Friday Night New Stuff! (3/17/23)

Hello Games Plus fans and followers –
Tonight we have a selection of board games, roleplaying products and miniatures to show you that have made it into the store over the last few days.

Forged Products – Premium GM Screen
– two different designs – one is oriented Portrait, one Landscape. Each are faux-black leather over ¼” thick heavy card backed by a clear plastic sleeve to insert your charts, tables and reference sheets into each panel facing the GM. A wonderfully luxurious screen.

Chaosium Inc – Call of Cthulhu : Namless Horrors
six scenarios for Call Cthulhu, two set in the 1890s, two set in 1920 and 1930 and two set in the modern day. Designed for CoC itself, you can also use Pulp Cthuhlu information as well. Ther are mature themes in the adventures, so please be aware.

Steve Jackson Games – The Fantasy Trip : The Rose Labyrinth
A Fantasy Trip supplement with a pair of double sided labyrinth map boards, a bunch of creature tokens, guidelines for using the maps, a gazebo counter and much more.

Steve Jackson Games – Ardonirane : City of the Thorse
Thorsz is the ruthless warlord of the merchant city of Ardonirane. This supplement introduces him to you along with dozens of other personalities, intrigues happening in the city, the desert nomads, adventure seeds in and out of the city and much more.

Rebel Games – Meadow Downstream
This expansion to Meadow adds the kayaker perspective – discover plants and animal species as you travel down streams, rivers and lakes. Find fish, otters and beavers in their natural habitat, observe their actions and gain skill in your kayaking ability as well as scientific perception. For 1 to 4 players, ages 10 and up.

Ravensburger – Council of Shadows
This 1 to 4 player game challenges you to grow your empire, fend off opponents and provide energy to the Council. Work on improving your civilization, controlling new planets and seizing raw material to join the Council of Shadows. Ages 14 and up. Plays in an hour to two depending on players.

Modiphius Entertainment – Ironsworn Starforged
This Tabletop Role Playing game gives you the ability to explore uncharted space, find out about the galaxy and learn about the inhabitants along the way. The game features three different modes of play. Solo allows you to attempt to fulfill vows in a dangerous galaxy motivated only by individual honor. Co-op allows a group of players to weave a story together with no guide. In the Guided game a single player (the Guide) moderates the session and helps the narrative along.

R&R Games – East India Companies
2 to 4 players attempt to become the most successful company that plies the seas. Buy and sell goods, grow your company, invest in opposing companies and profit from their efforts. Ages 14 and up. Plays in 90 to 120 minutes,

Pinnacle Entertainment – Holler : an Appalachian Apocalypse a new savage worlds
Ghosts, monsters and the fae stalk the land while pollution chokes the air, earth and water. Caught between the Company and the supernatural everyday folk try to put things right. Cast back the demons, fight the Company and take back your land. A new Savage Worlds setting of gothic industrial horror.

Wizkids Games – Spider-man Beyond Amazing
a new Heroclix set featuring the Sinister Six, various Carnage characters, Spider-man in a number of incarnations and much more.

Modiphius Entertainment – new Elder Scrolls : Call to Arms miniature sets:
Dawnguard Core Box
Dawnguard Stalwarts expansion box
Bandits Core Box
Vampire Core Box
Adventurer Fortune Hunter Expansion
Volkihar Inner Circle expansion

Cool Mini or Not – new Song of Ice and Fire new miniatures sets
Lysene Sellswords Infantry Unit, Bolton Flayed Men Cavalry Unit and Targaryen Brazen Beast infantry unit

Atomic Mass Games – Star Wars Legion : Asajj Ventress Operative Expansion

Army Painter – Gamemaster Wandering Monster Paint Set
a brush, 20 Warpaint colors and a plastic troll miniature kit along with a QR code to give you video tips and tricks to help you begin to paint.

Looney Labs – Across America Fluxx
The cross country card game of ever-changing rules. a card game for 2-6 players, ages 8 and up.

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