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This page lists all new product as well as important restocks. If you don't see your game on the list, email or call us and we'll let you know the status of that game. 
Friday May 17th:
Has it been a while since our website got updated?
Yup. A heartfelt - SORRY! to everyone. But our staff is getting close to being back and events look to be throttling back so two things should be happening.
*It'll be better updated and will even be _really_ updated soon. So.

Till then:
Ganesha Games - Four Against the Titans - stand alone solitaire RPG

Iello Games - High Risk (2-4 player mountain climbing push-your-luck game)

Modipius Entertainment - Legacy : Life Among the Ruins Second edition
Post apocalyptic 'Powered the Apocalypse Engine' RPG 

Jarnringen Games - New Sybaroum Supplements
: Adventure Pack 3 (2 new scenario sets)
: Yndaros : The Darkest Star - Episode 3 of Throne of Thorns adventure arc
Includes information for both GMs and players as well as anew scenario events

Battlefront - Colours of War 2019 - Painting World War 2 and World War 3 miniatures
Includes Vallejo paint listings and tons of color (colour?) pictures.

Tactic.Net - Go Go Eskimo (2-6 player family game of arctic fishing)

I Will Never grow Up Games - Into the Black : Boarding Party
1 to 4 player cooperative space pirate exploration game - with a traitor element

Libellud Games - One Key (2-6 player game of deduction and logic)

Privateer press - two new Monsterpocalypse Monsters
Krakenoctus (Protectors Monster expansion)
Hammerklak (Destroyers Monster expansion)

Bicycle Cards - Shuffle Grand Prix

2-4 players use card play to move forward in the order, inhibit their opponents, collect trophies, spin out rivals and win the game. Ages 13 and up. Plays in about half an hour.

Victrix Games - Mortal Gods :

A new Ancient Greece skirmish game from Victrix. Includes 38 plastic figures, rules, markers, measuring sticks, and more. Expansions (Spartan Army and Athenian Army) are available with new figures, rules and everything you need to add them into your game.

Gamers Grass / Battle Ready Bases

Two new base styles are in
Arid Steepe bases (sandy with rocks and dry shrubs) and Badlands (reddish soil/sand and rocks with bits of scrub) from 25mm round, 30mm round, 32mm round, 30/40/60 with round lips, 40/50/60/90 and other flat sided rounds as well as sverak oval styles.

Gamers Grass -  Highland Tufts kit with several shades of green tufts in short, medium and long lengths as well as yellow flower tufts to match the Battle Ready Highland Bases

Evil Hat Productions - Channel A : The Anime Pitch Party Game

Players make anime titles using cards in their hand and try to get the other players to back it. Includes 270+ title cards, 110+ Premise cards, blank cards, rules and hours of fun!

For 3 or more players, ages 13 and up. Plays in around half an hour

Iello Games - Bunny Kingdom - In the Sky

This expansion allows 2-5 players explore the Great Cloud and attempt to bring back resources for the Bunny King. Can you create trade, protect your interests and keep your kingdom flourishing? Ages 14 and up. Plays in about an hour.

Board & Dice Games - Inuit : The Snow Folk

Create your village, bring the wisdom of the elders to your people, gain weapons, hunt for resources and have your shaman perform rites to make your folk prosper. Game includes two expansions as well as the core game. Designed for 2 to 4 players ages 13 and up. Plays in about an hour.

Goodman Games - new Dungeon Crawl Classics Dice Sets

D3, d4, d5, d6, d7, d8, d10, d%, d12,d14, d16,d20,d24 and d30 in a single set. The Marvels of the Mustachioed Magician (ruby red with white ink) and Farrahís Fantastics Fragments (sparkle silver in clear plastic with white ink).

Metallic Dice Company new sets

Unicorn Ice (rainbow sparkle), Midnight Fantasy (purple sparkle with yellow ink), IUcy Everglades (green sparkle with gold ink), Cosmic Carnival (red and blue swirl with silver sparkles and gold ink)  and bunches more.

May 8

Alderac Entertainment Mystic Vale : Harmony Expansion

New Advancement and Vale cards add more crafting options and combos. Amulets have unique effects and greater variety to mana tokens. Leaders grant expandable abilities and power to your Druid clan. Includes 105 advancements, 36 vale cards, leaders, amulets and rules.

Alderac Entertainment - Tiny Towns

1 to 6 players compete to create the best tiny town in the forest. Obtain and use resources to construct buildings to create your town. Use your resources wisely. For ages 14 and up, playing in about 45 minutes.

Gamewright Games - Rat a Tat Roll

2 to 5 players, ages 6 and up roll around the world with Rat-a-Tat Cat. Use your judgement to roll your choice of dice, keep your reroll tokens handy and get the most cats while avoiding rats. Plays in about 15 minutes.


Splendor Game Mat is here! A Mat that helps you play the game - itís not just a pretty picture, itís a game aid.

Gamewright Games - Bloom - The Wildflower Dice Game.

2 to 5 players roll their dice to attempt to claim flowers in the garden. Get the most by gameís end to win. Plays in about 20 minutes.

Modiphius Entertainment - Vampire the Masquerade : Anarch Sourcebook

Learn all about the rebellious vampires. Those who skirt the edge of societies and try to do their own thing while staying away from having too much trouble. This sourcebook is written to give you insight into their world in the style of an underground magazine, just to make it that much more flavorful.Includes a .pdf copy of the book too.

