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This page lists all new product as well as important restocks. If you don't see your game on the list, email or call us and we'll let you know the status of that game. 
Friday, October 13th :
Goodman Games - Dungeon Crawl Classics #89 - Chaos Rising
Seven DCC adventures for characters of 1-5th level. Short adventures from hard to find sources.

Catalyst Game Labs - The Complete Trog
This resource book is all about Orks and Trolls. Who they are, what they've done and what they can do. Add flavor and depth to your character, Get gear, qualities and life modules that work with both Shadowrun 5th Edition and Shadowrun Anarchy.

Fantasy Flight Games - Imperial Assault new releases
Darth Maul : Seeker of Vengeance Villain pack (Scum)
Ahsoka Tano : Rebel Instigator Ally Pack (Rebel Alliance)
Emperor Palpatine : Sith Master Villain Pack (Imperial)

Hearth of the Empire Boxed Set
Corusant - Heart of the Empire. AT-DPs, Riot Troopers, Sentry Droids, Energy Shields, new command cards, figures (16), scenario maps tiles (43 of them) and a skirmish map all make this expansion the coolest bunch of Imperial Assault material yet!

Modiphus Entertainment - Conan Roleplaying Game new releases

Conan Players Guide - using the 2d20 system you get all resources you need to create characters, equip them, adventure in the Age of Conan and have hours of excitement. 2d20 core rules resolve the tasks, struggles, combat and contests. Everything the players need to play, but none of the extra stuff they don't.

Conan : Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of
Includes the same information as the Players Guide, but then adds so much more. Iconic artists bring Hyboria to life with amazing art. Research and interviews bring knowledge of the world Conan lives in, his foes, the realms and history like no game has before. This 400+ page full color hardbound book gives you not just a game, but a game world, an adventure and a wealth of information.

Conan Dice Set - 3 d20 (2 regular and a hit location die) and 4  specially designed d6 in a set, ready to throw down in your RPG.

Plaid Hat Games - Ashes Deluxe Expansion : The Song of Soaksend
Namine adds her voice to the unending melody creating calm winds, crashing waves and woe to her foes. Includes an decorated deckbox, 10 dice and 40 cards

Plaid Hat Games - Ashes Deluxe Expansion : The Laws of Lions
Odette Diamondcrest has a mission. To restore the world to her divine order. Beware crossing her path or opposing her will. Includes a decorated deck box, 40 cards and 10 dice.

Rather Dashing Games - Hafid's Grand Bazaar
2-6 player bidding, collecting and financial wizadry. Ages 12 and up. Plays in 30-90.

Plaid Hat Games - Dead of Winter Warring Colonies
Expands the core Dead of Winter or Dead of Winter : Long Night. New survivors, items, crisis and more. High intensity battles, simultaneous play and much more.

Renegade Games - Raiders of the North Sea
2 to 4 players assemble crews, sail, raid, plunder and attempt to impress the Chieftain. Ages 12 and up. Plays in an hour to an hour and a half.

Reaper Miniatures - new Bones releases
Masumi - Demon Hunter, Ostarzha, Elf Cleric, Goblin warriors (6), Goblin Skirmishers (6), Werebear, Werecrocidile and Marthrangul the Dragon.

New Bones - Bonesylvania Chibi Classic Monsters
Some of your favorite horror personalities rendered in chibi form. From Cthu(Lou) to Tut (the mummy) - Gil (lizard creature) to gus (the ghost)

Tish, Sandy, Tut, Van, Cal, Max, Gus, Morty, Bart, Jack, Mel, Gil, Patch, Jaques, Lou, Esme, Lon and Drak - all available now.

WizKids Games - Thor Ragnarok Heroclix (foil pack gravity feed) is out.

Z-Man games - Spynet
Working with a teammate you recruit agents then deploy them on missions. Clever play and coordination will lead you to dominance. 2 to 4 players, ages 14 and up. Plays in about half an hour.

