6 and 6.5 all in one place.

Cool Mini - Song of Ice and Fire Followers of Bone - Free Folk Set

Cool Mini - Song of Ice and Fire Ranger Trackers - Night’s Watch Set

Wizkids Games - Star Trek Conflick

A finger-flicking game of conflict in the Neutral  Zone. Combat, resource gathering and ship building

Days of Wonder - Corinth

2-4 players play ambitious merchants in ancient times. For ages 8 and up. Plays in half an hour.

Anvil 8 Games - Aetherium Role Playing Game

250+ page hardback full color role playing game set in Anvil 8’s game world. Background, character generation, combat, cyberspace and much, much more. Technology and elegance combined into a sci-fi utopia. Collective, Corporations and governments vie for control while they try to use the poor to their end. 

Ankama Games - Draftosarurus

2-5 players create dinosaur zoos in this fast paced game. Try to bring in the most visitors to win the game. Ages 8 and up. Plays in 15 minutes or so. 

Compass Games - Bar-Lev Deluxe Edition : the 1973 Arab-Israeli War

Designed to have two fronts, the Suez and Golan are represented on individual maps. This operational game is a revised and refreshed version of the GDW game from 1973 and 1977. Revised order of battle, rewritten rules, redrawn maps and more. Two sets of counters are included - standard NATO symbols and others with side views of the vehicles themselves.

Rebel Games - K2, K2 expansion Lhotse and K2 expansion Broad Peak are here.

Artana Games - Tesla vs Edison Duel (2 player version) is here

Plan B Games - Century A New World
The Century Trilogy concludes with this game. Explore the New World, be a merchant, trade with the natives and survive as best you can. Plays on it's own, mix it with Spice Road and Eastern Wonders and create 4 unique games as you choose. 2-4 players ages 8 and up. Plays in under an hour.

Z-Man Games - War with the Evil power Master
a cooperative Adventure Game exploring the galaxy, find and defeat the Evil Power Master, deal with challenges and wi the final showdown. 1 or more players ages 10 and up. Choose Your Own Adventure in this card based game.

Space Cowboys - UNLOCK! Heroic Adventures
Three adventures, Alice in Wonderland, Sherlock Holmes and an 8 bit virtual reality escape room adventure - all in one box. Requires a free app to play, but once downloaded no internet connection is required.

Amigo Games - Heimlich & Co.
2-7 player (ages 8 and up) spy game. Keep your agent's secret identity safe as you maneuver to get to the right building at the right time. Includes an expansion card pack for further play, time-tested mechanics and plenty of deception.

Days of Wonder - Ticket to Ride New York
From trains to buses, taxis, cars and who knows what. Players race across new York trying to visit the most prestigious attractions. Elegantly simple, learn the mechanics in three minutes, play again and again. Hours of fun . For ages 8 and up. 2-4 players. Each game takes about 15 minutes to play.

Amigo Games - Escape from the Hidden Castle
2-8 pl;ayers, ages 7 to adult, avoiding the phantom, ducking around corners and trying to get out without being caught. Only 1 will survive to escape. Will it be you?
Friday July 5th:

Wizards of the Coast

Magic the Gathering Core 2020 is HERE.

Decks and Booster packs are hereby available. 

Modiphius Entertainment - Star Trek Adventures Land Party miniatures

10 Starfleet 32mm miniatures. One each male and female officers, Andorian, Tellurite, Denobulan, Vulcan and 2 humanoid.

Star Trek Adventures Iconic Villains - - 32mm resin minis

Khan, Borg Queen, Q, Locutus of Borg, a Gorn Captain, Gul Duvkat, Lore and General Chang

Modiphius Entertainment - Forbidden Lands : The Spire of Quetzel

Four adventure sites for Forbidden Lands, done by some of the best writers of today. The Bright Vault, Hexenwald, Graveyard of Thunder and the Spire of Quetzel itself. 

Frog God Games - Bunnies and Burrows

The FGU 1976 RPG, revised for the present day. Now not only can you play bunnies, but racoons, squirrels, chipmunks and other animals. A full, logical herbalism system is included. 

Frog God Games - City of Brass hardbound compilation (for 5e D&D)

552 pages of plot, story seeds, plane hopping and dungeon crawling. Five new villages, towns and cities, including the City of Brass itself. Fully explored factions, cults and secret societies. Fifteen self contained adventure locations and a multi-level dungeon. All sorts of adventure, locations, monsters and more for 5e D&D.

Modiphius Entertainment - City of Mist Master of Ceremonies Toolkit

Everything you need for running your City of Mist game. Insight into the hidden forces, noir narration and case writing, dozens of ready to use locations, adversaries and operations and a complete sample case to get you started.

Modiphius Entertainment - City of Mist Player’s Guide

Everything you need to participate in this cinematic detective game, a setting introduction, character creation tools, the rules of the game and lots of hints and helpful tidbits.


Osprey Publishing - new releases

Ghost Archipelago - Cities of Bronze sourcebook
The Dricheans and their fractured city-states, snake-men, natives and more combine to make for far more hazards in the Lost Isles. New weapons, specialists, campaigns, scenarios and more.


Duel #94 - Walker Bulldog vs T-54 Laos and Vietnam 1971-75 

Elite #288 - Armies of Russian’s War in Ukraine

Combat # 41 - Union Sharpshooter vs Confederate Sharpshooter

New Vanguard #271 - US Navy Battleships 1886-1898

Duel #93 - Spitfire VC vs A6M2/3 Zero-Sen (Darwin 1943)

Men at Arms #526 - Australian Army at War 1976-2016

Air Campaign #10 - Six Day War 1967 : Operation Focus and 12 hours that changed the Middle East

Combat Aircraft #128 - F-80 Shooting Star units in The Korean War

Gale Force Nine - D&D Collector’s Series : Erelal Freth 

Army Painter - Zombicide Invader Paint Set - 10 colors and a brush

Corvus Belli - Aristeia! Master of Puppets Expansion

Wizards of the Coast - Siege : War for Cybertron expansion set is out.

Mongoose Publishing - Traveller Companion

A compilation of variant and alternate rules, Variant Creation systems, alternate combat rules, hunger, thirst, pressure and more. Make the universe more of a challenge for your players. Toolkit information for the referee abounds with animals, vehicles, starship operations, the law, consequence, narrative task resolution, mundane events resolution systems and a bunch more.

Lucky Duck Games - Chronicles of Crime : Welcome to Redview

No need to read the rules in this new game. Just dive in and play. 4 scenarios, a small 1980’s town setting, dice rolling RPG-like mechanics and more. This is only an expansion, you need the base Chronicles of Crime game to play…

GMT Games - Peloponnesian War

The old Victory Games version revised to have expanded solitaire play, new two- player gaming options, new scenarios, graphical fixes and bunches of improvements. A Fall of Sparta two player scenario gives you new options and the game itself, played solitaire may well push you into changing sides to continue the game. A new, fresh game play introduction to 4th and 5th century Greece.