Chaosium Games - new Runequest/Glorantha items

GameMaster Screen Pack - 124 page book with new information on the Colymar Clan, the hamlet of Apple Lane, adventure seeds and three ready to play adventures. A 20 page book of charts and tables, a Gloranthan calendar, maps galore, pre-generated players characters, squad and NPC sheets, FAQ information, and rules clarifications.

Gloranthan Bestiary - 200+ pages of animals, beasts, monsters, spirits, elementals, flora supernatural beings and those unique to Glorantha. Also included are rules for non-human adventurers, broo, ducks, jack-o-bears and non-human cults and magic.

KTBG - Bug on Rugs

A new game for ages 8 and up. Play your bug cards to make them happy. Spiders eat flies, ants love crowds, fireflies love bright colors. Each bug scores differently and your job is to get the most points you can from your bug cards. Gather the best collection before the game ends. For 2 - 5 players taking around 20 minutes to play.

Gallant Knight Games - Destiny of Tides

A Tiny Dungeon 2e setting book As a champion of the aquatic races remaining after the fall of the world your job is to scour the ruins of the old world, find marevelous devices and Uses the Tinyd6 engine and includes new Heritages, new Traits and a whole lot more.

Queen Games - New Releases

3-4 players (ages 10 and up) attempt to assert their influence over a city in chaos. Paris is on the verge of revolution and your task is to make preparations and plans as you fulfil various missions and wait for the right time to strike. Plays in about an hour.


2-5 entrepreneurs try to build an empire of their brand across the country of the 60s. Build your fast food chain, motel empire, laundromat business or other franchise into an empire. For ages 14 and up. Plays in 90 minutes or so.    


The world of Skylands has been destroyed, fragmented into many pieces. Your job is to rebuild it using your mystical skills. Join fractured pieces, create sky islands and ultimately your own island world. For 2 to 4 players ages 8 and up. Plays in about half an hour.

Merlin : Expansion for Arthur

This Merlin expansion adds Arthur to the game. He moves on his own roundel which includes new actions to expand your game play experience. 2-4 players ages 14 and up. Plays in about an hour and a half with the expansion.

New Warmachine miniatures

Steelhead Cannon & crew, Steelhead Mortar & crew, Steelhead Volleygun & crew and Trollblood Valka Curseborn, Chieftain of the North are here.

Steve Jackson Games - Cthulhu D6 dice set

Two purple, two green and two black pearl dice, each with a Cthulhu head replacing the Ď1í pip. Neat looking dice for any game where itís horror-ible to get a Ď1í.

Greater Than Games - Sentinels of the Multiverse Complete Hero Variant Collection

67 cards with at least one hero character card for each hero in the core game and every single expansion. All cards have new variant art.

APE Games - Rice Dice

Spirits of the Rice Paddy Dice Game

A 1-5 player streamlined dice game version of Spirits of the Rice Paddy. Roll the dice, add paddies to your field, assign laborers, plant, weed and harvest. Rewards good planning, just like the original, but takes less time than the boardgame. Plays in 30-45 minutes. For ages 10 and up.

Atlas Games - Godsforge

2-4 player compete in this simultaneous play game of crafting and combat. Roll your dice, craft your spells  and launch your attacks. No downtime - everyone is always involved. For ages 14 and up. Plays in about half an hour, depending on total number of players.

Plaid Hat Games - New Ashes expansion Protector of Argaia

- from her tree-city of Birdsnest, Fiona Mercywind prepares to end the war that has disturbs her realm. A realm she has sworn to protect. Expansion deck for Ashes

Plaid Hat Games - Ashes Expansion :The Grave King

From disease ravaged Marrowden comes James Endersight. His goal is simply to take what he wants, the means justify the end in his mind and his end is owning the ultimate prize. His power strips the living of life and brings the dead to do his bidding.  


New Prepainted ĎWardlingsí

Troll, Treefolk, Goblins (2), Zombies (2), Ghosts (2), Warlock & lizard, Witch & cat

New Nolzurís miniatures

Vampire Hunters (M&F), Human Ranger(M) & Moon Elf Sorcerer (F), Human Cleric (F), Human Monk (M), Dragonborn Sorcerer, Human Cleric (M), Human Fighter (M), Bandits (2), Hobogoblins (2)

New Large Nolzurís Monsters

Cloud Giant, mHill Giant, Stone Giant, Young Blue Dragon, Young Black Dragon, Young Copper Dragon, Young Green Dragon

Pathfinder Deep Cut miniatures

Female Dwarf Barbarian, Female Halfling Rogue, Orcs (2) Grim Reaper   

Friday April 19th:
A whole lota new stuff is here :

Plastic Soldier Company - Battle Ravens : The Shieldwall Boardgame

A 2 player game of the Viking Age. Players command either a Saxon or Viking shieldwall - move your warriors across the battlefield and attempt to break the enemy's shieldwall. Capture different sectors of the battlefield in the quest to dominate the fight. Ages 14 and up, for 2 players. Plays in an hour or less.

Fantasy Flight Games - Lord of the Rings : Journeys in Middle Earth

A cooperative board game for 1 to 5 players. Battle foes, complete quests and vanquish evil. Explore the narrative game play with your compatriots and explore Middle Earth as you move across the lands. Highly replayable the game is run with a companion app so everyone gets to be involved.

Lynnvander Studios - Reanimator the Boardgame

A 1-4 player, interactive horror boardgame. Plays in under an hour. Play progresses through 8 different 3d punchboard buildings using cards to tell unique stores. Perfect Herbert Westís experimental formula in the take on HP Lovecraftís creation.