Wyrd Games - Broken Promises Rules
With factions splitting, distrust rampant and promises lying like trash the Guild now has an iron grip on Malifaux City with the Governor-General forcing an uneasy peace. New rules, scenarios, Crews and more - all in this new expansion.
Alderac Entertainment - Oath of the Brotherhood : The Chosen
A strategic game of Piracy and Exploration. 2 to 5 players try to outwit and outrun their rivals, commanding your crew, getting new members, discovering lost locations and gaining treasure. Complete quests and have the most loot to take the Oath of the Brotherhood. Ages 14 and up. plays in about an hour.

Monday, October 9th
With the auction fun going on we didn't get a chance to post these things so...

Steve Jackson Games - Munchkin Lite
Designed for 3-4 players, Munchkin Lite is all the bash down the door, kill the monster, grab the treasure, stab our buddy fun of the original Munchkin... but for less players and a faster game. 115 cards, rules and a die.

Cool Mini or Not - Potion Explosion : The Fifth Ingredient expansion
New potions, new professors and a new ingredient. Includes a rulebook, new tiles, a new cauldron board, professors tiles, scoldings and rewards.

Wizards of the Coast - Betrayal at Baldur's Gate
The city of Baldur's Gate has been twisted by evil. Traverse the alleyways and catacombs, deal with fearsome monsters and try to keep the horror at bay. Includes 50 brand new scenarios filled with danger and dread. never the same game twice. Includes adventurer miniatures, cards, map tiles, event cards, tokens and more. These early release copies come with promotional cards you cna score if you buy it in store. Get yours while they last!

Wizards of the Coast - D&D Adventure Grid
a double sided hardboard 1" gridded map for your indoor (stone flooring) and outdoor (green grassy area) D&D adventures. Folds up for easy transport. 8.5 x 11 folded, 25 x 22 ready for play. Can use wet & dry erase markers interchangeably without  issue. 
Thursday, October 5th
Indie Boards & Cards - Aeons End (2nd edition)
Aeon's End : The Nameless & Aeon's End The Depth expansions
A cooperative deck building game with variable player order, deck management and  new challenges every game. 1-4 players ages 14 and up. Plays in an hour

Wizkids Games - The Expanse Board Game
2-4 players based on the Syfy channel series. Politics, conquest and intrigue all in a handy boardgame. Ages 14 and up. Plays in about an hour.

GMT Games - Enemy Coast Ahead : Dolittles Tokyo Raid 1942
solitaire game of the Tokyo air raid. Medium complexity. Can be played with up to 3 players. Includes multiple scenarios covering training, variants and more.
GMT Games -  Fields of Fire : 9th Infantry WW2, Korea, Vietnam
a solitaire game covering four different campaigns in the 9th Infantry history. Card based game with medium complexity. August '44, Normandy France, September '50, Naktong River in Korea, October '51, Heartbreak Ridge, Korea and April '66 to December '70 in Vietnam. Ages 14 and up.

John Wick presents - 7th Sea : Crescent Empire sourcebook
background, new rules, sorceries and more fo the Nations of Anatol Ayh, Ashur, Persis, Sarmion and the 8th Sea. Lots of new material for 7th Sea.

Catalyst Game Labs - Battletech Manual
the most up to date rules for Mechs in the Battletech universe.  All 'Mechs, all the time. 140+ color pages of updated, revised and 'Mech-centric rules

Catalyst Game Labs - Battletech Succession Wars Technical Readout
A most excellent fist companion to the Battletech Manual this combines mechs from Readout 3039, 3050, 3058 upgrade and 3075 books to provide Age of War 'Mechs ranging all the way to the Succession Wars. History, statistics, famous pilots & more.

Catan Studio - Catan Seafarers Scenario Pack : Legend of the Sea Robbers
a legendary campaign of 4 linked scenarios. Become a Clan leader, explore your surroundings open up new regions and work toward Catan's greater good. Build roads, found settlements and try to become Legend.