Osprey Publishing - Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrel

Take on the role of a magician and collect rare books, create feats of magic, go to social engagements and try to keep ahead of your peers and the gentleman with the thisledown hair… For 2 to 4 players, ages 14 and up. Plays in about an hour to an hour and a half depending on players..      


Multiman Publishing - Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit 4 : Pacific Theater of Operations

Japanese and US Marines in the Pacific are featured with 8 scenarios and is entirely self-contained needing now other ASL material to play. Three geomorphic mapboards, player aids, armor, infantry and more. 

Green Ronin Games - Modern Age Companion

Ride the rails across the Old West, Face terror on the High Seas, alien conspiracies and ancient cabals. This supplement adds new backgrounds, professions, talents and other character customization options. New rules and guidelines help to create the setting the GM wants along with stunts, technology and world spanning powers help the storyline along. 

Brazen Chariots - Battalion Combat Series - Battle for Tobruk 1941

This game explores combat in North Africa near the end of 1941. Includes 12 scenarios, (5 one map scenarios, 6 scenarios which are 6 turns or less). Third in the series. Covers Operations Brevity, Battleaxe, Skorpion, Tottensonntag and Crusader. 

Modiphius Entertainment - Things from the Flood

A follow-on to Takes from the Loop - the game is updated to the 1990s and feature settings in Malaren Islands of Sweden and Boulder City in Nevada, USA. New rules for scars and death, new mysteries to overcome and adventure to be had. Uses the Year Zero game engine for fast and effective games. Has four complete scenarios, tied together into the Prophets of Pandora. 

Bones - Black new releases - 20 new item - all sorts of different minis. Monsters, characters, aliens, eldritch monsters and more.

Le Franc Tireur - From the Cellar Pack 9
17 new scenarios for ASL from Tunisia to Poland. Hong Kong to Russia. France to Saigon. All sorts of game play brought to you from ASL fans abroad.   

Gramel Games - Adventures! Revised Edition : Fantasy

An ultralight RPG set two pages of rules for the players, and two more for the GM. Fast, easy to use rules, lots of uses and lots of fun. Space Rangers, Voodoo Pirates, Gothica, Kung Fu Adventures or the Dungeon Crawlers. Lots of background and ideas for each of those settings. All in one books.

Gramel Games - Adventures! Revised Edition 

An ultralight RPG set two pages of rules for the players, and two more for the GM. Fast, easy to use rules, lots of uses and lots of fun. Space Rangers, Voodoo Pirates, Gothica, Kung Fu Adventures or the Dungeon Crawlers. Lots of background and ideas for each of those settings. All in one books.

 Direwolf Games - CLANK Acquisitions Incorporated : Upper Management Pack

Includes 4 new figures, character boards, 4 unique 10 card starting decks - all in a single package 

Blue Orange Games - Bears in a Barrel

Flip your bear in a barrel to move it forward. Try to avoid getting stung, losing honey and your opponent to win. A fast playing dexterity game.


Indie Cards and Games - Finger Guns at High Noon

3-8 players (ages 14 and up) compete in a fast paced shootout filled with strategy, negotiation and hilarity - battle royal style. Plays in about 20 minutes. 

Stronghold Games - Valparsaiso

2-5 players (12 and up) take on the roles of influential citizens, eadh trying to trade valuable resources to obtain what they need to become rich, wield more power and  rule alone. Plays in 45 minutes to a couple of hours depending on number of players.

Corvus Belli - new items in now

Ariadna : Dynamo Regiment of Kazak Light Cavalry (2 bikers)

Panoceania : Orc Troops boxed set (4 figures)

Haqqislam Namurr Active Response Team with heavy pistol and E/M CCW

Yu Jing Krit Kokram Invicibles w/ 2 heavy pistols

Mercenaries Saito Togan, Mercenary Ninja

Panoceania paint set (8 paints, instructions and exclusive Fusilier- Forward Observer miniature) 

Nomads paint set (8 paints, instructions and exclusive Alguacil-medkit miniature)

Wings of Glory - new WW1 miniatures -  Albatross D.V (Von Richtofen)

Thursday June 27th:
Calliope Games - new titles
Everyone Loves a Parade
a 2-6player game for ages 8 and up. Craft floats, wow the crowds and impress your fellow participants in your quest to become the Grand Marshall. Plays in about half an hour.

Shutter Bug
It's 1932 and rumors of amazing creatures hiding in the wilds of America abound. Can you track down these mythical beasts, get pictures and put together a portfolio to amaze? For ages 8 and up. Plays in 30 minutes to an hour depending on number of players.

Direct a network of spies around the globe, accomplish missions with your operatives and uncover directives and gadgets to aid in your plans. For 2 to 6 players ages 8 and up. Plays within an hour.

Ship Shape : It's a Smuggler's Bounty
In the late 17th Century a savvy captain would bring all manner of goods to port. Fill your hold with the right mix of treasure, cannons and other goods to earn the most gold. Amass the biggest bounty to win. 2 to 6 players ages 8 and up. Plays in around an hour based on players.

Game Salute - Roll & Seek : The Museum
2-4 players (ages 5 and up) complete in this game of memory and matching. Roll the dice, search the tiles and find your friends to win.  Includes dice, tiles, rules, dice cup and optional rules for simplified play too.

Medieval Warfare Magazine Vol 9 #1 - New Look at Agincourt
Arrows & Arrowheads, The Crusade of 1101, Famous Warrior Women, Edward II and the great famine, medieval military engineers and more.

Strategy & Tactics Quarterly #6 - D-Day June 6, 1944
Articles and information on D-Day, Operation Overlord and a poster map

WizKids games - Qwarriors Quiltimate Quedition
Quarriors, base game, all the expansions all in one game. Quarriors, Rise of the demons, Quarmageddon, Quest of the Gladiators, Quartifacts and Light vs Dark. Roll dice, summon creatures, go on quests and have hours of fun. 340 dice, 211 cards, trackers, token, dice bags and rulebooks.

Wizkids Games - Europa Base Alpha
Build the best, most defensible base on Europa. This push-your-luck dice game has you building missile silos, communication towers, global command centers, personnel bunkers and Intergalactic Transports. Use cards to aid yourself or hinder opponents as you play. 2 to 4 players ages 14 and up. plays in about an hour.
Wednesday June 26th:
Steve Jackson Games - Munchkin Warhammer 40K : Faith and Firepower
112 new cards including two new armies (Tau and Sisters of battle), new loot, horrible monsters and all the excitement you expect from Munchkin Warhammer 40K.

Deep Water Games - Claim
2 player, fast playing card game. With the king dead you must get follower, convince factions that you need to be King and grab the Throne. plays within half an hour. Ages 10 and up.