Lynnvander Studios - Reanimator : Modern Times & The King in Yellow expansions

A dual expansion for Reaninmator. 44 new subpolt cards, Opera House model, Plantation House model, a new character token and new rules.

Battlefront - Oil War is here.
Core rule book, starter armies, Israeli, Iranian and Iraqi dioce & token sets, unit box sets and more.

Stronghold Games - Ganz Schon Clever : Thatís Pretty Clever

A 1 to 4 player game (plays great with two players) where you roll, allocate and score and pass  your dice. Luck and strategy in a single game. Plays in under 30 minutes.

Warlord Games - Gates of Antares Dice Game

2-5 players play a faction in this fast paced game of dice based domination. Ages 14 and up. Plays in 15 minutes or so, depending on players.

Warlord Games - Gates of Antares Dice Game

2-5 players play a faction in this fast paced game of dice based domination. Ages 14 and up. Plays in 15 minutes or so, depending on players.

Warlord Games - new Cruel Seas ships are here - along with MTB pens too.

And now - blank cards, Blank hard boards to make maps and dry erase cards too - for the ultimate game design and accessory set.

Everything Epic Games - Big Trouble in Little China the Game : Legacy of Lo Pan

This expansion to the cooperative boardgame increases the number of players to 6 for the base game and adds an all new campaign quest. A handy expansion for the game.

Flyos Games - Kiwetin

2-6 players (ages 7 and up) race across the tree tops trying to catch the sacred flower. Plays in 10-20 minutes. Includes rules, colorful board, stand-up pieces and more

Hurrican Games - Naga Raja

This two player game sses players exploring temples and searching for ancient relics while fate puts obstacles in their way. For ages 9 and up. Plays in about half an hour.

Monkey Jump Games - Heroes Welcome : Merchants of Dragons Reach

Welcome to Dragonís Reach, a new frontier settlement in Smiteros. Portals have opened to the Dungeon and adventures are going in trying for fame, fortune and levelups. Outside town the monsters are gearing up for the fight of their lives.  2-5 players rake in gold, scam adventurers and monsters alike and try to master the art of the swindleÖ before it all catches up with them. Plays in around 90 minutes.

Asmodee - T.I.M.E. Stories scenario : Madame 1673

A scenario for experienced agents set in Versailles in 1673. Good luck.

Z-Man Games - Aerion : an Oniverse game

Build airships to traverse the Oniverse, the world of dreams. Build the best fleet before your resources run out. For 1 or 2 players, ages 10 and up. Plays in about 15 minutes.

Fantasy Flight Games - Star wars Allies and Adversaries

A collection of heroes and villains for all eras of the Star Wars saga. The famous and infamous to stormtroopers, bounty hunters, pirates and others who inhabit the universe. Rules for four new species as well - Ewok, Jawa, Tusken Raider and Lasat are included too.

Alderac Entertainment - Space Base : The Emergence of Shy Pluto
A new addition to the solar system - and to your game. This Saga Expansion includes a set of story-based scenarios to introduce new content via a narrative structure. New ships, new rules. And once youíve played it - you can play it again. Or just add it to your Space base core set.

Decision Games -

Modern War #41 (May/June 2019) Sixth Fleet : Confrontation in the Cold War

A new magazine examining that topic, Rwandian Genocide, Oman 1965-75, Nanotechnology and a bunch more.

World at War # 65 (Apr/May 2019) - Operation Typhoon

Includes a full game (Operation Typhoon) articles on Objective Metz, Bougainville Nov 1943 to July 1944, Resistance in Norway and other historical topics.

Alderac Entertainment - SMASHUP World Tour : International Incident

Luchadors, Mounties, Sumos and Musketeers. Just some of the action you will see and heroes from around the globe join your team. 88 new cards with faction dividers, tokens and rules.

Cryptizoic - Challenge of the Superfriends

Thirteen of the most evil villains band together to conquer the universe. Can the Superfreinds defeat their evil plan? This card game has 2-4 players attempt to answer that question in fast paced card play. Quick to learn rules reward strategy and luck. Artwork based on the classic cartoon. Designed for ages 10 and up. Warm up the Aquatic Telepathy and prepare to fight.

Medieval warfare Vol VIII - Issue 6 (Jan/Feb 2019)

Seventh Crusade, Crusader Swords, 13th Century Foot Soldiers, Battles of Damietta & Mansura, Rise of Mamluks and more. 

Catalyst Game Labs - Battletech Map Pack : Grasslands

Six double sided maps featuring different terrain on each.
Foothills, Forward Base, Lakes, Open Terrain, River Coimms Center, Rolling Hills, Stream and Woodland. In full color with elevation markings.

Modiphius Entertainment - new Conan books

50390 - Conan 2d20 system - Nameless Cults

-Includes descriptions of major deities of Conanís world from Crom to Bori, Mitra and Set. Minor gods like Asura and Bel, regional cults like Alkmeenon and the cannibals of Zamboula, potent foes, sacred relics, cult member archetypes, information on the Old Ones, new art and more.

50396 -  Conan 2d20 system - Ancient Ruins and Cursed Cities  

Descriptions of the famous ruins, new places inspired by Howardís writings, story seeds to inspire adventures, ruin generators, write ups of foes like ka-ghouls and the Masters of the Black City, exploration rules and treasures of renown as well as treasure generation rules.

Coriolis - new releases

Emissary Lost (Mercy of the Icons Campaign Adventure 1) Includes a detailed background of events and plots that threaten the Third Horizon, a pair of scenarios, a bunch of maps and handouts, a scenario generator to add to the livelihood of the campaign and much more.