Wyrd Games - new Malifaux Miniatures
Cyclops, Gremlin Criers, Tanuki and Union Steamfitters boxed sets are out! - Cat Dice!
6 sided dice for any game, but ready for your Cathuhlugame right out of the package.

Portal Games - First Martians : Adventures on the Red Planet
1 to 4 players land on Mars and attempt to survive on the hostile frontier. 2 different campaigns, 6 different missions, 3 different difficulty levels and 3 different modes make the game highly replayable. Designed for ages 14 and up, Plays in 1-2 hours
Junk Spirit Games - By Order of the Queen
2-4 player co-operavtive fantasy RPG lite boardgame. Plays in 90 to 120 minutes. For ages 10 and up. As guildmaster of Tessandor your job is top assign heroes to tasks in order to keep the kingdom safe.

Wizkids Games - War Time : The battle of Valyance Vale
The truce between the Firebrand Goblins and King of Valance Vale is no more. Play simultaneously in real time. Use sand timers to direct actions and get your troops moving, spells cast and attack made while your opponent does the same. Skirmishes can last only a few frantic minutes with multiple scenarios linking together into one pulse pounding campaign. Ages 14+ Plays within half an hour.

Renegade Games - Atlas Enchanted Lands
Discover the magic of the enchanted forest. Explore locations, discover magic and uncover the world that awaits.

Loot Corps - Drink Quest
Kill Monsters, Grab Loot, Get Drunk. A drinking game that mixes quick mechanics with classic fantasy adventure themes. Defeating monsters forces you to drink. Try to defeat 6 monsters before your limit gets reached. Plays in about 30 minutes. 3 to 6 players.

CMON - Meeple War
2 to 4 players (ages 14+) try to defeat their opponents and rule all four kingdoms of Lilliput. Plays in up to an hour depending on players.

Don't Panic Games - Drakerys miniature boardgame
rule book, miniature armies, terrain sets and more are out now.

Runewars- new unit expansion sets
Latari Elves : Leonx Riders, Deepwood Archers, Infantry Command Set, Aymhelin Scoin

Latari Elves : Maegan Cyndewin Hero Expansion

Czech Games - Codenames Disney

Action Phase Games - Beeeees!
Fantasy Flight Games - Legend of the Five Rings LCG
It's out now!   
Friday, September 29th
Monkey House Games - Mighty Protectors RPG
Villains and Vigilantes - the worlds first super hero RPG is back in it's third edition. Featuring random and dynamic point balanced characters you use the fast paced rules to have an action packed game. New powers, a far ranging campaign setting, streamlined mechanics and all new illustrations (along with game mastering hint, vehicle rules and a whole lot more) give you everything you need to enjoy fun superhero gaming again!

Clockwork Publishing - Space 1889
in 1870 Thomas Edison paved the way to the stars. Now man has reached into his solar system and found Mars and it's red deserts, Venus and it's steaming jungles, alien life and adventure. Now in a Victorian world where the stars can be reached ladies and gentlemen venture forth to explore. Using the Ubiquity system this full color hardbound book provides everything you need. The worlds of Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, Arthur Conan Doyle and H.R. Haggar come to life! Storytelling and cinematic action are the heart of the system and what makes this game tick!

Clockwork Publishing - Space 1889 : This Strange Land
This Space 1889 adventure introduces the characters to orphaned martians, canal workers, high society, civil unrest and much more.

Clockwork Publishing - Space 1889 : London Bridge Has Fallen Down
A scientific flyer has crashed in an ancient ruins on Mars and the wife of one of the most noted researchers needs you to recover his remains. Can you navigate all the entanglements on Mars oldest city, Mylarkt and succeed in your job?

Clockwork Publishing - Marvels of Mars
a sourcebook explaining all about Martian flora and fauna. Game statistics, illustrations, habitats, rules and background. But wait... that's not all. The Wonders of Mars await you too. Martian Crystals and their various abilities, robots, telluric devices and much more. All in this handy tome.