Renegade Games - Proving Grounds
Part of the new Solo Hero series, this real time solitaire dice game merges narrative and game play in a unique experience. There is a novella which sets the background and prepares you for the game, trying to lead Maia Strongheart in her ascent to the Sun Throne. Includes a training game and 6 gameplay modules.

Cubicle Seven - Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying Boxed Starter Set
6 ready made characters, Adventures book, reference and handout sheets, tokens, maps, custom dice, gamemaster screen and more. Everything you need to play, ready to go - launching you into a world of grim fantasy.

Pazio Publishing - New Pathfinder/Starfinder releases
Starfinder Rules Reference Cards - 110 cards with concise guides to the game
Pathfinder Flip-Tiles : Forest Highland Expansion
24 full color tiles, double sided tiles. Rivers, lakes, Primal Shrine and more.

Pathfinder Pawns : Enemy Encounters
Gobloinoids, Duergar, Gnolls, Ogres, pits, spikes, traps and worse. This pawn collection has heavy cardstock, full color pawns and tokens to deal with encounters, spell effects, traps and common hazardous terrain. A handy addition to your game.

Starfinder - Dawn of Flame chapter 5 (of 6)  : Solar Strike
a deep sun colony attacked by Effretis and now in danger. Can you help them? This 9th level adventure brings action, adventure, new races, new monsters and more.

Pathfinder Flipmat - Dragon's Lair (full color 24 x 30)

Pathfinder - Tyrant's Grasp Adventure 5 (of 6) : Borne by Sun's Grace
deal with agent's of the Whispering Tyrant, adventure in Xoptal, deal with trhe Warden of the Dead Roads, encounter couatls and try to save the world.

Direwolf games - Game of Thrones : Oathbreaker
5-8 player game of deception. One player is the King, the remainder the great lords and ladies of Westros.Some are loyal to the throne, others seek to end the king's rule. All have an agenda of their own. Can you succeed in your goal while helping your faction? Will the King keep order in the realm as well as the Throne? For ages 14 and up, plays in around 45 minutes.

Pandasaurus games - Arraial
a fast paced tile laying game for 1 to 4 players. Try to make shapes you gather fit perfectly together as you gain them. Your position at the table dictates the tiles yuo gather as the game goes on. Rules are designed for ages 8 and up. plays in about 15 minutes per player.

Ares games - new Wings of Glory WW1 planes are in stock.
Sopwith Camel (Maclaren or Kissenbertrh) and Nieuport 16 (Ball) or SPAD XIII (Chavannes) are in stock now.
Wizkids Games - Ravnica * Inquisition
5-10 player social deduction game set in the world of Ravnica. As a representative of a Guild you are tasked with rooting out the agents of Nicol Bolas. Not everyone at the table is loyal to the Gatewatch, so investigate carefully and stop the interlopers from gaining positions of power. Plays in 15 minutes or so.

GMT Games - Fields of Fire 2 - 5th marines in WW2, Korea and Vietnam
This diceless card based game lets you follow a Marine rifle company during campaigns on Peleliu, the Chosin Reservoir or Hue City. Designed as a solitaire game, it's for ages 14 and up. Cards deal with terrain, enemies and objectives while you concentrate on the task at hand.

Friday June 21st:

USAopoly - Harry Potter : Hogwart’s Battle - Defense Against the Dark Arts
A two player competitive deck-building game for ages 11 and up. Play your cards, acquire new ones and build a powerful defense as you play. Compete against your opponent and stun them three times to win. Rules, cards, play mat and more .

GMT1901 - Command and Colors Medieval

Byzantine Empire vs Sassinid Persians. Includes 19 scenarios, including some of Huns vs Romans. This game bridges the C&C Ancients to the medieval period. Includes battlefield board,  terrain tiles, command cards, rules, battle dice and lots more.

Ares Games - Swords & Sorcery : Volkor Hero pack

This Drakonian Guard figure has been altered by wild magiks and now can be played as a Dragonheart or Dragonflame - free of Vastaryous’ domination. As either a sellsword and healer or fire magic wielder and soldier. Comes with 2 minis, cards and legendary treasures.

Ares Games - Swords & Wizardy : Skeld Hero pack

Skeld, hearty Dwarf from the Talon Coast can be played either as Slayer or Berserker. He comes with 2 miniatures, cards and new items including his mighty Golden Axe Furioso.

Ares Games - Swords and Wizardry - Vastaryous’ Lair

3 deadly new enemies, the Master Enemy Vastaryous, the five headed dragon, new modular boards, legendary powers, new items, traps, treasures and more. For 1-5 players, ages 13 and up. These expansion missions will take about 30 minutes per player to play.

Ares Games - Monsters vs Heroes volume 2

Meet characters and creatures from Lovecraft’s Shadow over Innsmounth or At the Mountains of Madness. Fight the Deep Ones, Willian Dyer, dread albino penguins, Professor Armitage or others. This Fast & fun game is for 2 to 8 players, ages 8 and up.

Ares Games - Nightmarium
A 2-5 player fast moving card game. Create Night Terrors , summon monsters, feed them fear and make them stronger. Only when you are undisputed Master of Terror have you won. Ages 10 and up. Vanquish your opponent's monsters to reign supreme.

Black Forest Studio - The Villagers

6-25 people (yup, it’s a con or party game) try to find out who has attempted to unleash a plague upon the village. Use your combined abilities to unmask the culprit in this social deduction game. For ages 13 and up. Plays in 15 minutes to an hour depending on the number of players.

Toy Vault Games - The Princess Bride Role Playing Game

Designed for experience roleplaying gamers as well as those new to the genre this game gives you the setting from the movie. Character generation, guidelines on running the game and designing adventures are provided and the FUDGE rule engine provides an elegant set of rules to make it all happen. The book covers the various areas of Florin, characters from the movie, adventure seeds and much more.

Iello Games - Yokai

This Kasnagawa expansion adds new lessons, diploma titles, real wooden Yokai pawns and more to your game. More creativity, more replayability and malicious Japanese demons. All in one small box.

Iello Games - Hanzi

2-5 players take on the role of apprentices. You learn to create Hanzi, and experience the wisdom of these Chinese characters. Plays in about 15 minutes. For ages 7 and up.

Fantasy Flight Games - new Game of Thrones Chapter Pack : Pit of Snakes - Cards 41-60 in the King’s Landing cycle for the Game of Thrones LCG.

Fantasy Flight Games - new Legend of the 5 Rings Dynasty Pack : For the Empire - cards 1-22 of the Inheritance cycle for the Legend of the Five Rings LCG.

Matagot Games - Captain Sonar : Operation Dragon

Includes Operation Dragon - a campaign that takes you to unknown seas. Be wary, the words ‘Hollow Earth’ has been heard in sntaches of conversation. Be prepared for the unexpected. Also included is the Custom pack - a set that allows you to use any Captain Sonar map in any play mode. Armada Mode, new stations and more. 4 new engineer sheets, 4 new First Mate sheets, 7 new scenario maps and new Expert cards.