Last Voyage of the Ghazali - A race against time in three acts onboard a luxury cruiser. Includes deck plans, a description of the Hamura system, a distress call, action and adventure. What more could you want?

Aramís Secret - This stand alone scenario takes place in Aramís Ravine, includes story hooks,  NPCs, an overview of then luxury moon Cala Duriha and adventure in the most unlikely of places.

World of Darkness : Vampire the Masquerade - The Camarilla

The Camarilla, the most feared secret society. Written as a primer and set of documents, this book is both background and source material for the World of Darkness.     

Pathfinder Flipmat - Wicked Dungeon

A double sided, full color map with a twisted labyrinth of briars and thickets on one side and a prison of smoke, magma and stone on the other. Laminated to allow use with any sort of marker.

Absolute Tabletop - Adventure Kit Shadows over Driftchapel

A modular toolkit to build endless 5e RPG adventures. This book provides a ready made flintlock fantasy setting with mechanics for madness and flintlock weapons, modular adventure elements, city and world maps, challenging encounters, NPCs, generation tools for monsters, loot, traps, NPC and more. Adventure in the eldritch inspired world of Gloam.

Cubicle Seven - Laughter of Dragons for the One Ring RPG

Six ready to play adventures in the area of Erebor, in the lands of Dale and reconstructed Lake-town and the halls of the King Under the Mountain. Can you stop war from coming to the North? Can you deal with treachery engulfing the lands? Answer these questions as you can.

Cubicle Seven - Adventures in Middle-Earth Bree-land region guide

A guide to Bree, Archet, Combe and Staddle, adventure seeds, maps of the Bree-lands and the Prancing Pony, journey tables, Dwarves of the Blue Mountain - a new playable culture AND three new adventures taking characters from level 1 to 4. These adventures were originally released as part of the One Ring Bree book, but are fully converted for 5e D&D and the OGL rules.  

Bezier Games - CABO

2 to 4 player card game (ages 8 and up) taking about 45 minutes to play. Spy, swap and peek as you try to be the first to find the unicorn Cabo. Lowest score wins so shed cards, search and win before itís too late.

Cryptozoic Games - Rick & Morty : Look Whoís Purging Now card game

Rick & Morty have lost their ship and then planet they are on is in the midst of a purge. Can you work together to save the peaceable citizens on the planet (and yourself) from the purgers and escape the horrors of the festival? Ages 17 and up.

Flames of War - Team Yankee : Oil War is out!  

Rulebooks and starter armies are here. Unit boxes and card sets to come next week.

Fantasy Flight Games - Legend of the Five Rings expansions

Warriors of the Wind - Unicorn Clan pack - 78 new cards, primarily Unicorn clan related.

Across the Burning Sands - a new novel featuring Shinjo Shono and new alternate art L5R cards

Compass Games - Vietnam : Rumor of War

Using the Operational Scale System seen originally in Korea : Fire & Ice this game has dispirate sides using the means available to them to wage war on the enemy. Be it by bombing, insurgents, boots on the ground or other means this fast playing game allows you to fight a truly huge conflict in the course of a weekend. Include 4 scenarios, both military and political options as well as three maps, 3 counter sheets, rules, dice and more.

Northstar Military Models -

New Frostgrave miniatures from a Lich & Apprentice to Glass Spiders - a number of new creatures, soldiers and wizards are available.

Plastic Soldier Company - Red Alert : Space Fleet Warfare

Richard Borg presents a space fleet combat game based on the Command & Colors system. Command cards drive the action and create a fog of war, combat cards add to the excitement of conflict resolution. Task Force cards make deployment easy and add to game play. Inludes of 90 plastic ships.  

Thursday April 11th:
So our update was a bit long in coming - but that just means you get a lot of stuff to look at ...

Robart - AC Powered Paint Shaker

Designed to shake up small and medium bottles - with a plastic cradle and rubber strap to secure the product.

Amigo Games - Saboteur the Lost Mines

3-9 players builkd paths through the forest, collect treasures and attempt to be the group with the most. Beware the unknown saboteur on your team. This boardgame version of the card game has plenty of new features to make it even more fun than the original.

WizKids Games - Rise and Fall of Avalor

Work as the head of your faction to secure the most influence in Avalor by defeating enemy assaults and building the city into a larger and more powerful place. Designed for 1 to 4 players, ages 14 and up. Takes around an hour to play.

Letiman Games - The Neverland Rescue

2 players compete as Peter Pan or Captain Hook to take control of Neverland. Captain Hook is searching for Peter Panís hideout while Peterís group is trying to save the captured kids. Which side will succeed? Will the children still believe in fairies and Peter?

Pazio Publishing - new releases

Pathfinder Player Companion : Heroes of Golarion

Exceptional heroes and unfathomable magic meet mystical bloodlines along with occult characters and secret techniques in this tome.

Eulogy for Roslarís Coffer - Adventure 2 (of 6) in the Tyrantís Grasp adventure arc.

Soldiers of Brass - adventure 2 (of 6) of the Starfinder Dawn of Flame adventure arc.

Pathfinder Pawns - Return of the Runelords pawn collection

Over 100 pawns - from chief Cheektooth to the Portal to Yad Iagnath


River Horse ALC Studio - Tails of Equestra : Haunting of Equestria

An adventure for MLP levels 5-10. Nightmare Night has come to Ponyville and unknown darkness threatens Equestria.