Goodman Games Dungeon Crawl Classics #94 : Neon Knights (level 3 adventure)
As thousands of silent killer surround and ancient city and prepare to make ruins of it a wizard a far away world whisks you away to fight a battle that may well save more than just themselves. Can you succeed?

Goodman Games Dungeon Crawl Classics #95 : Enter the Dagon (level 5 adventure)
Can you save your life and that of your companions? Board the black sailed ship and join the death matches to come. Beware not only the opponents you battle but the foes who machinations may strike you down without you knowing.  Enter the Dagon and find ancient arcane knowledge. Save yourself, win the spell duels and triumph.

Wizards of the Coast - Magic the Gathering Ixalan!
Newest magic expansion is available. Planeswalker decks, booster packs, Bundles, deck builders toolkits, playmats and more!

Goodman games - Fifth Edition Fantasy #11  Archmages Lost hideaway
This D&D 5e adventure challenges you top enter the ruins of Deldrammon's tower, locate his extra-dimensional lair and all the knowledge and treasure you can find. Will you be able to defeat the creatures, find the the lair and make it back alive?

Tuesday, Sept 26th :
Easy Roller Dice - Dice rolling Mat, Skull bag, Wyvern Bag dice restock & more.
Dice Rolling Mat - 8 1/2 x 11 heavy mat to roll your dice on. Designed to allow metal dice to roll and avoid damaging your tabletop.

Skull Dice Bag - 7x5x5 reversible microfiber dice bag. White on one side, black on the other with a printed skull motif. Holds 200+ dice. Self standing when open.

Wyvern Dice Bag - 7x5x5 red/black reversible dice bag with a flying dragon printed on both sides. Microfiber material self-stands when opened. Drawstring closure.

GMT Games - Space Empires 4X - 2017 printing
Designed for 1 to 4 players with specific solitaire and 2 player scenarios as well as team play and 2v1 scenario play. Explore, expand, exploit and exterminate your opponents. Designed to be played in a single sitting. You might need a bathroom break and snacks, but a single sitting all the same.  Some scenarios are designed to be played in an hour, others longer. Custom design them as well.

Green Ronin Games - Tal'dorei Campaign Setting
Critical Role has published thier campign setting so you can enjoy it with your own gaming group. The lands of Grog, Vex'ahlia, Keyleth, Percival, Scanlan, Pike and Vax'ildan are detailed. Includes an overview of the history, peoples, religions and influential organizations are detailed. New archetypes, feats, items and rules for 5e D&D are provided as well as monsters and adversaries. a 17x22 poster map (drawn by Andy Law) is included in this full color hardbound book.

Pazio Publishing - Pathfinder RPG : Book of the Damned
archdevils, demonlords, and fiendish creatures are detailed here along with the foul boons they may grant. The otherworldly realms are explored along with new monsters, rituals, artifacts, magic and prestige classes. All sorts of new material to provide more challenges to your Pathfinder game.

Green Ronin - Book of the Righteous (5e D&D)
All sorts of material for 5e D&D. Gods, religions and pantheons are explored in this 250+ page hardbound book. Holy orders, dogma, churches, faith driven abilities, story hooks and more. All detailed and ready to go for your 5e D&D game.

Novus Design Studio - new 28mm resin terrain items :
Crate Assortment (12 crates), Research Pods (2), Steel Drums (12), Bus Shelter, Surveillance Drones (3), Plasma Engines (2), Atmospheric Exchangers (2) Ammo and Fuel Dump (2 pieces) - all available now.
Objectives, terrain or diorama bits - just paint n play

Paizo Publishing -Starfinder Condition Cards
53 cards designed to help you remember effects/conditions that your character has actively occurring to them. In full color, comically illustrated.

Paizo Publishing - Pathfinder Adventure Card Game : Pathfinder Tales Character Deck
109 cards adding the Naga pirate Celests, the bodyguard Radovan and the aristocrat Varian to the Pathfinder Adventures Card Game.