Troll Lord Games - 5th Edition Adventures : S1 Lure of Delusion

The Elkhorn Depths a dark forest full of fey, eldritch powers, creatures and danger that is only just kept at bay. Now a few children have gone missing. Can you find them while not falling prey to the horrors in the wood? For a 2-4th level party.

Jon Brazer Enterprises - Deadly Delves : Reign of Ruin and 7-8 level 5e D&D adventure.

Can you succeed where the Stormhammer Rangers, protectors of Crannogtown, have failed? Will you triumph over the half-dragon monstrosities that stalk swamps? Will you avenge an entire town, destroyed and burned?  Includes new monsters & NPCs, new traps, magic items, amphibian terror and tips on playing the monsters in this harrowing adventure.

Miniature Wargames #435 -
Conquest : Last Argument of Kings mini game, how to build trees that don’t shed and fantasy houses, D-day scenarios and more.

Wargames Illustrated 381

Ragnarok : Viking Heavy Metal Combat, Great Northern and Eastern Wars, Boudicca’s last battle, Dead Man’s hand and a whole lot more.


White Wizard Games - Sorcerer

2-4 player dark fantasy game combining strategy card games and tactical boardgames into a single experience. Create a unique sorcerer, ready your grimoire, send your minions out to do battle and try to dominate Victorian London. Designed for ages 14 and up. Plays in about an hour.

Helion & Company - Paperboys on Campaign : paper soldiers and period guides

The War of Spanish Succession : Marlborough’s Campaign in Flanders

The Peninsular War : Wellington’s War on Spain

Helion & Company - Battle for Britain - Wargame the War of the Roses

A book with full color cardboard troops, simple rules and a starter game. Assemble and play.

Helion & Company - Battle for Britain - Wargame 1066 : Vikings, Saxons and Normans

A book with full color troops, terrain, boats, easy to learn rules and scenarios for the period.

Renegade games - Lanterns Dice : Lights in the Sky

A 2-4 player dice game for ages 10 and up. Roll, place and score in this dice version of the popular boardgame.

Thursday June 13th:

Fantasy Flight Games - Outer Rim

Take on the roles of bounty hunters, smugglers and mercenaries as you travel the outer Rim, hire legendary characters to your crew and try to become the most famous outlaw in the galaxy. For 1-4 players ages 14 and up. plays in 2-3 hours.

Sinister Fish games - Gloomhaven Forgotten Circles Removable Sticker Set
stickers to make your locations, achievements and enchantments reusable.

Onxy Path Publishing - Changeling the Lost
Rules and background to play a Changeling - a human abducted by the fae and forever changed. Fairie wonder and macabre horror for the Chronicles of Darkness. Changeling society, supernatural powers, oath, creatures of legend and more await you.

Days of Wonder - Memoir 44 : New Flight Plan

Strategic Bomber support, fighter cover, troop support and add a new level of options to your Memoir 44 game. Includes aircraft miniatures, air combat cards, nation markers,tokens, rules, scenarios and 21 new battles. Fully compatible with older scenarios and battles.

Goodman Games - Dungeon Crawl Classics : The Star Wound of Abaddon DCC #99

A level 3 adventure for Dungeon Crawl Classics. Explore the Star Wound. Deal with the horror that dwells within. Save the world. All in a days work.

Steve Jackson Games - In the Labyrinth (for The Fantasy Trip)

A hardcover book with all sorts of roleplaying options, information on the world of Cidri, monsters, beasts, treasure, the village of Bendwyn and the Kingdom of Elyntia to help start a campaign as well as rules and suggestions to help run your game. 170+ page, fully indexed and easy to read. Lots of GM information.

Troll Lord Games - Castles & Crusades : Tome of the Unclean

All the power and horror of wretched planes. From the abyss, legions of hell, the grey wastes and worse. Infernal creatures abound. But that’s not all. The flora and fauna of the accursed lands are presented here along with the information to help this book work into your game.

Catalyst Game Labs - Shadowrun : The Neo-Anarchists Streetpedia

This guide to the Shadowrun Universe covers corporations, politicians, nations, cities, organizations and more. Things you need to know, right at your fingertips. Doesn’t matter what form of Shadowrun you play, this book is what you need.

Decision Games - Modern War #24 - The Dragon that Engulfed the Sun

Articles on Operation Urgent Fury, Al Qaeda’s 055 Brigade, Integrated Air Defense and the regular departments as well as The Dragon that Engulfed the Sun - a wargame about the Chinese invasion of Japan.

R Talsorian Games - new releases

FUSION System - an adaptable, flexible system to do whatever you want it to. It’s the backbone to Cyberpunk, Dragonball Z, Lightspeed, Shards of Stone and other games around the world and on the internet. Skills, perks, talents, magic, gear, weapons and more. All just for $8

Teenagers from Outer Space

An RPG of Anime silliness in a world of teenaged manga mutants. Anime, comedy, kids and fun. Using the Fusion system this game puts you back in classroom and ready to rock.

The Witcher RPG

Self-contained hardbound RPG book with everything you need to play in the world of The Witcher. The Third Nilfgaardian War rages and you are in the midst of it. Includes 9 unique classes, a bestiary of monsters, spells and magic, a visceral combat system where skill and tactics rule over brute strength and unthinking power. World background, character generation, combat, magic, adventure and more. All ready for you.

Awful Fantasy Games - Awful Fantasy Adventures cooperative card game

1 to 4 players work together to defeat a continuous stream of absurd enemies. Designed for ages 14 and up, the game takes between half and hour and an hour to play depending on number of players. Includes 3 adventure packs that add to the dangers, rewards and glory.

Combat Tier Game Accessory

Clear acrylic varying height platforms to show different elevations in a miniatures or roleplaying game.

Evil Hat Games - For the Queen : a story building card game

2-6 players create a shared story where your Queen is under attack and you must defend her. Includes 46 prompt cards to help develop the story and 14 Queen cards to work with. Play can be in as little as 30 minutes or up to 3 hours if the story progresses long. Meant for ages 13 and up.

Blue Orange Games - Once Upon a Castle

2-4 architects (ages 8 and up) try to acquire resources and slowly create a castle. Draw, color and decorate your castle as you score points for your work. If you want a more involved game you can play the Great Architect version with visitors that add special powers to your kingdom.  

Modiphius Entertainment - Conan the Monolith Sourcebook

New material for the Conan RPG and boardgame. Red Tide to Kush, a 10 scenario campaign for the boardgame, solo and cooperative play rules for the boardgame, Shadows from Gulsaggah campaign for the RPG, guidelines to use the tiles and RPG resources to create new scenarios - and a bunch more.