Kobold Press - Shadows of the Dusk Queen

Throughout the lands, rumors and legends of the Dusk Queen persist. Legends speak of a tower made of smooth stone and how it suddenly disappeared. Now talk swirls about the possible return of the Dusk Rower and itís cruel ruler.

Ultra Pro Pathfinder Character Folio

Poly folder with 12 1 pocket pages to hold all your important sheets, notes, sketches and more.

Compass Games - Stalinís World War III

An operational level game of world conflict in 1953. This what-if game explores Stalinís plan to take over Europe and the Middle East in a world-spanning campaign. Designed for 2 to 4 players but able to be played solitaire easily. Plays in 3 to 5 hours.

Pokemon - Detective Pikachu collectors tin

Includes 7 Detective Pikachu booster packs, collectorís pin, a metal Detective Pikachu lunch box and more.

Corvus Belli

Brawlers : Mercenary Enforcers NA2 - 4 figure boxed set

Zulu Cobra : Panoceania recon & intervention trooper

Haidao Special Support Group Yu-Jing sniper with Multi-Sniper Rifle

Perseo : Nomad Mercenary Myrmidon armed with 2 pistols

Tasty Minstrel Games - Downfall

A post-apocalyptic 4X game for 3 to 6 players. Fight radiation spread, build bunkers, find technology and fend off others looking for your loot. Ages 14 and up, Plays in 1.5 to 3 hours.

Chaosium - Terror Australis : Call of Cthulhu in The Land Down Under.

Wurm - Role Playing Game of the Ice Age

Wurm - GM Screen

Wurm - Voice of the Ancestors #1 : Tales of the Antler Bearers.

Four scenarios for Wurm.

Wurm - Voice of the Ancestors #2 : Tales of the Man Eaters

Guide to cannibalism, curious quest of the spark hunters and 2 more adventures

Wurm - Voice of the Ancestors : Special Adventure Black Machairodus

Fantasy Flight Games - Battlestar Galactica expansions

Viper Mk II, Starbuck (with captured Cylon raider), Scar (Cylon raider) Starbuck (in Viper Mk II) and extra control panels

Warhammer Age of Champions : Savagery boosters are in stock

Not So Bored Games - Viral Outbreak miniatures

Thirty 28mm miniatures survivors, technicians, medical personnel, military and more. Includes 30 colored base sleeves as well.

Bezier Games - One Night Ultimate Supervillains
Based on ONe Night Werewolf this game delves into the superhero genre

Fantasy Flight Games -
Arkham Horror : The Wages of Sin Mythos Pack

Lord of the Rings : Mount Gundabad Adventure Pack

Sweet Potato Press - Companionís Tale :  Epic game of map making & storytelling    

Fantasy Flight Games - Star Wars Destiny

General Grevious starter, Obi-wan Kenobi starter and booster packs are in.

Sand Castle Games - Res Arcana

2-4 player game of research, spell craft, expansion and world conquest.

Pelgrane Press - Trail of Cthulhu : Mythos Expeditions

10 new scenarios for the GUMSHOE rules and Trail of Cthulhu.

Victory Point Games - High Treason

2 player card game of jury selection, trail and fate.

Monte Cook Games - New items
Numenera : Slaves of the Machine God

Two story arcs of 8 parts each - can be used as either a single campaign or two shorter ones.

Numenera : Priests of the Aeons

A look at the Order of Truth, new Character Options, story hooks, adventures and more.

Kobold Press - Shadows of the Dusk Queen (5e adventure)

Feuerland Games - Magnastorm

2-4 player game of planetary exploration, resource management, timing and logistics

Drinking Horn Games - Saga of Midgard : Cinematic Norse RPG

Indie Games - Shattered : A Grimdark RPG
A self contained pen and paper RPG of a post-Apocalyptic, steam-punk, magic wielding future.

Arc Dream Publishing - Delta Green : A Night at the Opera    

6 new scenarios for Delta Green

Wizards of the Coast/Hasbro Gaming - Stranger Things D&D

5e basic set for 3 or more players complete with rules, scenarios, dice and 2 exclusive demogorgon miniatures.


Wizkids - new Star Trek Deep Cut ships

JemíHadar Battle Cruiser, JemíHadar Attack Ship, Feregni DíKora, Cardassian Galor and Kelton class ships, Romulan Valdore and Klingon VoríCha class ships, Federation NX, Miranda and Excelsior class ships. Out Now.

Fantasy Flight Games - new X-Wing miniatures

Z-95-AF4 Headhunter, TIE/SK Striker, Vulture Class Driod Fighter, ARC-170 Starfighter, Delta-7 Aethersprite, Sith Infiltrator, Servants of Strife squadron pack, Guardians of the Republic Squadron Pack.

Star Wars Legion - Director Orson Krennic and Imperial Death Troopers box sets are in.

Friday March 22nd :
Brotherwise games - Call to Adventure
1 to 4 players, ages 13 and up. Craft your hero, choose a path and face challenges, face adversaries and fulfill your destiny. plays in about an hour with 4 players, less time with less players.

Fantasy Flight Games - Legend of the 5 Rings new releases :
Mask of the Oni - an adventure module leading the players into the Shadowlands in pursuit of Blood Magics, honor and duty. Includes a 32 page book, poster map of Daylight Castle, tyhe Shadowlands and the lands of the Crab Clan. Also has over 50 token to represent heroes and villains.

Shadowlands : The Domains of Fu-Leng -
140+ page hardbound book which details the Shadowlands, the Falson Clan, new Maho spells, GM tips on running adventures and creating onis and more.

