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(Revised Product List in Progress)

Below is a list of the different companies whose products we carry as well as a quick list of items they produce. Items we have for sale from companies which have gone out of business or are discontinued are listed here as well. Click on the letters below to jump to the first line of that letter (i.e. 'A' would move you to A2 Press, the first 'A' in the list.

Yes, this list is quite out of date. We will have a newer list here soon. Our vast apologies about that. Honest. we are sorry it's not so useful.

Some manufacturers will have links that will send you to either discounted sale items we have for that manufacturer or a list of their product which we carry. We should have these lists up soon, more and more links will appear as we get further along.

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Manufacturer Product(s)
9th Level Games Kobolds Ate My baby RPG
Aberrant Games  
Ad Astrada Games Attack vector Tactical, Honor Harrington Space Conflict Simulator 
Alderac Entertainment Boardgames. L5R RPG and CCG is moving to FFG
Amarillo Design Bureau Star Fleet battles and its accessories and miniatures, Federation Commander
Atlas Games Ars Magica, Lunch Money, Gloom and a few other games
Australian Design Group World in Flames, America in Flames, Patton in Flames Out of business, but stock remains)
Avalanche Press Historical boardgames
Avalon Hill Games

Axis and Allies and a few classic boardgames
(owned by Hasbro)

Battlefront Games
Flames of War rules and miniatures
Blue Orange Games Gobblet and other family strategy games
Bob Smith Industries CA glue, epoxy, CA gels and glue accessories
Catalyst Game Labs Classic Battle Tech & ShadowRun 
Chaosium Call of Cthulhu RPG
CheapAss Games Low cost high fun boardgames
Chessex Manufacturing Dice, battlemats, dice bags and other accessories
Clash of Arms Various historical board games
Columbia Games Harn RPG products, Historical ‘block’ game systems and accessories, Wizard Kings game
Cosmic Wimpout Cosmic Wimpout dice game
Crystal Caste Gemstone (real) dice, standard plastic dice
Decision Games Strategy & Tactics Magazine, Moves Magazine, various historical boardgames
Dragon Shields Clear and opaque color backed card sleeves for CCGs and collectors, deck boxes too
Dream Pod 9 Heavy Gear Blitz, Heavy Gear RPG, Lightning Strike, GearKrieg and Tribe 8 RPG and miniatures games (sold out of 1/87 Gear)
Eagle Games
Also Griffin Games
Various boardgames
Eden Studios Conspiracy X game, Hackmasters card game (based on Knights of the Dinner Table), d20 fantasy modules and Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG (summer 2002)

Fantasy Flight Games

Disk games and Vortex are discontinued - now makers of Big Board Games, Midnight RPG setting and US distributor for AT43 and Confrontation : Age of Ragnarok

Far Future Enterprises Classic Traveller RPG books
UltraPro CCG deck boxes, card sleeves and other accessories
Flying Buffalo Nuclear War series board games, Tunnels and Trools RPG and Lost Worlds books
Gamers (see The Gamers, below)

Games Workshop

Age of Sigmar, Warhammer 40K, The Hobbit miniatures strategy game, paints and accessories

Georgo Industries

Figure Basing Solutions


1/285 microscale tanks for World War 2, Korea, VietNam and Modern eras—1/2400th scale World War 1 and World War 2 ships as well as 1/200 Napoleonic Sailing Ships

GMT Games

Historical Board games and a few family style card and board games

Goodman Games

D&D 5e modules, Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG and Dungeon Crawl Classics modules

Gripping Beast

Saga and Crescent & Cross rules and minis

Hot Wire Foam Factory

Foam cutting and shaping accessories

Iron Crown Enterprises HARP, RoleMaster, SpaceMaster, Silent Death.
Iron Wind Miniatures

BattleTech Miniatures, rereleased and new Mechs as well as resculpted older ones.

Issaries Inc

HeroQuest and RuneQuest game lines

Jolly Roger Games

American Civil War and WW2 miniatures games and family board game rules

JR Miniatures

1/285th 15mm and 25mm terrain scenics

Kenzer and Company

HackMaster RPG, Kingdoms of Kalamar world and Fairy Meat miniatures game

Koplow Games

Dice, dice cups, dice bags and other game accessories, LCR game

Lone Wolf Development

Army Builder CDROM, Hero Lab and Realms Works computer gaming aids

Looney Labs

Flux, Chrononaughts and other family style card and baord games

Mayfair Games

18xx and ‘rails’ boardgame series as well as Settlers of Catan and other family style boardgames and AD&D modules.

Mongoose Publications

RPG & minatures games and supplements

Multi-Man Publishing

Advanced Squadleader, Great Battles of the American Civil War series and other Avalon Hill titles Skrimisher and ASL Annual magazines

Operational Studies Group

Historical board games

Osprey Books

Historical and hobby reference books

Otherworld Miniatures

Old School metal fantasy minis

Palladium Books

Fantasy, Rifts, superhero and other RPGs

Paragrim Concepts

D20 fantasy modules

Pegasus Hobbies

Finished 25mm terrain pieces and figures

Pelgrane Press

Dying Earth, Trail of Cthuhulu & other RPG lines

Pinnacle Entertainment Group

DeadLands, Hell on Earth and Weird World War 2  and Savage Worlds RPG lines

Privateer Press

Iron Kingdoms RPG, Warmachine miniatures, card and game line

ProFantasy Software Inc.

Campaign Cartographer line

R Talsorian Games

CyberPunk RPG, Mekton Zeta and DragonBall Z game lines. 

R&R Games Inc

Pig Pile, Overthrone, Riddles & Riches and other family style board games

Reaper Miniatures

25mm fantasy, large scale science fiction battle suits as well as rules & paint line

Rio Grande Games

Family style card and board games imported from europe and translated

Sabol Designs

Army Transport figure cases and scenics

Sanguine Productions Limited

IronClaw RPG line

Steve Jackson Games

GURPS, Munchkin, OGRE, Chez Geek game line, Nightmare Chess and others

The Gamers
(Multi-man Publishing)
historical board game manaufacturers (Operational , Standard, Brigade and  Regimental series games set in World War 2, American Civil War, Napoleonic, World War I and Modern time settings)
Thoroughbred miniatures 1/600 scale American Civil War naval miniatures manufacturer

Upper Deck

Makers of several Collectible Card Games and CCG accessories

Vallejo Paints

Large paint line producers

Wargame Accesorries

Metal miniature bases, tokens and other miniature wargame accessory bits

Wargames Research Group

Makers of the DBA

Winning Moves

Family game producer

Wizard of the Coast

5th edition Dungeons and Dragons as well as other family games.


Producers of Heroclix collectible figure game.

Woodland Scenics

Makers of various hobby scenic fabrication supplies

Z-man Games

Producers of the Shadowfist collectible card game line



Advanced Squad Leader Journal

Sporadic publication about the Advanced Squad Leader board game


GMT's magazine about their board game line and current events

Game Trade magazine

Put out by Alliance Distribution this publication reviews and previews games

Knights of the Dinner Table

Gamer satire comic by Jolly

Miniature Wargames

English wargames magazine with articles, reviews, refight articles and rules

Naval Sitrep

A current events and historical naval magazine by Clash of Arms


Magazine devoted to the Gamers game line.


Palladium’s Rifts related magazine/game supplement

Strategy & Tactics

A magazine with a boardgame in it regarding historical boardgames, reviews and more.

Wargames Illustrated

English wargames magazine with articles, reviews, refight articles and rules

White Dwarf

Magazine devoted to Warhammer, Warhammer 40K and other Games Workshop facets

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