Blue Orange Games - Panic Island

1 to 8 players work in this 2 minute team memory game. Save the inhabitants by flipping cards, recalling positions, avoiding consequences and acting quickly. Designed for ages 8 and up.

Friday June 7th:

Reaper Miniatures - New Dark Heaven miniatures

3956 - Townsfolk : Scribe

3957 - Anduriel, Male Elf Paladin

3958 - Arakus Landarzad, Male Human Wizard

3959 - Cave Troll (with extra dangly bitz)

New Chronoscope miniatures

50342 - Space Goblin Commando
50343 - Space Goblin in Powered Armor
50344 - Space Goblin Mechanic

WizKids Games - new Black Panther, the Avengers and the Illuminati set is here.
We have cases, bricks and boosters available.

Dice & Token pack - 2 Black Panther dice, 5 tokens and a war rhino token in a blister pack set

Avengers, Black Panther & the Illuminati Fast Forces - 6 figures & game cards in a blister.

Magpie Games - Wicked FATE
John Wick’s Wicked Fantasy setting comes to the FATE system. A complete introduction to the world, templates for ten fantasy races, new aspects and stunts, modified skill list, new magic system and more! If you want more ideas for your FATE game, a reason to try out the system or more settings to choose from… here you go.

Alderac Entertainment - Thunderstone Quest Ripples in Time (expansion #5)

Second expansion for Thunderstone Quest sees ripples in time itself from the battle with the Scion Defender undoing things in different timelines. New cards preview struggles to come and also help to expand on random setups

Wizkids Games - Kodachi

A fast paced card game of hand management, push your luck daring, tactical skill and special skills in 12th Century Japan. 2-4 players ages 14 and up. Plays in about 45 minutes.

Blue Orange Games - This dragon’s lair plundering card game for ages 7 and up. Featuring push your luck mechanics and easy to play strategy you should be able to play through this colorful game in half an hour or less.

Role 4 Initiative - new three pack prepainted figure sets

Orcs - Male Shaman, Female Eviscerator and Male Warrior
Skeletons - Blademaster, Spearman and skeletal wolf
Human - Male Cleric, Female blademaster and male Viking

Zombies - male basher, male reacher and female peasant

Arc Dream Publishing - Delta Green : The Complex

21 new dossiers for federal agents and important contractors enhancing your campaign. Deep and playable details for bunches of government agencies, contractors and companies. Budget details, structure and background, mandates and other information is provided.

Warlord Games - Blood Red Skies
F4U Corsair Squadron, Pappy Boyington (Ace Pilot) and Phillip Kirkwood (Ace Pilot) are in stock now.

Fantasy Flight Games - new LCG expansions
Game of Thrones - Fury of the Storm Deluxe Expansion
Lord of the Rings - The Fate of Wilderland adventure pack

Arkham Horror Union and Disillusion Mythos pack are in.    

Plaid Hat Games - Super Punch Fighter

1-6 players attempt to be the last fighter standing in this arena combat game. Customize your controls, unleash your special attacks and try to chain together the most devastating combos. Ages 14 and up, plays in under an hour.

Blue Orange Games - Slide Quest

Work together with other players to guide the knight through twists and traps in this game for ages 7 and up. 20 challenge maps included.

RWBY : Sub-Boss Expansion

Three new sub-bosses, 3 new objective cards, as well as attack and defense cards. Neapolitan, Emerald & Mercury and Lil’ Miss sub bosses are featured in this expansion.

RWBY : Villains Expansion

3 miniatures, 30 card expansion deck (for Villains) and 30 card Hero expansion deck adding to your combat experience in the game. New attacks, new actions and new upgrades.

Thursday June 6th:

Q-workshop - Jar of Classic RPG Dice
A plastic jar of polyhedral dice. D4, d6, d8, d10, d%, d12, d20 - all in assorted colors of plastic and ink in the classic numbers only style. There is the occasional fancy die, just for fun.

Microscale Industries - MIcroweld Plastic Liquid Cement

Glue for styrene plastic - won’t craze clear parts, won’t lift paint so it can be used for repairs on your models without destroying your paint job. Washes out of your brushes with soap and water.

Pazio Publishing -

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

A new 1-4 player core card game that gives you the core box set to play any of the adventure packs. Includes 440 cards representing weapons, spells, equipment, allies, blessings and more. 12 character pawns, full set of dice, tokens, dividers to help organize your card, a quick start guide,  a full rulebook and ‘The Dragon’s Demand’ adventure pack. Everything you need to play.

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game : Curse of the Crimson Throne

A 1-6 player expansion story pack.  With over 500 cards, character pawns and a 6 chapter story you can now try to save Korvosa from monsters, anarchy and worse.

Fantasy Flight Games - Keyforge : Age of Ascension

Latest and greatest of the Keyforge decks are here - including a new starter set and individual unique decks available now.

Infinite Black Games - new Elder Dice

9 dice (d20, d12, d10, d%, d8, d4 and 3d6) and a magnetic clasp ‘spellbook’ box.

‘Sigil of the Dreamlands’, ‘Astral Elder Sign’, ‘Mark of the Necronomicon’ and ‘Brand of Cthulhu’ designs available.

New Pathfinder and Starfinder items

Ultimate Wilderness - Pocket Edition

New classes, archetypes, nature focused feats, magic and rules as well as exploration, hazards and other material for outdoor adventures.

Occult Adventures - Pocket Edition

Six new base classes, new archetypes, magic, feats, items and much more. Curses, occult monsters, skills to help understand and combat the occult and GM advice and materials

Pathfinder Flip Mat - Bigger Temple

2 large temples in full color overlayed with 1” squares. Laminated to be able to use dry erase, wet erase, grease pencil and sharpies to mark the still come off later.

Starfinder Starport Flipmat

A double sided mat with a docking bay on one side and part of the main promenade on the other. Laminated and in full color.

Starfinder : The Blind City

Adventure 4 of 6 of the Dawn of Flame adventure path for Star Finder. For 7th level characters

Patrhfinder : Gardens of Gallowspire

Adventure 4 of 6 in the Tyrant’s Grasp adventure path. For 11th level characters

Pathfinder Tyrant’s Grasp Poster Map Folio

Three massive poster maps (The City of Vigil, the nation of Xopatl and the nation of Lastwall) in full color

Pathfinder Player Companion - Chronicles of Legend

 A sourcebook detailing characters who have gone from simply heroic to legendary. Includes new magic, abilities, 20th level abilities and even more.

Studio 9 Games - Reckoning of the Gods : Into the Shadow Realm

A pair of new DCC RPG adventures designed for 3rd level characters.  

Modipphius Entertainment - Horrors of the Hyberonian Age

A guide to monstrous creatures, beasts, undead, weird races, and mutants who have pitted themselves against Conan and his allies. Includes classic monsters, Lovecraftian horrors, new creatures and abilities, new archetypes, stunning art and lots of new source material.