Longpack Games - Robinson Crusoe : Mystery Tales
This second expansion includes a new way to play, new components to add variability to the game, two new scenarios and an all new Horror Mode as well as a 5 part campaign. 9 new explorers, ancient knowledge, campaign tiles and more.

Lay Waste games - Human Era
4 to 10 players (yup, it's a big group game), each take a different identity (robot, human or cyborg) and attempt to bend the timestream to get the future they want. Use social deduction to figure out who is who and make sure your future is the one. Ages 8 and up. Plays in around half an hour.

Stronghold Games - Fine Sand
Across the beach sand castles rise up. Can you make yours the best, highest and biggest? Enjoy this new Deck Destruction game of sand castle fun. A solo campaign is included. Ages 10 and up. plays in half an hour.

Arcane wonders (Rooster Teeth Games) - RWBY : Combat Ready
a cooperative boardgame for 2 to 5 playerswhere you battle the forces of Grimm whose goal is to destroy the world of Remnant. Play a string of scenarios and gain abilities and experience for your team. For ages 14 and up. Plays in an hour.

Mantic Games - Terrain Crate releases
The latest of the plastic terrain boxes from Mantic.
Temple - pools, fountian, columns, broken columns, altar and more.
Tavern - tables, kegs, bar, fireplace, brazier, bottle, and more.
Guard Barracks - weapon racks, bunks, armor stands, braziers, targets
Abandoned Mine - tracks, mine carts, tools, crystals & accessories.
Adventurer's Crate - includes the Throne Room, Barracks, Temple and Tavern sets

Osprey Publishing - new release books :
Campaign #333 - The Aleutians 1942-43
Combat #39 - Russian Soldier vs Japanese Soldier Manchuria 1904-05
Vanguard  #268 - M1A2 Abrams MBT 1993-2018
Men at Arms #524 - Norwegian Waffen-SS Legion 1941-43
Weapon # 67 - Sniping Rifles on the eastern Front 1939-1945
Combat Aircraft #127 - RF-101 Voodoo units in combat
Rio Grande Games - Roll for the Galaxy : Rivalry
This expansion adds new alien technologies, trade unused assets, explore new factions, start worlds and use pioneers and more. Three expansion in one.

Decision Games - Strategy & Tactics #316
A complete game - 1777 : Year of Decision.  Nikolai Pirogov, Cape Economus, Operation Hush 1917 and all the usual departments.

Friday March 15th :
Noctura Games - Pendragon
The classic RPG of Arthurian adventure is back. Revised and updated - ready for excitement, adventure and hours of fun.

Clash of Arms Games - Triumph of Chaos v2
This Deluxe edition of the Russian civil war game features streamlined rules, a bigger map, improved play aids and a whole lot more.

Stronghold Games -  The Boldest
2-5 player boardgame of exploration in an oddly heroic post apocalyptic world. Move through the valley and defeat mechanical monsters, gain artifacts and lead your faction to glory. For ages 10 and up. Plays in 30 to 90 minutes based on players.

Dave Taylor Miniatures - Armies & Legions & Hordes
a 170+ page hardbound book with scads of pictures and articles covering the  inspiration, aims, goals, planning and motivation (and more) in collecting massive miniature wargaming armies. Tons of color pictures and lots of commentary.

Modiphius Entertainment - John Carter of Mars
a new 2d20 system roleplaying game. Comes as a complete collection of books in a slipcase or as separate rulebook, background setting and GM screen. Also has dice sets for the major factions and a notebook for your game notes too.

Warelord Games -Warlords of Erehwon
A new fast paced, exciting fantasy miniature game allowing small armies to clash in intersting conflict without taking thousands of dollars or tens of hours to play. From barbarians to beastmen, dwarves, elves, gnolls, halflings, olympians and more clash on the table top in Warlord's newest miniature endeavor.

Privateer Press - Monsterpocylpse buildings
two new buildings. Mount Terra and the Void gate. In stock and ready to purchase and play

Reaper Pathfinder Metal Miniatures -
60206 - Octavio Sabinus and 60205 - Barzillai Thrune

Avalanche Press - Panzer Grenadier : Road to Dunkirk
This new game present 40+ scenario featuring the British Expeditionary Forces in France in 1939. Also includes some 'battle games' that put sequences of scenarios in staged format to play out operational campaigns.

Green beir Games - Grimslingers
a western sci-fi themed card game with both co-op and versus game modes. Go head to head in a spell-slinging, gun blasting free for all or work together to overcome challenges, gain loot and gain levels in the Forgotten West. 2-6 (or 1-4 in co-op) players ages 14 and up.  Plays in as little as 15 minutes in Versus mode, anout an hour to an hour and a half in co-op.

Against the Odds
#48 - Rise of the First Caliphate 646-656 AD, Byzantium, The Great War 1919, pre-gunpowder combat and more.

Against the Odds Annual 2016 (yes, 2016) - Confederate Rails
a full multi-player game of rail management and shipping in the South during the ACW.