Paizo Publishing - Pathfinder Player Companion : Antihero's Handbook
Be the less than heroic hero and take justice that extra step. Play a cowardly or corrupt character. Create more interesting flawed backgrounds, take advantage of new archetypes, drawbacks, feats and more. Take your character to the limit.

Paizo Publishing - Into the Shattered Continent (Ruins of Azlant pt2)
A 4th level module for the Pathfinder RPG, a bestiary of creatures, rare magical treasures from Azlant, history, interesting denizens and points of interest in the Ruins of Azlant. 80+ full color pages of adventure and exploration.

Arcane Wonders - Sheriff of Nottingham : Merry Men
Adds a 6th player to Sheriff of Nottingham, new laws, new opportunities, more deputies and more fun. Get down to the Black Market, beware the law and make some cash. Includes 6th player materials, new cards, a Sherwood tile, booty tile & more. 

Green Ronin - Six of Swords : Adventures in the World of Aldea
This new adventure anthology is designed for the Blue Rose RPG. Designed for various levels of character it will provide challenges for the players and resources for the Narrator. Ruined mansions, vampiric balls, sorcererous secrets and more await. Hours of adventure.
Friday, Sept 22nd :
Cubicle Seven - Cthulhu Tales
2 to 5 players weave tale about their past, how they came to be incarcerated in the sanatorium, and how you just don't belong... Ages 15 and up. Plays in around an hour depending on the number of players.

DPH Games - Affliction Salem 1692
Set your people to task to bring colonists into your influence. Gather abilities and use them to your advantage. Use accusations and fear to disrupt your opponents. For 2 to 4 players ages 12 and up. Plays in about an hour.

Northstar Games - Happy Salmon Blue
a fast paced game of interaction for 3 to 6 players. Combine with Happy Salmon Green to play up to 12 at a time!   Ages 6 and up.

Mayfair Games - Iron Dragon
The land of Darwinia has not seen the Iron Dragon for a many years. Now,is the time to build track, harness the power of the dragon and move goods across the countryside. This fantasy version of Empire Builder is back in print. Hire your foreman, create a rail network, try to make profitable deliveries and master Dragon Power. For 2 to 6 players. Ages 12 and up. plays in 2 to 4 hours depending on number of players.

Restoration Games - Indulgence
Taking aspects of Dragonmaster and Coup d'Etat you decide to play by the rule, break the rule or try to gain Indulgence to be pardoned. 20 edicts add many interesting choices while treasure waits to be gained. 3 or 4 players. Ages 14+ Plays in an hour.

Fantasy Flight Games - Game of Thrones : Brotherhood Without Banners pack
cards 101-120 of the Blood and Gold cycle. 3 of each, 60 cards total.

GMT Games - Talon : Fleet combat in defense of Earth
This 2017 version of Talon puts you in command of 3-10 ships fighting a fleet action between the Talon Empire and Terran Confederation. Manage each ship power, use dry erase markers to show ship status right on the counters. Actions are easy to resolve and game play flows quickly.

Days of Wonder - Five Tribes : Whim of the Sultan
Five players now compete to control 5 cities and try to please the Sultan. Adds to the base Five Tribes game and may be played with Artisans of Naqala as well.

Chaosium Inc - Runequest : Roleplaying in Glorantha (FRPGD 2017)
Did you miss the quickstart rules and adventure offered during free RPG day? Chaosium Inc is offering it again for a low price. 48 pages (24 pages of rules, 24 pages of adventure and source material) for just $10. Want to see how Runequest works without going all in? Here is an excellent way to do so.

Asmodee - Cities of Splendor
4 expansions for Splendor. The Cities, The Trading posts, The Orient and The Strongholds. all in one handy box, ready to add to your Splendor gaming experience.

Dude Games - Magic Maze
a real time cooperative game where you try to get four heroes all equipped at the local mall. Without talking to each other. Work together to explore the mall, get your equipment and get out before it's too late.
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