Atlas Games - Over the Edge

The newest version of Over the Edge is here! This new edition looks at the mechanics and world in a new light. Characters and Conflicts are handled easily, the wide open yet claustrophobic setting of Al Marja is detailed and expert advice (as well as an intro adventure and pre-generated characters) are included. 270 plus pages in full color.

Stronghold Games - Doppelt So Clever (Twice as Clever)

1 to 4 players roll dice, score and pass. Rules for solo play, two player games and games with 3 or four players. This new edition has new cube categories and actions

Green Ronin Games - The Expanse RPG

Earth and Mars are teetering on the brink of war. The Belt and Outer Planets simmer with rebellion. Now the discovery of alien technology  has changed everything. Filled with action and intrigue the Expanse RPG puts you in a future of uncertainty. Play as a crew of Belters, Martians or Earthers. Strap in and full burn towards adventure.

Green Ronin Games - Expanse RPG Game Master Kit

Includes a hard card screen, 5 quick reference cards, 6 pregenerated characters, an initiative tracker and a complete adventure for characters of 1-3 level.

Cephalofair Games - Gloomhaven Forgotten Circles.

A Gloomhaven expansion with over 20 new dynamic adventures, a new playable class, new locations, items, events, unlockable envelopes, monster types and more. Add to your Gloomhaven  experience today.

Gamewright Games - Whozit?
Six unusual suspects, two debatable clues and one hilarious party game meet in this offering. Pick a character (secretly) and give two clues to try to help your teammates determine who it might be of the six known characters. For ages 10 and up. Plays in around 20 minutes.

Multiman Publishing - To Take Washington : Jubal Early’s Summer 1864 Campaign

This new Line of Battle series game explores the campaign to threaten, and even take Washington City. Player execute the Battle of Monocacy, success or failure impacting the battle around Fort Stevens. Includes 12 scenarios, a full two-battle campaign and more.       

Infinite Black Games - Lorecrafter GM Screen

Each of the screens is a four panel GM screen with Lovecraftian artwork facing the players and myriad bits of source materials facing the GM. There are two different screens Orb & Path and Unspeakable Tomes ‘Doom Edition”.  The screens are system independent and simply have information about locations, elder gods, items and other things based in the Mythos

Ankama Games - Tales of Glory

2-5 players (ages 10 and up)  create a chronicle of their heroes adventures and try to be the one with the most glory by tales end. Amass wealth, magic, feats and more. Plays within an hour.

Wizkids Games - Smash City

An action packed game of Kaiju combat. Attack the opposing monster, destroy the city and beware the poison, radiation and other hazards as the city defenses mobilize to put a stop to you. 2 to 4 monsters fight in this fast paced game. Plays within half an hour or so. .  

Osprey Publishing - Ragnarok

A new miniatures game of the Viking Apocalypse. This campaign-drive skirmish game uses Morpheus Engine to pit rival clans against each other in fights for survival and glory. As your clan is more successful your Jarl gains more of the Godspark. Help him restore order to the chaos of Ragnarok and become a god in his own right.

Northstar Games - Frostgrave Plastic Wizard Boxed Set

8 mutlipart plastic wizards with head, arm and accessory options as well as some familiars.

Northstar Games Ghost Archipelago Tribals

20 multipart plastic tribal figures with different arms, weapons, heads and accessories.

Studio Tomahawk - SAGA Age of Magic

The fantasy setting supplement for the SAGA system. Includes 6 archetypal factions, battleboards, rules, new units, magic and more.

SAGA Age of Magic Spell Cards - a deck or cards with all the information you need to play on handy cards. Not a _requirement to play, but it does make it all easier.

SAGA - new miniatures

Undead Legion 4 point starter army, individual warlord and sorcerer blisters and unit blister packs as well. We expect the Shield Maiden army in later next week.

Wizkids - Townspeople and Accessories

A set of 19 different townsfolk figures and items from forges, troughs, treasure piles, market stalls and more. All in a single boxed set. Preprimed and ready to paint.

Wizkids - Ruins of Lastwall : Cemetery of the Fallen prepainted terrain set

Includes cemetery gates, fences, tomb stones, coffins, mausoleums and more. All painted and ready for play.

Pathfinder Battles - Ruins of Lastwall figure set

44 new prepainted miniatures - in blind buy boxes of 4.

Wizkids Dice Masters

X-Men Forever Dice Masters Campaign Box

76 dice, 76 cards, core rulebook, playmats, dice bags, storage trays and a handy full color box.

Dice Masters Dark X-Men team pack. 24 cards and 16 dice to add to your force.

Dice Masters Uncanny X-Force team pack - 24 cards and 16 dice adding to your Dicemaster collection.

Army Painter  - Zombicide Invader paint set

10 paints and a brush - Includes 6 unique paints, black, white, gold and a shade wash.

Cool Mini or Not - new Song of Ice and Fire figure sets

Lannister Heroes II, The Warrior’s Sons (Lannister) Stark Heroes II, Conscripts, Free Folk Trappers and Cave Dweller Savages (Free Folk). Each box with minis, game cards and movement trays as needed.

Cool Mini or Not - Wacky Races the Board Game

For 2 to 6 players ages 14 and up. Play terrain cards to simulate the race as you scream across the landscape  towards the finish. Special powers can help you and Dick Dastardly might well cause you problems if he gets out ahead of the pack. Be the first to cross the finish line to win! Plays within half an hour.

Friday May 24th:

Looney labs - Star Trek Deep Space Nine Fluxx
The game whose rules change every play is now on DS9! With cards themed to the show you have all the action and adventure of the show in a fast playing, easy to learn card game. Designed for 2-6 players ages 8 and up. plays on around half an hour.

Stone Meir Games - Euphoria : Ignorance is Bliss
This Euphoria expansion adds a New Antiques Bazaar, new recruits, wooden commodity tokens, solo play rules, 2 player rules and more.

Osprey Publishing - Ragnarok

A new miniatures game of the Viking Apocalypse. This campaign-drive skirmish game uses Morpheus Engine to pit rival clans against each other in fights for survival and glory. As your clan is more successful your Jarl gains more of the Godspark. Help him restore order to the chaos of Ragnarok and become a god in his own right.

Northstar Games - Frostgrave Plastic Wizard Boxed Set

8 mutlipart plastic wizards with head, arm and accessory options as well as some familiars.

Northstar Games Ghost Archipelago Tribals

20 multipart plastic tribal figures with different arms, weapons, heads and accessories.

Studio Tomahawk - SAGA Age of Magic

The fantasy setting supplement for the SAGA system. Includes 6 archetypal factions, battleboards, rules, new units, magic and more.

SAGA Age of Magic Spell Cards - a deck or cards with all the information you need to play on handy cards. Not a _requirement to play, but it does make it all easier.

SAGA - new miniatures

Undead Legion 4 point starter army, individual warlord and sorcerer blisters and unit blister packs as well

We expect the Shield Maiden army in later next week.