Jarnring games - Symbaroum Monster Codex
Over 100 creatures, monsters and abominations - from the common to the romored. Some are ravenous beasts, other will talk, dicker and even help you. For a while. Along with creature creation guidelines this tome will add hundreds of hours of play to your game.  
Gamers Grass - Battle Ready Bases
Two different base themes, winter (with snow, rocks, barren ground and some scrub) and Highland (with rocks, scrub, flowers and grass. Resin cast bases, fully flocked and painted, ready for your miniature to simply be attached to it.
From 25mm round (or square) to 120mm oval. A great way to get your minis on the table with a minimum of muss & fuss to base them.
Friday March 8th :
Z-Man games - Miaui
3-6 players (ages 8 and up) compete in a fishing competition on the island of Miaui. Help feed the festival crowds by catching fish but watching out for gooey jellyfish and thieving seagulls. Plays in about 20 minutes

Formal Ferret Games - Bad Medicine
A party game for 3-8 players, ages 16 and up. Develop a new drug, pitch your drug and get the most votes for production. But then you have top deal with the PR consequences of it's side effects... Plays in about half an hour.

Steve Jackson Games - Munchkin Warhammer 40K
Now Munchkin has come to the Grimdark. Kick down the door, fight the monster, grab the treasure, backstab your buddies and reach level 10 to win. Scads of new art, lots of monsters,fun items and more. 3-6 players, ages 10 and up. Plays in 1 to 2 hours depending on players.

Monte Cook Games - Numenera Technology Compendium
400 new Cyphers, 225 new artifacts, 300 new oddeities, player character additions, GM advice and oh so much more.

Upper Deck - Legendary : Vemon
100 playable cards, 5 heroes, 2 Masterminds, 2 Villain groups, 4 all new Schemes, rules and more. Venomized heroes battle unique Masterminds in this expansion.

Wizkids - Thrown
Gather your dice and enjoy combining trick tacking with push-your-luck excitement. Colored dice gain powers each round so be wise in your use to come out ahead. 3-5 players ages 14 and up. Plays in around 45 minutes.

Indie Boards & Cards - Aeons End : Buries Secrets
over 150 new card add to your Aeon's End game. from the Living gauntlet to Mailed Shades. 150 new player cards, new tokens and new nemesis cards as well.

Stronghold Games - Paper Tales : Beyond the Gates
Can be played solo or with up to 7 players. In an attempt to gain more and more power a kingdom's magister digs into forbidden knowledge. Can you gain knowledge beyond your foes without awakening ancient powers beyond your control? Ages 12 and up. plays in around half an hour.

Fireside Games - My First Castle Panic
1 to 4 players, ages 4 and up, work together to keep monsters from getting into the castle. Can you deal with the never ending horde of evil? Plays in about 20 minutes. Match colors and shape to work your way to victory.

Friday March 1st :
Looney Labs - Time Breaker
2-5 player (ages 8+) card game of time travel and time stream repair.

Deep Water Games -
Crows Overkill - 3-4 player (ages 8+) fast paced party card game

Shadows Over Kyoto - 2 player (ages 10+) strategy spy game

Mystery of the Temples - 2-4 player (ages 10 and up) collect crystal, create spells and break curses.

Sorcerer Stones - 2-4 player (ages 8+) game of achieving enlightenment card game

Splotter Games - Food Chain Magnate - 2-5 players build fast food chains via resource management card play. Purchase, market, stock and sell.  2-4 hours.

4Ground Microscale Aquila Finials - laser cut epic scale Aquilas to adorn your buildings and give them that wonderful Imperial feel. Attaches to building corners so you can always poster-tack them on and then remove them later.

Wizards of the Coast - Transformers TCG - Rise of the Combiners
1 foil character card, 7 battle cards per booster pack.

Wizkids games - DC dicemasters
Mystics : 24 cards, 16 dice, Shazam, Freddy Freeman, Atlantis and much more...
Doom Patrol : Beast Boy, Elasti-Girl, Negative man and others. 24 dice, 16 cards.

DC Dicemasters Campaign Box : Justice
DC's greatest battle - Batman, Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman and their foes (among other heroes and villains) battle it out in this 2 player starter set.

Z-Man Games - Narnbi3-5 player try to put together runs of card, creating tranquil gardens out of chaos. Ages 10+, plays in 15 minutes.

Pazio Publishing -
Pathfinder Urban Perils Map Tile Set - fires, floods, sink holes, wagons wrecks and more to add to your urban map for a little excitement.

Pathfinder Tyrants Grasp Adventure Path #1 : The Dead Roads
Star Finder : Dawn of Flame Adventure Path #1 : Fire Starters

Flip Mat Classic : Hill Country
Return of the RuneLords Poster Map Folio
Friday February 22nd :
Song of Ice & Fire Miniature Game
Builder Scorpion Crew, Crannogman Trackers, Free Folk Raiders and Savage Giants are all in stock now.

Fantasy Flight Games - new Star Wars Legion units
Jyn Erso Rebel commander and the Rebel Pathfinder unit expansion are here.

Osprey Publishing - new historical books
Air Campaign # 9 - Japan 1944-45
Weapon #66 - Weapons of the Viking Warrior
New Vanguard # 267 - French Armor in Vietnam 1945-54
Duel #92 - Chinese Battleship vs Japanese Cruiser Yalu River 1894
X Planes # 10 - Northrop Flying Wings
Man at Arms # 52 - Armies of the Medieval Italian Wars 1125-1325
Campaign # 332 - Kulikovo 1380 : The battle that made Russia

Osprey Publishing - Frostgrave : The Wizards Conclave
new scenarios (about 16), new rules, four player scenarios and more.

Vallejo - Spray Primers & Sealers
Gray, Black and White Spray primers are in. Sprays include a low volume and high volume spray tip for use on fine detailed items or big chunks or terrain.
Acrylic Satin and Acrylic Matt Varnish are here too.
New colors sprays are do in on Monday!

Steve Jackson Games - Munchkin Starfinder 2 : Far Out
56 new cards with futuristic weapons, more ships and more fun.

Reaper Miniatures
New Dungeon Dwellers
07019 - Treasure Pile
07018 - Gus Greenweevil, Halfling adventurer
07017 - Sister Hazel, Plague Doctor
07016 - Scrawny Wererats (3)

New Dreadmire Dark Heaven minis
3940 - Cultists Minions of the Deep one
3941 - Cultists Leaders
3942 - Grixus, Goblin Wizard
3943 - Bog Skeleton with 2 hand axe
3944 - Bog Skeleton with Sword & Shield
3945 - Bog Skeleton with 2 hand sword

Ulisses North America - new Wrath & Glory card decks
Talents & Psychic Powers Card Pack, Combat Complications Deck, Perils of the Warp Deck - all three are 55 card decks to help aid play.

Evil Hat Games - Shadow of the Century
A FATE game where heroes, driven underground by the Shadows take over, fight to make right in the world again. Includes all the rules you need to play, new 'Gonzo' stunts, montage rules to help your team train and advance, character creation through story and a lot more.

Goodman Games - Grimtooth's Trapsylvania
Run your own Grimtooth's campaign or pick and choose some of the locations and drop them into your own world. This 160 page book comes in both softbound and hardbound and has locations, traps, NPCs, items, Grimtooths world background and more.

Amazing tales games - Amazing Tales RPG
a new RPG designed for kids 4 and up to play with thier parents. You create an Amazing Tale together, the child creating a Hero and the world is woven about them. Includes four sample settings and requires at least 1d6. Other polyhedral dice would be helpful.

Pretzel Games - Met at Work
2-5 players try to create tall buildings while keeping the workers safe. Can you get the highest with no accidents? Ages 8+ Takes about 30 minutes to play.

Pelgrane Press - Night Black Agents : The Persephone Extraction
five adventures to save the living from the hungry dead. This campaign combines ancient horrors, classical mythology and mordern conspiracy into a new threat.

Wyrd Games - new Malifaux Miniatures
aul Crockett, Riotbreaker box set, Monster Hunter boxed set, Gravedigger boxed set, Bayou Smugglers boxed set and the Undying a Malifaux / Through the Breach Story Encounter & Adventure Box.

Stronghold Games - CO2
1-4 players (aged 14 and up) manage power plants trying to deal with energy demands, government requirements and sustainability. Plays in about 2 hours.

Friday February 15th :
Guess What Time It Is? Auction Time!
So items are starting to come in, and will until the 27th. On the 28th All the fun Begins. So get your bidding pants on and prepare for all the fun.

Pandasaurus Games - The Game
1-5 player cooperative card game against... The Game. Ages 8+ Plays in half an hour.

Bully Pulpit Games - Star Crossed
2 player card game of forbidden love. Ages 14 and up. Plays in 2 hours.

Artipia Games - Fields of Green : Grand Fair
2-5 player card based game. 45 minute play time, Ages 12+

Z-Man Games - Feast for Odin : The Norwegians
an expansion adding modular boards, new spaces, fifth action column, new tiles, buildings and goods. Lots more to do with your Feast for Odin.

Pug Steady Games - Monarchies of Mau
A new cat based RPG where cats have inherited the earth, have language and tools. This RPG featrures a deep setting, streamlined play, many callings and houses to play with, rival species and more.

WizKids Games - The Expanse boardgame : Doors and Corners
5 new modules including new technology, variable setup, leaders and more. Mix and match to create the game you want to play. Add to your Expanse.

Compass Games - Pacific Tide : The US vs Japan, 1941-45
a strategic level game with an area map, naval, air and ground forces, card based events and a tense, time limited play mechanic. 2 to 4 hours in play time based on the scenario. Low complexity, high solitaire suitability.

Z-Man Games - The Great City of Rome
2-4 players attempt to gain resources, erect buildings and maximize your scoring. Designed for ages 10 and up. plays in (generally) an hour.

Fantasy Flight Games - new X-Wing 2.0 dial upgrades
New First Order (black) and Resistance (Pumpkin Orange) sets are in.

Red Raven Games - Megaland   
2 - 5 players choose characters, run levels and try to build up a city using the treasure they gain while dealing with the monsters in their path. Choose your buildings wisely to gain abilities to help later. Ages 8 and up. plays within about half an hour.

Plaid Hat Games - Gen 7 : The Breaking Point Expansion.
new logistics, new barracks  new competitive scenario, cards, tasks and more.

Lookout Games - Neom : Create the City of Tomorrow
1-5 players draft and play tiles while trying to make best use of the infrastructure created. Choose wisely the projects you undertake and help the population for generations to come. Ages 10 and up. plays in about an hour.

Reaper Miniatures - Not so new, but back in store-
Reaper Dark Heaven multi-packs. Metal minis, bulk pack, cheaper price.
6002 - Men at Arms of Breonne (4) mail, shield & mace
6003 Skeletons (4) skeletons with bows
6004 - Men at Arms of Anhur (4) - humans with mail, shield & spear
6005 - Skeletons (4) - skeletons with axe & shield
6009 Orc Warriors (4) - Ors with helmets, shields & swords.

Spellcaster Magazine #4 - Legendary Soldiers in Frostgrave, solo scenarios & more.

Miniature Wargames #430 - Border Reivers, Crusades, Eisenbach Gap & Rangers as well as all sorts of other articles, tips, scenarios and replays.

Modern War #39 - Axis of Evil : Conflict in the Persian Gulf

World at War # 64 - Rats of Tobruk, North Afrika 1941

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