Wizkids - Townspeople and Accessories

A set of 19 different townsfolk figures and items from forges, troughs, treasure piles, market stalls and more. All in a single boxed set. Preprimed and ready to paint.

Wizkids - Ruins of Lastwall : Cemetery of the Fallen prepainted terrain set

Includes cemetery gates, fences, tomb stones, coffins, mausoleums and more. All painted and ready for play.

Pathfinder Battles - Ruins of Lastwall figure set

44 new prepainted miniatures - in blind buy boxes of 4.

Wizkids Dice Masters

X-Men Forever Dice Masters Campaign Box

76 dice, 76 cards, core rulebook, playmats, dice bags, storage trays and a handy full color box.

Dice Masters Dark X-Men team pack. 24 cards and 16 dice to add to your force.

Dice Masters Uncanny X-Force team pack - 24 cards and 16 dice adding to your Dicemaster collection.

Army Painter  - Zombicide Invader paint set

10 paints and a brush - Includes 6 unique paints, black, white, gold and a shade wash.

Cool Mini or Not - new Song of Ice and Fire figure sets

Lannister Heroes II, The Warrior’s Sons (Lannister) Stark Heroes II, Conscripts, Free Folk Trappers and Cave Dweller Savages (Free Folk). Each box with minis, game cards and movement trays as needed.

Cool Mini or Not - Wacky Races the Board Game

For 2 to 6 players ages 14 and up. Play terrain cards to simulate the race as you scream across the landscape  towards the finish. Special powers can help you and Dick Dastardly might well cause you problems if he gets out ahead of the pack. Be the first to cross the finish line to win! Plays within half an hour.

Deep Water Games - Welcome to Your Perfect Home

From 1 to 100 players all take on the role of architect in the 1950s trying to build the best neighborhoods. Designed for ages 10 and up. Plays within half an hour.

Die Hard Dice - we have a restock including some of the Golem Dice - different colors looking like ancient artifacts with faded earth tone coloring.

Ravensburger Games - Villainous : Rotten to the Core

A stand alone game allowing you to play Hades, Dr. Facilier or the Evil Queen or an expansion adding to the original Villainous game. Plays with 2 or 3 players, ages 10 and up. Plays in 40-60 minutes

Kobold Press - Tales of Old Mangreve

This sourcebook takes your campaign into ancients, magical forests with new spells, monsters, magic items, and interesting locations. Has 12 adventures for characters levels 1 to 10. For D&D 5e

Margrave Players Guide

Includes 3 new playable races, new primal paths for barbarians, forest-themed class options, new companion beasts, new feats, spells and magic items.

Tales of Margrave Pawns

188 full color pawns with new monsters from small to large - from the Adrik to the Zyshashcha. On thick card to last for a good long time.

Tales of Margrave Limited Edition book

With a special foil cover, ribbon place holder and poster maps.

Phalanx Games (Iron Wolf Studios) - U-Boot (U-Boat)

A real time, app driven  submarine simulator. You and up to three others take on different roles against the computer. Includes a 3d board, custom playing pieces, paper maps and code sheets, open-world real-time game play and more. Each scenario plays in about an hour.Ages 14 and up.

Victory Point Games - Dawn of the Zeds 3rd edition

1 to 5 players (14 and up) attempt to survive an assault of zombie like attackers assaulting the r]town of Farmingdale. This State of Siege engine game is cooperative, pitting players against the game trying to find a cure while keeping enough of the residents and real estate from falling victim to the invaders. Plays in about 90 to 120 minutes.

Wizards of the Coast - Ghosts of Saltmarsh

A sleepy fishing village is the center of pirates, forbidden cults and dark magics. Can you stop horrible things from happening to Saltmarsh? This seven adventure series takes the classic Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh module and it’s sequels and creates an arc of adventure for fifth edition D&D. Takes characters from 1st to 12th level. Includes new rules and classic monsters.

Friday May 17th:
Has it been a while since our website got updated?
Yup. A heartfelt - SORRY! to everyone. But our staff is getting close to being back and events look to be throttling back so two things should be happening.
*It'll be better updated and will even be _really_ updated soon. So.

Till then:
Ganesha Games - Four Against the Titans - stand alone solitaire RPG

Iello Games - High Risk (2-4 player mountain climbing push-your-luck game)

Modipius Entertainment - Legacy : Life Among the Ruins Second edition
Post apocalyptic 'Powered the Apocalypse Engine' RPG 

Jarnringen Games - New Sybaroum Supplements
: Adventure Pack 3 (2 new scenario sets)
: Yndaros : The Darkest Star - Episode 3 of Throne of Thorns adventure arc
Includes information for both GMs and players as well as anew scenario events

Battlefront - Colours of War 2019 - Painting World War 2 and World War 3 miniatures
Includes Vallejo paint listings and tons of color (colour?) pictures.

Tactic.Net - Go Go Eskimo (2-6 player family game of arctic fishing)

I Will Never grow Up Games - Into the Black : Boarding Party
1 to 4 player cooperative space pirate exploration game - with a traitor element

Libellud Games - One Key (2-6 player game of deduction and logic)

Privateer press - two new Monsterpocalypse Monsters
Krakenoctus (Protectors Monster expansion)
Hammerklak (Destroyers Monster expansion)

Bicycle Cards - Shuffle Grand Prix

2-4 players use card play to move forward in the order, inhibit their opponents, collect trophies, spin out rivals and win the game. Ages 13 and up. Plays in about half an hour.

Victrix Games - Mortal Gods :

A new Ancient Greece skirmish game from Victrix. Includes 38 plastic figures, rules, markers, measuring sticks, and more. Expansions (Spartan Army and Athenian Army) are available with new figures, rules and everything you need to add them into your game.

Gamers Grass / Battle Ready Bases

Two new base styles are in
Arid Steepe bases (sandy with rocks and dry shrubs) and Badlands (reddish soil/sand and rocks with bits of scrub) from 25mm round, 30mm round, 32mm round, 30/40/60 with round lips, 40/50/60/90 and other flat sided rounds as well as sverak oval styles.

Gamers Grass -  Highland Tufts kit with several shades of green tufts in short, medium and long lengths as well as yellow flower tufts to match the Battle Ready Highland Bases

Evil Hat Productions - Channel A : The Anime Pitch Party Game

Players make anime titles using cards in their hand and try to get the other players to back it. Includes 270+ title cards, 110+ Premise cards, blank cards, rules and hours of fun!

For 3 or more players, ages 13 and up. Plays in around half an hour

Iello Games - Bunny Kingdom - In the Sky

This expansion allows 2-5 players explore the Great Cloud and attempt to bring back resources for the Bunny King. Can you create trade, protect your interests and keep your kingdom flourishing? Ages 14 and up. Plays in about an hour.

Board & Dice Games - Inuit : The Snow Folk

Create your village, bring the wisdom of the elders to your people, gain weapons, hunt for resources and have your shaman perform rites to make your folk prosper. Game includes two expansions as well as the core game. Designed for 2 to 4 players ages 13 and up. Plays in about an hour.

Goodman Games - new Dungeon Crawl Classics Dice Sets

D3, d4, d5, d6, d7, d8, d10, d%, d12,d14, d16,d20,d24 and d30 in a single set. The Marvels of the Mustachioed Magician (ruby red with white ink) and Farrah’s Fantastics Fragments (sparkle silver in clear plastic with white ink).

Metallic Dice Company new sets

Unicorn Ice (rainbow sparkle), Midnight Fantasy (purple sparkle with yellow ink), IUcy Everglades (green sparkle with gold ink), Cosmic Carnival (red and blue swirl with silver sparkles and gold ink)  and bunches more.

Alderac Entertainment Mystic Vale : Harmony Expansion

New Advancement and Vale cards add more crafting options and combos. Amulets have unique effects and greater variety to mana tokens. Leaders grant expandable abilities and power to your Druid clan. Includes 105 advancements, 36 vale cards, leaders, amulets and rules.

Alderac Entertainment - Tiny Towns

1 to 6 players compete to create the best tiny town in the forest. Obtain and use resources to construct buildings to create your town. Use your resources wisely. For ages 14 and up, playing in about 45 minutes.

Gamewright Games - Rat a Tat Roll

2 to 5 players, ages 6 and up roll around the world with Rat-a-Tat Cat. Use your judgement to roll your choice of dice, keep your reroll tokens handy and get the most cats while avoiding rats. Plays in about 15 minutes.


Splendor Game Mat is here! A Mat that helps you play the game - it’s not just a pretty picture, it’s a game aid.

Gamewright Games - Bloom - The Wildflower Dice Game.

2 to 5 players roll their dice to attempt to claim flowers in the garden. Get the most by game’s end to win. Plays in about 20 minutes.

Modiphius Entertainment - Vampire the Masquerade : Anarch Sourcebook

Learn all about the rebellious vampires. Those who skirt the edge of societies and try to do their own thing while staying away from having too much trouble. This sourcebook is written to give you insight into their world in the style of an underground magazine, just to make it that much more flavorful.Includes a .pdf copy of the book too.

Chaosium Games - new Runequest/Glorantha items

GameMaster Screen Pack - 124 page book with new information on the Colymar Clan, the hamlet of Apple Lane, adventure seeds and three ready to play adventures. A 20 page book of charts and tables, a Gloranthan calendar, maps galore, pre-generated players characters, squad and NPC sheets, FAQ information, and rules clarifications.

Gloranthan Bestiary - 200+ pages of animals, beasts, monsters, spirits, elementals, flora supernatural beings and those unique to Glorantha. Also included are rules for non-human adventurers, broo, ducks, jack-o-bears and non-human cults and magic.

KTBG - Bug on Rugs

A new game for ages 8 and up. Play your bug cards to make them happy. Spiders eat flies, ants love crowds, fireflies love bright colors. Each bug scores differently and your job is to get the most points you can from your bug cards. Gather the best collection before the game ends. For 2 - 5 players taking around 20 minutes to play.

Gallant Knight Games - Destiny of Tides

A Tiny Dungeon 2e setting book As a champion of the aquatic races remaining after the fall of the world your job is to scour the ruins of the old world, find marevelous devices and Uses the Tinyd6 engine and includes new Heritages, new Traits and a whole lot more.

Queen Games - New Releases

3-4 players (ages 10 and up) attempt to assert their influence over a city in chaos. Paris is on the verge of revolution and your task is to make preparations and plans as you fulfil various missions and wait for the right time to strike. Plays in about an hour.


2-5 entrepreneurs try to build an empire of their brand across the country of the 60s. Build your fast food chain, motel empire, laundromat business or other franchise into an empire. For ages 14 and up. Plays in 90 minutes or so.    


The world of Skylands has been destroyed, fragmented into many pieces. Your job is to rebuild it using your mystical skills. Join fractured pieces, create sky islands and ultimately your own island world. For 2 to 4 players ages 8 and up. Plays in about half an hour.

Merlin : Expansion for Arthur

This Merlin expansion adds Arthur to the game. He moves on his own roundel which includes new actions to expand your game play experience. 2-4 players ages 14 and up. Plays in about an hour and a half with the expansion.

New Warmachine miniatures

Steelhead Cannon & crew, Steelhead Mortar & crew, Steelhead Volleygun & crew and Trollblood Valka Curseborn, Chieftain of the North are here.

Steve Jackson Games - Cthulhu D6 dice set

Two purple, two green and two black pearl dice, each with a Cthulhu head replacing the ‘1’ pip. Neat looking dice for any game where it’s horror-ible to get a ‘1’.

Greater Than Games - Sentinels of the Multiverse Complete Hero Variant Collection

67 cards with at least one hero character card for each hero in the core game and every single expansion. All cards have new variant art.

APE Games - Rice Dice

Spirits of the Rice Paddy Dice Game

A 1-5 player streamlined dice game version of Spirits of the Rice Paddy. Roll the dice, add paddies to your field, assign laborers, plant, weed and harvest. Rewards good planning, just like the original, but takes less time than the boardgame. Plays in 30-45 minutes. For ages 10 and up.

Atlas Games - Godsforge

2-4 player compete in this simultaneous play game of crafting and combat. Roll your dice, craft your spells  and launch your attacks. No downtime - everyone is always involved. For ages 14 and up. Plays in about half an hour, depending on total number of players.

Plaid Hat Games - New Ashes expansion Protector of Argaia

- from her tree-city of Birdsnest, Fiona Mercywind prepares to end the war that has disturbs her realm. A realm she has sworn to protect. Expansion deck for Ashes

Plaid Hat Games - Ashes Expansion :The Grave King

From disease ravaged Marrowden comes James Endersight. His goal is simply to take what he wants, the means justify the end in his mind and his end is owning the ultimate prize. His power strips the living of life and brings the dead to do his bidding.  

New Prepainted ‘Wardlings’

Troll, Treefolk, Goblins (2), Zombies (2), Ghosts (2), Warlock & lizard, Witch & cat

New Nolzur’s miniatures

Vampire Hunters (M&F), Human Ranger(M) & Moon Elf Sorcerer (F), Human Cleric (F), Human Monk (M), Dragonborn Sorcerer, Human Cleric (M), Human Fighter (M), Bandits (2), Hobogoblins (2)

New Large Nolzur’s Monsters

Cloud Giant, mHill Giant, Stone Giant, Young Blue Dragon, Young Black Dragon, Young Copper Dragon, Young Green Dragon

Pathfinder Deep Cut miniatures

Female Dwarf Barbarian, Female Halfling Rogue, Orcs (2) Grim Reaper   

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